UK Column News April 12: Who’s really calling the shots

The moment I heard Cameron had allowed our phone calls & emails to become the property of the NSA, even though, from the word go, I’ve never been in any doubt this UK Prime Minister is a traitor who answers to Zionist war-mongering bankers, I was nevertheless stunned. My shock soon turned to fury! Why? Everywhere I looked, it all but seemed few people felt as I did. Apparently this was no big deal. Are we that dense? So I set about highlighting why I believed this was nothing less than an act of Treason –
The fact it’s not even open to question whether the NSA’s activities are legal? IT’S ENTIRELY AN ILLEGAL ENTITY!
How could such an outrageous violation of our fundamental right for privacy be stripped away without any discussion whatsoever?
How could any politician even have the nerve to do such a thing? This, after all, directly affected every UK citizen. Therefore, it’s nothing less than obligatory for this issue to have been open to debate. At the very least, Parliament should have had it’s say.  

ANSWER: Because both the media & the NSA are run by the same people. The advent of the Internet threw an almighty spanner into the Zionist works. Suddenly, their story wasn’t the only story. Moreover, conscientious folk could now finally discover the whole truth. As a result, even though Zionists controlled mainstream media, ever-increasing numbers of people weren’t buying into their bullshit.

Therefore, there can be no question Zionists have to do whatever it takes to ensure the truth never comes out. That means eliminating, once & for all, those who are trying to spread the truth. This is priority No.1. It explains why fear-mongering via this fictitious threat of terrorism has reached epidemic proportions, even though it’s obvious Zionist puppets in the West are 100% responsible for any terrorism that may or may not exist. You see, this is the only way we can be stripped of our civil liberties.  

So apart from the obvious reasons, why are they so desperate to stop the truth getting out? The central dilemma – Zionists have committed so many heinous crimes, they’ve long since passed the point where they could escape worldwide admonishment if the truth were ever conveyed to the people en masse. For once, they’d have no say. So what are we talking about?


1) How the Balfour declaration came about….. in other words how & why Israel was created. This alone would be enough to make people think what kind of animals are these people? WWI should have ended in 1916….. AND IT WOULD HAVE…… but the Rothschild’s wanted Palestine! Benjamin Freedman’s speech at the Willard Hotel Washington in 1961 explains what occurred & what has been deliberately expunged from our history books. 


2) Being donated 52% of Palestinian land wasn’t enough. Israeli terrorist groups carried out atrocity after atrocity. The process of ethnic cleansing had begun before Israel had even declared it’s independence.
3) The Lavon Affair where Israel’s plan was to bomb US & UK targets in Egypt & blame it on Muslims. This false flag operation called Operation Susannah failed. This is common knowledge but no one ever mentions it.




4) Small wonder the Israelis tried the same trick again in 1967. This time though, it was a despicable attack on the American reconnaissance ship USS Liberty. To bite the hand that feeds them? Here, the Israeli air-force did it’s level best to sink the Liberty. Their aim was to blame it all on Egypt so that America would enter the 6 day war. Had this false flag been successful, America may well have ended up nuking Cairo! You can be sure the Israelis wouldn’t have battered an eyelid had this nightmare scenario become reality!
But don’t feel too sorry for the Israelis. This 6 day war where the media informed us that Israel had been attacked from all sides resulted in Israel capturing the Sinai Desert from Egypt; the Golan Heights from Syria & another massive chunk of Palestinian land including Jerusalem. NOT BAD AFTER BEING ATTACKED FROM ALL SIDES! Oh. By the way. 34 US sailors were killed; over 170 suffered serious injuries on the Liberty. Needless to say, the whole sordid episode was covered up.
The attack on the USS Liberty –


5) The JFK assassination. Here I’ll simply say the media proudly trumped every single cockamamie suggestion as to who could have been responsible – the mafia, the Cubans, the Russians. Even the joint chiefs of staff. Yet the media never mentioned how JFK told Israel’s leader Ben Gurion – 

‘under no circumstances must Israel be allowed to acquire Nuclear weapons!’ 

Even more incredible was how the Zionist controlled media neglected to mention how on June 4 1963 JFK, in one fell swoop, effectively neutralised the Rothschild’s iron-clad grip over the US Federal Reserve Board. JFK had the balls to actually do this. The very fact the media never put forward these two distinct possibilities tells me who was really responsible for killing this great man.
6) 9/11. Here, I’m actually fed up stating the obvious. Only Israel has gained. Was this a fluke? NO…… unless Oded Yinon’s plan to create greater Israel was an extraordinary coincidence. The media, once again, was instrumental in keeping one thing out of the news – THE TRUTH! Anomaly after anomaly; glaring discrepancy after glaring discrepancy; the very fundamentals of crime fighting – the money trail; the sealing off of crime scenes & the plethora of eye-witness accounts, were all turned completely on their head –
The money trail, wide as the Grand Canyon was totally ignored. There was no sealing off of crime scenes. There was no gathering of evidence. What there was was the exact opposite. The crime scenes were deliberately destroyed. It was as if the authorities were doing everything in their power to help the true conspirators. Eye-witness accounts were totally ignored!
For me though, the big giveaway, as with JFK’s assassination, would be how quickly blame would be apportioned. Make no mistake – ATTACHING BLAME AT LIGHT SPEED IS A SURE-FIRE ADMISSION OF GUILT! I have said many times –

An hour before 9/11, those who should have known at least something, claimed they knew bugger all. However, an hour after the event, those who claimed they knew nothing…….. SUDDENLY KNEW EVERYTHING! 

So, was there any link among those immediately accusing Osama Bin Laden & Muslims? Only an inextricable one! What we had were Zionists plotted up at every major mainstream news outlet & every last one of them, like Canaries in a choir, sang the same tune! Placing the proverbial icing on the cake was the media itself for never once did anyone ask the most patently obvious question – 




So back to the land of the living & I really am indebted to UK Column News for I’m not the only one busting a gut trying to expose the Zionist hand of skulduggery. On 24 minutes –
Little bit of cynicism creeping into this report……. GCHQ is part of the network that says we can track down individuals in other nation states, simply decide they’re going to be murdered & then we authorise them being liquidated. This is Britain. 
Let us not forget – UK Column highlighted that Francis Maude was boasting that GCHQ was now fully linked & integrated with the Israeli intelligence services, so we’ve got a couple of questions to ask here…… remind us that Britain’s Police have also been trained by the Israelis. We’re not sure who authorised that. 
But amongst this merry-go-round here are the key questions – who’s really calling the shots over unlawful killings? Is it the British government under David Cameron or David Cameron under Israel? We’ve no way of knowing. And when exactly did the British Parliament vote for the integration of British & Israeli intelligence services? It’s pretty incredible stuff…..


Who's calling the shots


Finally an excellent video – Israel: The Promised Land for Organized Crime. Thanks to Michael Allen for sending me this 



  • Linda

    Wow! That about covers it Michael. If I could, I would get everyone of your articles on school curriculum! Once all our youngsters know the truth they can never be hoodwinked again.

    • I often receive generous tributes; I get my fair share of criticism too. However, I can safely say I consider your words the most complimentary of all. Thank you ever so much Linda. x

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