UK Column News: Laws on the sly; IDF cold-blooded murder & subliminal brainwashing

Not that this was by any means a classic episode of UK Column news, the fact this thought even crossed my mind got me thinking. Since when was news & the truth supposed to be entertaining? It’s not. It never has been. Herein lies the problem. For most people the news is boring. How many folk truly give a damn? For sure, not nearly enough of us do but then with the everyday pressures of life, this is hardly surprising. For me though, the greater problem is the susceptibility of the mind.
It matters not one comprehends the meaning of the word propaganda. I’ve often stated the greatest weapon in one’s arsenal is one where victims remain oblivious of having ever been assaulted. There’s good reason. We feel physical abuse. There’s no early warning system when it comes to mental violation though. Often we’re not aware it’s even occurring. Yet, the harsh reality is, subliminal brain-washing is part & parcel of our lives.
It’s no surprise therefore, those afflicted not only encompass those who tend not to concern themselves with anything outside their sphere of influence but a far greater section of the populace than we care to imagine. It’s undeniable, most of us are oblivious to the fact we’re wide open, indeed defenseless to the relentless barrage of lies & hype media barons choose to dish out.
I’m reliably informed this quote was not from Goebbels or the founding father of propaganda, Edward Bernays. Apparently it was Lenin who said this. Look. Who this quote is attributable to is irrelevant. What is of paramount importance is understanding it’s significance –

“If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes true.”

We are quite literally being bombarded with a relentless stream of lies. Today a perfect example was a report on RT regarding the Panama Papers leak where several of the world’s rich & powerful allegedly hide their money, including Cameron & Poreshenko. In fact our Prime Minister is mentioned 18 times! Yet, even though not a word was said of Putin, mainstream media plastered his face all over their garbage newspapers with the headline –

Offshore network tied to Putin!

Here’s the link for the Putin story –
Note the READ MORE:
Cameron’s dad, senior Tories’ offshore asset dealings exposed & UK media still focus on Putin
This is the slow but sure process of subliminal brainwashing. Here the populace is being led to believe Putin is bad. ‘Look. Offshore accounts. He’s the aggressor’ etc etc. Why are they doing this? Well, that’s part of the bigger story apropos Rothschild’s plan for a New World Order & the creation of Greater Israel but since Cameron is a Rothschild puppet, it is crucial the British public are not only led as far away from the truth as possible but are swayed into meekly accepting that our worst possible nightmare was an inevitability – only a serious confrontation with Russia! Divide & conquer in full flow.
For the people of Britain though, the fact that Cameron has for no apparent reason made an enemy out of Russia means the media have to offer all the protection they can. It is imperative the UK public never have so much as an inkling of what in reality is staring at them squarely in the face – CAMERON HAS DELIBERATELY ENDANGERED THE LIVES OF THE CITIZENS HE’S SUPPOSED TO REPRESENT. THEREFORE HE HAS COMMITTED THE ULTIMATE CRIME – TREASON!
The fact only complete morons go on to quote what these papers say is neither here nor there. This relentless stream of faceless accusations is akin to a virus that gnaws away in order to eventually contaminate the minds of even relatively intelligent folk. This is the beauty of being able to use one’s brain. If the thought process is free to flourish, within minutes clarity ensues. You learn something. You understand why certain things are as they are & why they’re happening.


This edition of UK Column news highlights two key issues –
Firstly Brian Gerrish refers to an anomaly I’ve been going on about for ages – the diabolical situation where but 23% of eligible voters plumped for a government that’s now ratifying legislation which was never part of any manifesto pledge. Worse still, there’s no debate; no discussion – anywhere! It’s all being done on the quiet! Far as I’m concerned this is the onset of tyranny.


UK C April fools


Then there’s the horrific execution of a Palestinian youngster by an IDF ‘soldier.’ Not that this is any surprise. The Israelis have long since felt it their God given right to commit cold-blooded murder. Needless to say, even when it’s as blatant as this is, the whole sordid episode is swept away without so much as a by-your-leave! It’s questionable if the murderer will even be punished. The media’s reaction however should act as a key to understanding how we’re allowing ourselves to fall into what could well become a perilous situation.
First, imagine what the media would say if the roles were reversed – an armed Palestinian executing a wounded, defenseless Israeli? Most people would be in little doubt there’d be an uproar of cataclysmic proportions. This is what worries me more than anything. Why? Because if this is the case, how can such outrageous double standards be tolerated? Even more alarming for me though is –


Very little I would have thought! I anticipated they’d take this video down so I downloaded it. It’s not for the fainthearted. 


Yet another cold-blooded execution

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