UK Column News – Nov 30 & a letter to my MP.

I’m sorry to all my American friends but since I feel Cameron could be trying to kill all of us in the UK I feel compelled to write & post about this upcoming debacle in Syria. 


I say this without fear of contradiction – part 3-4 of yesterday’s edition of UK Column News contained more truth than what’s spouted in a year from those two brainless bimbos – Fiona Bruce at the BBC & Mary Nightingale on ITV. Of course regular BBC & ITV viewers watching this would think this is way over the top. Little would they know that what these guys are saying is as accurate as it gets!  



My e-mail to my MP. Feel free to copy & paste – 


Am I supposed to believe all you Members of Parliament aren’t aware of how big a lie Cameron is telling when he says this is for our security? Am I supposed to believe all you MP’s actually think ISIS is an Islamic terror organisation? How can they be? So far all they’ve done is kill Arabs, Muslims & Christians & destroy Arab countries. They’ve never touched Israel & so far, everything ISIS has done is entirely in accordance with Oded Yinon’s plan to create Greater Israel. We’re doing this because the Zionist lobbies have bought most of the MP’s in the Tory party & several in the Labour party. None of our jets are going to attack ISIS targets. Regime change remains the goal because that’s what Israel wants.

It’s bad enough having a traitor as our leader but when I think of how every election he’s ever won has been rigged thanks to Zionist coercion that robbed David Davis, a man of peace, of his rightful role as leader of your party & a Zionist media that never once highlighted any of Cameron’s lies & shortcomings. What you are doing here is an outrage. Syria hasn’t committed 1% of the crimes Israel has. Assad is nowhere near as despotic a ruler as those vermin in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain & Qatar but all we get from the media is a tapestry of lies. In my opinion, if you vote for this, you are condoning mass-murder, plain & simple.




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  • Umrana

    I wrote to my MP Vernon C (Labour) he has replied copying every word David C has said. Like he has no brain of his own. I am gutted that they are so hell bent on bombing Syria.

    • The ones that are voting yo bomb are bought & paid for by the Zionists, not because they think they’re going to get a comfy spot in one of those underground bunkers but they’re too chicken shit scared to defy these mass-murderers.

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