UK Column News – 16th November 2015

With RT News doing it’s level best to impersonate CNN, BBC & Fox News I’ve decided to only watch Crosstalk, Going Underground & The Keiser Report & that’s it. I’ve had enough. I don’t want to hear or see that toe-rag Kevin Owen again. I don’t care how much they’ve been threatened by Zionists. There’s an old saying – ‘if you can’t stand the heat, get out the kitchen.’


Paris & its OMG!


I’ve featured UK Column before & I mean, it’s like listening to something from another planet! This one report contained more news, journalism, reporting, call it what you like, in one hour than the BBC, ITV & all the rest of the garbage Zionist corporate media pump out in a year! It also gives you some idea of the enormous gulf between what the entire MSM is saying about the Paris attacks & the truth.



I’ve seen Patrick Henningsen before & was really impressed. He’s backed up by Vanessa Beeley who I’d never seen before but I could listen to her all day long. If you’ve got the time just listen to this. This is what everyone should be hearing, most especially those who only listen to mainstream media.  


UK Column

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