UK Court finds 7/7 was a false flag

Anthony John Hill, “Maud dib” found not guilty for exposing 7/7 “Inside Job”

Thanks to my old mate John Drozd for sending me this quite incredible piece of news. I normally steer clear of hyping posts with the obligatory ‘this is a must watch or a must read!’ My job is merely to present posts. The rest I prefer to leave to the reader. The way I look at it – if it’s worth posting, then it’s relevant. I find it a turn off because all too often, posts accompanied with this plea do not live up to expectations.


This time though, I have to admit when I read this, I couldn’t help but be amazed & I’m sure Brits will feel the same, as well as all those who believe 9/11 was an inside job. I can’t tell you what a pleasant surprise this was, not just because this is 100% genuine but because of the subject matter. At the end, all I wanted to do was shake every juror by the hand & tell them how great they were.


And what a sad indictment of the Western world. Bad enough this is not headline news but quite how anyone, let alone such gangsters, have the ability to keep a monstrous scoop like this off the airwaves altogether is beyond me. What sickens me no end though is the fact most people have no idea how perilous this predicament is. Along with the whole story of Anthony John Hill’s acquittal the link contains 3 videos


UK Court finds London 7/7 Bombing was False Flag, Secret Service Op. (updated 30.03.16)



Ripple effect




  • Brad Golding

    This is huge!!! Of course the MSM will ignore it under instruction from Downing St. Let’s hope that RT and Press TV will air it along with heaps of independent media. A big thank you to all!

    Duke Leto and Lady Jessica will be pleased!

    Bit I doubt Emperor Shadam Cameron bin Lying will be very happy about this!

  • Wow, l thought only the US are capable of plotting these kind of things, Though l believed 9/11 was an inside job, but never knew how twisted 7/7 story was until today. For many years, we believed what was being told by the media. and the government Thank you for exposing the lies and deceptions. .lt must be hard to believe that your own government are behind the terrorist attack.

  • Isn’t it just so depressing. An innocent man gets illegally extradicted from Ireland to UK. He’s locked up in prison for over 150 days prior to being brought before crown court and (luckily) a jury. He has to face the possibility of a long jail sentence and it’s only the fact the jury wouldn’t be swayed that he walked free.

    ALL THE WHILE, the REAL culprits had conspired to carry out this atrocity and meticulously planned the ‘job’ which resulted in 50 odd deaths due to the bomb blasts PLUS the three alleged ‘terrorists’ who were gunned down in Canary Wharf (not sure what happened to the 4th lad), remain at large. THEY ARE STILL ALIVE AND WELL AND FREE……… And what is crazy…. I mean what is really really fkd up, is in fact that the very same people who inidirectly murdered all these innocent folk, who doubtless committed TREASON in doing what they did, are able to utilise one of the pillars of our nation (our legal system) to incarcerate, intimidate and terrorise a person who is just presenting TRUTH. Somebody who did not break any laws, who did not lie, did not steal, did not physically hurt anybody.

    These b-tards will not give the people OUR justice. We MUST TAKE IT BACK.

    • When you know the truth Tim it sure is painful but what you say is 100% correct. What I always say – none of this could happen if the media wasn’t in the hands of a handful of war-mongering Zionists. They could never get away with any of this shit if we had an independent media. It’s truly sickening.

  • Nigel P. Herbert

    To all of those of you who love a good ‘conspiracy theory’, I have to ask you what had the British Government to gain from planning and carrying out these atrocities?
    Having just won the bid for the 2012 Olympic Games two days earlier, wouldn’t it have been within their interests to maintain the high level of safety that those of us who live in London have come to expect on a daily basis?
    We have lived with terrorism in Great Britain for many years, and we have learned to cope with it. I don’t feel that these spurious accusations serve anyone other than those who relish them!

    • Glyn

      Here, here… Well said. The tinfoil hat yielding so much importance that the government is doing all they can to supress their civil liberties. So suppresed are their civil liberties that they were able to openly dicuss their rubbish conspiracy. Clearly you can see the edges of the conspiracy if you look hard enough. Surly Tony Blair would risk exposure of the plot by simply appearing on television. Here is how a real conspiracy works, you’ll never hear about it, ever. People who know about anything real, involved or not, disappear. I don’t mean into their mum’s basement where they can go on to expose the “truth”. Bored with life not being real enough they got to make real trouble for people, because it is this fake bullshit that radicalizes people.

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