UK Labour leader receives peace prize amid media silence

At a time when our standing in the world has plummeted, you’d think the UK media would at least have something to say about Jeremy Corbyn being awarded an international peace prize? This was for a speech he made at the UN no less, arguing the case for disarmament & peace. How can it be? Time & again, we see Netanyahu at the UN spouting pure, unadulterated bile, almost begging for more war. Bad enough the media turns a blind eye to all his lies but what makes it all so sickening is how the media portrays this vermin who’s the epitome of evil as a man of credibility & that what he says is of the utmost importance. This is how the Zionist controlled media works – a man of peace is treated atrociously, while the greatest dog of war is donated an unchallenged platform.



UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn attends a ceremony to receive his Sean MacBride Peace Prize, Geneva, December 8, 2017.


And so it is in Britain too – while the media continues to keep the public as misinformed as possible about Theresa May’s truly disastrous tenure as prime Minister, as well as all the lies they’ve told about the Labour leader, any good news regarding Jeremy Corbyn is totally ignored. The proof is in the pudding – I’ll say it again – this is an international peace prize for one of our leaders yet not a dickie bird about it in the ‘news!’ Of course the media has long since realised criticising JC any more than they already have would only prove to be counter-productive. There are scant few morons left to fool! 



How best to combat such deception? It’s nigh on impossible coming up with perfect answers. This is the dilemma of having allowed the entire media to fall into the hands of but a few. They’ve all the cards. Anything that’s bad news for the warmongering, paedophile-protecting Zionists is never publicised & so there’s no way people en mass can be informed of the fact mainstream media is actually the enemy of ordinary folk all over the world. The only answer is we all have to do our bit, however trivial it may seem. This morning I said to someone – ‘did you hear? Jeremy Corbyn won an international award for peace.’ No was the answer. So I said, ‘well, this should at least give you some idea of how the media operates because they never mentioned it. That’s not right is it?’


Trivial? Yes but if each & every one of us did this much, we’d be well on our way. The point is though, since Press TV, RT & the Internet remains the only way we can ascertain the truth & since these outlets are constantly under threat, we better do what we can while we still have a chance. You can hound the BBC for starters. Here’s an appropriate link.


Here’s another example, this time RT highlighting how the media has ignored a serious news item of how in his new book, Gordon Brown revealed he received a leaked document from inside the highest levels US government, proving that Washington knew from the start that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction.




  • Ron Wright

    I’ve checked on my Labour Party press release site and there isn’t even a mention of it there either, Jeremy did accept the prize in person in Geneva, but the news that he had won it was first announced in September.

    The 2017 Sean MacBride Peace Prize had three recipients this year, the linguist and activist Noam Chomsky and a Japanese protest group, as well as JC. It’s the first time the prize has been split between three winners.

    So I’m not going to speculate that this is a cover up or trying to hide anything. after all have you ever heard of this prize before?

    • The fact the Labour Party never mentioned it either is no surprise Ron. People should be aware of the inordinate level of influence Zionists already possess within the party. Up to now hasn’t his own party done their level best trying to undermine him? And no. I haven’t heard of this prize before but I feel it deserves mentioning. You can be sure if Theresa May was given such an honour, it would be splashed all over the news. This is why I stick the boot in whenever I can. I’ll be damned if I’m going to cut any slack for liars & deceivers.

      • Ron Wright

        As a result of your comments I have been searching for previous news reports about this award and who it went to and can’t find even one example of a major media outlet covering the prize as a news story in previous years. I just think that its a tin pot award and not the major event as you believe it to be.

  • venner

    I have to strongly disagree with the previous commenters assertions.
    Firstly, the MacBride peace prize IS a well respected and prestigious award, named after Sean MacBride, founder of Amnesty International and awarded by the worlds oldest peace organisation, the International Peace Bureau, which itself has received two Nobel Peace Prizes.

    Secondly, although it is true to say the MacBride peace prize has been devoid of mention in our mainstream media in the past, to cite that as proof of no deliberate intent regarding the lack of coverage of the award to Jeremy Corbyn is to make a false correlation.
    Almost all of the previous winners of that award, were nominated for work in their own countries, many of them third world countries, none of the winners would have been known by the British people and the work they received the award for, although important in their own countries and for which many of them put their own lives in extreme jeopardy to pursue, it was not really relevant to Britain or the British people.
    Except for two notable exceptions. Chealsea Manning received the MacBride peace award in 2013. She was the US Army whistleblower who leaked damning evidence of US atrocities during the Iraq war, including the notorious, Murder in Iraq video evidence and was court martialed and imprisoned for it. It should therefore come as no surprise when the mainstream media did not publish that she received the MacBride International peace award and is most likely one of the main reasons why our mainstream media now refuse to acknowledge that award when a prominent British politician such as Jeremy Corbyn receives it.

  • Ernest

    The fact shithead zionist noam chomsky, jew first always, Mr. 911 and jfk have no significance, Mr. Got Patrick Tilghman murdered, won this “award.” Is more than Little suspect.

    Sgt Miller

    • The possibility Chomsky was told – ‘mention the JFK assassination or 9/11 & you’re dead’ I suppose doesn’t enter your equation? At least he calls out the Israelis for the bastards they are!

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