UK Parliament – to debate or not to debate!

So let’s get this straight – recently we’ve had three situations where UK petitions received the necessary 100,000 signatures which in normal circumstances would require Parliament to debate the issue.


1) Netanyahu – the mass-murdering, war criminal, lying piece of shit.
2) Cameron – vote of no confidence. Another lying piece of shit.
3) Trump – banning the front-running Presidential candidate from entering Britain because of derogatory remarks against Muslims.


Scum of the Earth


What happened? The goalposts were moved for Netanyahu & Cameron. They did not have to suffer the embarrassment but because Zionists far prefer to have a perfect puppet like Hilary Clinton as President, the rules suddenly apply. The major issue should have been – how in the blazes can Netanyahu & Cameron escape scrutiny but Trump, who is a US Presidential candidate nonetheless, cannot? As per usual, we the people, play into the hands of the chief conspirators by showing how tactically inept we are.


Of course with the large Muslim population here in the UK, to some extent it’s understandable but the fact Trump’s petition received the most signatures by far is an issue only because it shows how stupid we really are! This more than anything proves the power of the media. Netanyahu is responsible for killing 1000’s of Palestinians; the brutal Israeli oppression in the West Bank & Gaza; the illegal settlements, the war crimes – one can go on & on. If the Muslims should hate anyone, Netanyahu should win hands down.


The same can be said of Cameron. Thanks to him Libya & Syria have been destroyed. His support for the rogue state of Israel has been unconditional. Cameron has been a champion of this fictitious war on terror & is doing everything he can to incite Islamophobia. Muslims have every right to be livid with our Prime Minister. What has Trump actually done? In the midst of a US presidential campaign, where bear in mind, the US media has gone out of it’s way to paint Muslims as the bad guy, Trump opened his mouth for the sake of gaining a few votes, appealing to the lowest common denominator.


So we have Netanyahu’s & Cameron’s actions as opposed to Trump’s words. What’s the point of me even saying – ‘actions speak louder than words?’ Why can’t people see the bigger picture. Since when did anyone ever take for gospel what candidates say when they’re out & about campaigning? Moreover, isn’t it obvious? Since the goalposts were moved to get Zionists off the hook, now that the rules are once again miraculously being adhered to, surely this more than suggests Trump is not the man Zionists want as President? I mean for crying out loud. Can’t you see you’re being played?


Though I’m in no doubt the Zionists will do everything they can to get psycho-woman Hilary Clinton into the White House, I don’t believe UK-based political commentator, Shabir Hassanally, has got it right here. In fact I think Hassanally is wrong about almost everything he says, though I well understand his trepidation at the mere thought of Hilary’s finger being anywhere near the red button. God forbid!–/


Trumping along

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