UK to advance anti-BDS legislation

What we’re not told is this law only really applies to Israel. This is bad enough but what makes this an absolute outrage is –
1) Israel has more UN resolutions tabled against it than any other country on the planet by a mile.
2) What’s more – we’re only talking about boycotting Israeli products through individual choice. This is not the same as imposing sanctions.
3) However if any country deserved sanctions being imposed, in a fair & just world, it would be no contest – Israel would win hands down.
4) And to think Israel controls the entire mainstream media. This choice has been made by people all over the world regardless of the incredible media bias toward Israel. One can scarcely imagine what would happen if we had an independent media.
5) The sheer level of effrontery beggars belief for if there’s one country that bleats like a stuffed pig to impose sanctions on other countries, it’s Israel yet it has never stops moaning & complaining about the BDS movement.
6) Israel is currently in the process of committing Genocide.
7) Where I choose to spend my money is my god given right. Nobody has any right to force anyone to buy a certain product.
We are heading for a showdown. The Zionists will not stop because they’ve committed so many heinous crimes, we’ve long since passed the point of no return. They cannot stop. Even if it makes their valuable puppets in the West appear to be nothing more than traitors, bought by the Zionist lobbies, they have to continue to the bitter end. Therefore, it goes without saying – decisions our politicians make will look increasingly daft & dubious. Well, we’ve now arrived at the ludicrous situation where we are to be forbidden to exercise our right to boycott Israeli goods NO MATTER WHAT CRIMES ISRAEL COMMITS!


The reported legislation bid by the British has already drawn strong criticism of analysts. RODNEY SHAKESPEARE, one of my favorite UK-based political commentators, says it exactly how it is on Press TV. Listen to his brilliant rant.

Rodney & the BDS movement


I believe the moment laws were passed in certain countries making it illegal to question anything regarding what the Zionist media told us about the Holocaust, the first terrible step had been taken to strip us of our fundamental rights. In fact it was only when I heard respected historian David Irving was jailed because he believed the official account of the Holocaust was a mere fabrication, did I begin to question the very narrative. Before, like I fool I believed what I’d been told. I never thought they’d lie about such a grave matter. I never imagined what we were being taught in schools could be a pack of lies.
My immediate thought was how can someone be jailed because their opinion varies from the official view? This is not an affront to democracy but common decency! Incarceration can only apply for conspiring to commit or for committing criminal acts. No one but no one should ever be jailed for what they think – END OF STORY! There’s no discussion…… except people should perhaps think – what the hell’s going on here? Laws bordering on criminality itself are being ratified? Why would anyone wish to do this when the issue at hand is a historical event, moreover one where TV camera footage exists? Any investigator worth their salt can only discover the truth. What are the Zionists so scared of?




To question is to investigate. There can be but one conclusion – Zionists don’t want anyone to investigate because their version of the Holocaust not only doesn’t stand up; it crashes to the floor the moment anyone asks basic questions, like where are the burial grounds? Where are the gas chambers? Adding insult to injury is the fact the official Holocaust figures have been revised down – IT’S OFFICIAL – under 2 million people died in the Holocaust & most of them weren’t Jews….. yet it’s as if none of what I have just said is true. That’s because the Zionist media are yet to acknowledge that the official figures have been revised down. As I said yesterday – however obvious it is, if the media doesn’t make a fuss, for most people it’s not news.


TORIES PLAN TO MAKE ETHICS AND MORALS ILLEGAL WITH NEW LAW AGAINST BOYCOTTS. Note the wording ‘ethics & morals’, a typical, cheap Zionist trick for if there was anything unethical, this legislation is it in a nutshell. As for morals? For anyone to support the state of Israel? It gets no more immoral than that.


Ultimate cruelty


But what I find most annoying is I did zero research to discover the truth. I simply used my mind. The seed that was planted through the David Irving affair encouraged me to ponder. SO, WHAT DID WE SEE? Emaciated folk down to the bone. We also saw 100’s, 1000’s of dead bodies, piled on top of each other, un-buried. Most importantly, those who ran the camps were nowhere to be seen. Do you honestly believe anyone in charge would have allowed this hideous situation to persist? They themselves would be open to disease & death. So what did happen or should I say what chain of events could have occurred to lead to what we all saw in the horrendous footage that time & again is shown on TV?


Boycott all companies

This is merely a process of connecting the dots. I’m thankful. I’ve no need for what the Zionist controlled media told me about the Holocaust. I’ve got plain common sense in my corner. What have you got? A while ago some fool who’d actually subscribed to my website went crazy when I challenged the official version. His very words were ‘How dare you. Tell me you’re not a Holocaust denier?’ I said ‘what are you going on about you blithering idiot? Who’s denying anything?’ He said, ‘you’re denying the Holocaust. My grandfather was there!’ I said ‘Am I?…. Since when has ‘questioning’ & ‘denying’ had identical meaning?’ Whatever I said mattered not. Once brainwashed?….. As Mark Twain so rightly said –

“It’s easier to fool people than to convince them they’ve been fooled.”

Media tricks once again rear their ugly head. What is this term Holocaust denier? Like a poisoned dart, the phrase is typically tipped with a derogatory overtone that overflows with venom in order to stifle debate. Another classic example – Conspiracy theorist. These awful, meaningless phrases are deliberately not just incorporated into media tripe but used incessantly so the uninitiated can subliminally memorise them for the purpose of inadvertently strangling discussion. Furthermore, it gives the user the notion that they at least sound clever – ‘hmnn maybe I am smart. I used a long word & didn’t I put that guy in his place.’ I know it sounds terrible. Sadly, this is reality! Gilad Atzmon once said –
So, what led to what we saw? With the Russian army advancing & the Germans in full retreat, with all the camps being on the Russian side & the Red army taking no prisoners, German personnel couldn’t wait to scarper. Moreover, being smack-bang in the middle of a war zone, it was only a matter of time for supply lines to be totally cut. When this happened no water, food or medicine could have got to the camps. Another factor that put paid to most of the camps victims was the fact Hitler inexplicably chose to fight to the death. This caused the war to drag on.


BDS Boycott

Meanwhile in the camps which were now deserted of guards & officers, the inhabitants had a choice – wait for relief or leave the camps. Obviously both options were utilised. Those who remained behind at least had a roof over their heads. Surely, with the war all but over, relief had to be on it’s way. Those who chose to leave would have had the same problem as everyone else entrapped in this war zone. Where could they go & significantly, where could they find food & water? It has been said more people died in 1945 than in the previous years of WWII.


Therefore, one can safely assume dehydration & starvation began taking it’s toll. As each day passed, the camps inhabitants would soon have no energy to bury the dead. This would prove disastrous because this would bring about disease which would unquestionably have raised the death toll exponentially. NOW – WHAT DID WE SEE? I defy anyone to even suggest what I have said here does not hold water. To this day no one has seen any footage of gas chambers or massive burial grounds. If 6 million people died in the camps – THIS, I’M AFRAID, WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT, IS IMPOSSIBLE! And to think people have been jailed for saying this?


The great David Attenborough


And I’m only too happy to admit no one ever told me this & no one’s ever confirmed any of it. What, do you think I need confirmation to know my synopsis holds water? I simply worked it out myself by analyzing what scenario connected all the dots. I’m not asking anyone to believe me. JUST THINK FOR YOURSELF! In no time I realised what we’d all been told did not correspond with the evidence. Moreover, when one tried to verify anything regarding the official account of the Holocaust, there was literally no evidence to back it up!


Furor Erupts as UK Government Outlaws Boycott of Israel. Remember – we fund the councils. So let me get this straight – Cameron takes bribes from Zionists; we pay for councils; we vote who we want as our local councilors. What earthly reason or right has Cameron to stick his filthy nose into this. He should stick to placing his dick in a dead pig’s mouth!


Lo & behold, now, the very same liars want to make it illegal to boycott Israeli products. Bear in mind – this is the only weapon the Palestinians have left. They’re defenseless; they’re being brutalized in the most savage way – children are being incarcerated & tortured for no reason, some as young as 7! The unlucky ones are shot dead! Before, these poor souls were used as mere target practice for the IDF; now there are solid claims the reason unarmed Palestinian children are being systematically executed is because their organs are worth a fortune to wealthy individuals in America. Rabbis there have already been arrested, caught red-handed illegally selling organs for as much as $100,000! What a sick world we live in! NOW THEY WANT TO SICKEN IT FURTHER STILL!




When are people going to understand the US, UK, France, Canada, Germany & Australia are effectively occupied territories. I know it may sound ridiculous but since politicians from these countries are bending over backwards to appease Israel at every opportunity, even when it’s obvious no country gets anywhere near to being such a pariah state that harbors zero respect for international law, what conclusion can one possibly draw? There’s good reason politicians never say they’re beholding to Israel – admitting they’ve been bought is hardly a career move. This is tantamount to Treason! But they’re not just siding with Israel. Our politicians never stop telling us how great Israel is. So how the hell are they getting away with this? Once again it’s all down to the media. The very people who want to pass these criminal laws also own & control the entire media apparatus. Are people so oblivious of the dangers to where we may be heading here? As far as I’m concerned, it couldn’t be more evident.




Basic human rights are sacrosanct. What we think, what we say or where we choose to spend our money is of no concern to anyone, most especially any two-bit, bribe taking, treacherous politician. We are talking about our fundamental rights here & the very people who want to take them away are Netanyahu & Cameron. I believe the world would be a far better place if they both fell under a bus! Does that mean I want to see them croak? Well, maybe but does that mean I condone murder? OF COURSE NOT! Yet Cameron has already proudly declared he wants to eradicate 9/11 Truthers. All we want is a proper investigation but like I explained with the Holocaust – investigations will only prove one thing – Zionists are pathological liars!


David Ward!

We simply cannot allow this to happen. Each & every one of us have to act to stop this abortion. Every councilor has to be told in no uncertain terms – anyone who imposes this criminal law WILL BE VOTED OUT OF OFFICE!

Roger Waters



  • Corinne Campbell

    I have shared this information many times today. Why? Because I want to reach as many people as possible . The Palastinian children are living in terror, they see friends and relatives murdered daily , their walk to school involves dodging soldiers guns and live bullets, and the polititions behave as if NOTHING is happening. !!!! Unreal. It’s. Time we all stood up and said NO . It is not OK to say. God decided .My Jewish friends don’t believe murder of children is Ok . Murder was not OK in world war 2 and murder is not now.

  • Naveed Ahmed

    Michael, this is very very disturbing. I cannot believe that this British government is going to such lengths to force us to pay blood money towards buying Zionist Israeli products and goods. This is beyond heinous. It is atrocious. It is criminal. In fact, my blood is boiling having read that duplicitous Zionist MP Hancock trying to force into law on what we want and don’t want to buy.

    Two things are now at least clear. Firstly, BDS is working and creating serious concerns for the Zionists and Israel will dread any form of ‘isolationism’. Secondly, this will force the Cameron government into the open on what they are really trying to say to the populous. That you must buy Israeli goods and if you refuse, we are going to charge you with ‘anti-semitism’.

    Go on then Cameron. Just try us!

    • Well Naveed write him a letter telling him what a scumbag he is & write to your MP & let him or her know that they’ve lost your vote. Also say you will now try doubly hard to make sure none of your money goes to Zionist firms. Moreover if your councilors obey this criminal law then you will not vote for them. Let your councilors know that. Now, can you imagine what the reaction would be if everyone did that?

      Look – they can’t force us to buy Israeli products. How are they going to do that?

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