Ukraine, the EU & Western Skulduggery

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Ukraine, the EU & Western Skulduggery

(Whatsupic By Michael Aydinian) — I must admit, I’m hardly an expert about the current shenanigans occurring in the Ukraine. Being restricted pretty much to what the mainstream media (MSM) tells us, whatever talent I may have is strictly limited to the ability of reading between the lines & with the Ukraine, I feel something very seriously stinks! Of course it doesn’t help one bit when our purveyors of news, the mainstream media, lie for a living! So what do I know? Since Russia was very much responsible for stopping Israel in its tracks by facing up to the US fleet, thus averting the West’s desire to reduce Syria to rubble, it should be no surprise to anyone, any chance the West gets, they’ll do all they can to make Putin & Russia look like the big bad Bear!

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Make no mistake – mainstream media’s effrontery holds no bounds! Putin’s popularity naturally sky-rocketed & Putin deserved it! The fact Russia was standing up for what was right actually stuck out like a sore thumb! Obama, the Israelis & MSM were literally left with nowhere to go! Hardly surprising. Obama & Secretary of State Kerry were simply no match for Putin & more significantly his superb right-hand man Sergei Lavrov! This awful mismatch was bad enough but with most people in the West appalled at the very notion Syria had to be attacked, it was merely a question of saving whatever face the Obama administration had left!

Naturally the MSM produced what might well qualify as the lie of the century – Obama’s hard-line stance actually averted war & the even bigger lie that this was why they adopted such a stance! The truth is the Israelis are gagging for……….. well, not for war! No. Another massacre! They simply want Syria to end up pulverized like Iraq & Libya, so that all the natural resources could be stolen with the minimum of fuss – Israel having its eyes on the newly discovered oil & gas deposits in the occupied Golan Heights which since 1967, needless to say, they’ve steadfastly refused to relinquish!

The problem was the alleged Syrian gas attack for the world looked like a classic false flag event. Russia & China knew they had to make a stand but their stance effectively diffused a situation which could well have led to the outbreak of WW III! Small wonder Putin’s standing in the world went through the roof! Add to this his protection of NSA whistle-blower, Edward Snowden, it was abundantly clear the Zionist MSM would throw the kitchen sink at the Russian leader, from every direction!

Now let’s examine this current problem in the Ukraine. What we were being told is there existed a strong desire to team up with the European Union. What we weren’t being told is where this desire was coming from! Obviously the Russians were against this. They don’t want their neighbors ending up in the hands of Rothschild bankers! Has there been a legitimate vote on this? What I do know is WHY THE HELL WOULD ANYONE WANT TO JOIN THE EU? Look at what’s happened to Cyprus, Greece, Spain & Portugal? All recent entries; all its people now thinking ‘what the hell’s happened here? Our politicians told us it would be great if we joined; we HAD to join & now we’re not in a good condition!’ So I ask – what earthly reason would Ukrainians need to become a member of the EU?

Of course I know why Ukraine’s politicians want to dump their country into the same hot-pot the Bubbles now find themselves rapidly evaporating in – THEY’RE ALL ON THE PAYROLL & IF THEY SUCCEED THEY’LL BE PAID OFF BIG TIME! IT’S OBVIOUS! When are we going to get this into our heads? This is what happens all the time! Mr. Rothschild’s tentacles spread far & wide. Politicians are mere cannon fodder & the Russians are well aware of this! That’s why we have this current stand-off!

The truth is, the EU is literally on the verge of falling apart. I believe this has been all part of a grand convoluted plan to DIVIDE & CONQUER! Banksters seem to want to destroy countries from within through the creation of debt. Countries are coerced into a trap of working merely to pay interest on debt, debt which has been created by the banks but never used by those who end up paying back the debt! While the wealthy are allowed to cream off the top, center & whatever else happens to be lying about, the public are greeted with spending cuts, which are followed by austerity measures. It’s a recipe to disaster. Now what earthly reason would Ukrainians want this for?

I wouldn’t go as far to say this is the proof in the pudding but seeing certain EU & US officials mingling with Ukrainian demonstrators, along with the bilge the MSM is feeding us, this unrest surely smacks of Western intervention. There can be little question trouble-makers are being sent in to stir the pot. WE KNOW THEY DO THIS! Look at Syria – these rebels appearing out of nowhere, tooled up to the hilt! It would be a mistake to think this quest for world domination is not fought on several fronts simultaneously! I believe getting Ukraine into the EU is simply another step in the on-going quest for a criminal cabal of bankers & industrialists to seize control so as to become despotic lords of the planet!

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