Understanding Pedophile blackmail to achieve the political agenda

UK COLUMN NEWS. Episode 23 Feb – 
1.00 – EU referendum. Cameron trying to deceive the British public by using the civil service to help secure a ‘yes’ vote. This is yet another outrageous violation by Cameron. Of course what the media isn’t telling us is a NO vote would mean there’s a good chance the UK won’t sign the criminal TTIP deal whereas a YES vote means we will.
The TTIP is being discussed behind closed doors & the media is doing NOTHING to warn the people of the consequences of giving unprecedented powers to multi-national companies. Add the fact a NO vote could well put paid to us signing the TTIP, can’t people see how we’re being deceived? 
All we’re getting as the guys put it are WEASEL WORDS!


18.00 mins this diagram – the crux of our problem – pedophiles in high office have been used by Zionist bankers for goodness knows how long in order to further the Rothschild’s agenda. Bear in mind Cameron was on the ropes all those years ago when he was grilled by none other than ITV’s squeaky clean presenter Philip Schofield. He handed the Prime Minister a list of pedophiles & said –
‘you know these people. Many are in your party. What are you going to do about it?’
Cameron then told a lie Netanyahu & Regev would have been proud of –
‘No stone will be left un-turned.’  
Truth is Cameron did sweet bugger all! Now what’s significant here is not only did the entire mainstream media never grill Cameron as to why he was doing absolutely nothing which is the exact opposite of what he said he’d do but in the run up to the last election, NOR DID THE LABOUR PARTY! In other words our entire media & political system is so corrupted, even when we find out Parliament is riddled with sexual perverts there’s nothing we can do. And in the meantime these child molesters are passing laws that can only be described as acts of Treason. We simply cannot allow this intolerable situation to continue.


Pedophile Blackmail


UK Column 23 Feb



  • angie

    hi michael i fully agree and dont understand why we as a nation do not demand these sick individuals evil and twisted be charged with crimes against humanity it annoys me that we are allowing this to go on but thankyou michael for all the work you do i do all i can to wake my fellow man up although anyone with a brain can clearly see these idiots are EVIL CRIMINALS…. I DEMAND THEM OUT…

    • Thank you Angie. If we all do our bit, even if it means just sending the odd email to our MP or asking someone to read an article like this, we will pile on the pressure. Doing nothing is not an option.

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