Unraveling the Nonsense about these 28 Pages

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Unraveling the Nonsense about these 28 Pages

Hard as I try I can’t think of one decent thing to say about Saudi rulers. Royalty aside, there are two major reasons I feel this mob is so particularly repulsive.

For a country to be so fortunate to have unbridled wealth, every citizen should have had a comfortable existence and moreover, no need for concern over what their leaders decide. Secondly, instead of helping the plight of other Arabs, these toe-rags are in bed with the Zionists, the enemy of their own brethren. I can safely say the Saudi people couldn’t have had a more miserable bunch running roughshod over them.

The mere notion royalty is something of substance & true worth is abhorrent but to see fools bow down and worship these parasites who simply are born into unimaginable riches and for no reason whatsoever are blessed being lavished with special treatment too? You’ve got to be kidding me. It never ceases to amaze me how daft humans can be. 

And how daft is that? Well, isn’t it just typical how the media has ignored each and every evil aspect of the autocratic Saudi regime – forget about gross violations of human rights; forget about chopping people’s heads off on a regular basis; forget about bombing the hell out of defenseless civilians in Yemen, the poorest Arab country – the media and our politicians turn a blind eye to all their blatant shenanigans. But what instead does the media accuse them of? ……… ONLY 9/11…….. Like I said, it typifies the lunacy! We really do live in a mad, mad world. The reason I say this is because I can put my hand on my heart and say – SAUDI ARABIA HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH 9/11. NOT A THING. NADA. ZILCH! THEY ARE BEING SET UP!

I can tell you now – it’s annoying to say the least having to back up the Saudis on any issue. Truth is I’d love to see them go down the tube but with me, what matters more than anything is the truth. For starters, what earthly reason would Saudi Arabia’s rulers have for dreaming up, planning and executing 9/11? I defy anyone to give me one certifiable reason. It’s impossible. They had nothing to gain and everything to lose. Moreover if the Saudis were responsible, the media and politicians would have told us from day 1…… but they didn’t! So, the two questions one must ask is WHY DIDN’T THEY & SIGNIFICANTLY, WHY IS THE MEDIA NOW SUDDENLY PUTTING ALL THE 9/11 DAIRY ON THE SAUDIS?

1) First of all, the Saudis are an easy target. Everyone hates them!

2) As I said, one is obliged to point out, from the beginning we were all told the vast majority of the 19 alleged hijackers were Saudis. Therefore, why didn’t the media ever raise the most obvious discrepancy?


3) Remember, the media know only too well, just as with the CCTV footage of the Pentagon on 9/11, which incidentally would prove conclusively flight 77 never crashed there, these 28 pages were never going to be released if, in any way, the real terrorists behind 9/11 were revealed. Therefore, any cock and bull story about these 28 pages could be concocted out of thin air. Media barons knew this and I guarantee, this is exactly what’s occurred. 

So this begs a further question – why has the media made up this particular story?

1) Again, before one attempts to answer this, one should bear in mind, the only country that has gained as a result of 9/11 is Israel. On the very day Netanyahu could not contain himself declaring – “THIS IS GOOD FOR ISRAEL!”

2) So, Israel apparently had motive. Is there any evidence to suggest this is the case?


Not to mention the fact the entire corporate media is Zionist owned. Since the media lied through it’s back teeth, ensuring the truth never so much as hit the airwaves, what earthly reason would the Zionists have had to universally lie for the Saudis?

3) More motive: How many people are aware that the plan for Greater Israel involves the annexation of no less than one-third of Saudi Arabia itself!

4) I believe the distinct possibility Donald Trump could steamroll his way into the White House and the fact he’s already made it clear GW Bush was complicit in 9/11 ….. well, since Zionists had total control over that administration, is it beyond the boundaries of sanity to state that by pointing the finger at the Saudis on the non-release of the 28 pages, the media was merely creating yet more solid insurance for Israel?

5) Remember too – Zionist control of the media means if ever the Saudis say anything that doesn’t fit the desired script that we’re deliberately being fed….. then they simply won’t reveal what they’re saying! Get this into your head – the Saudis can scream all they like – IT WILL NEVER MAKE THE NEWS!

6) So what have the Saudis said or should I say, what has the media said of what the Saudis allegedly said? Only a threat to dump $780 billion which would screw America big time, that is IF those 28 pages were to be released!

In other words, while conveniently donating Obama an out – ALL THE MEDIA HAS DONE IS ROYALLY INCRIMINATE THE SAUDIS FURTHER STILL. This can only result in Saudi resentment going through the roof! You can be sure the Saudis are beside themselves with rage!   

7) Finally, perhaps too, with US elections being rigged so that crazed Zio-puppet Hilary Clinton can have her finger on the proverbial button, anything to take people’s minds away from all this Zionist skulduggery serves a specific purpose.  

Far as I’m concerned – Obama and everyone else can take these 28 pages of redacted clap-trap and sling them in the bin! If you honestly believe they are even an issue then you yourself have been well and truly had. Like I said, the only thing that’s imperative is we are kept as far away as possible from the truth. Think about it. Am I wrong in stating all you have to know about 9/11 is –

1) There was no investigation.

2) Evidence was deliberately destroyed.

3) Cui Bono, the money trail inexplicably was totally ignored.

4) Eye-witness accounts were also ignored.

5) We all saw controlled demolitions.

6) The entire mainstream media was integral to the cover up. 

7) And most importantly, within an hour of the attack certain individuals not only knew who was responsible but these very people were oh so conveniently plotted up at every major news outlet so that they could tell the whole world – IT WAS MUSLIMS! 

Funny how the media & politicians never bothered to ask –


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