Update: Benjamin Netanyahu to be arrested for war crimes when he arrives in London

We’re at 76,000 now. It’s not about arresting him. We know he’s protected. It’s about raising awareness; it’s about helping the Palestinians; it’s about letting this traitor Cameron know how many of us think Netanyahu is a mass-murderer; it’s about making Netanyahu lose as much credibility as possible so he doesn’t start WW III by attacking Iran.


I know he won’t be arrested but at 100,000 signatures, this petition will be considered for debate in Parliament. We’re at 60,000! Let’s embarrass this vile specimen who is gagging for even more mayhem & destruction with Iran. Not only that, this bastard wants Cameron to bring in laws to criminalise criticism of his & Israel’s outrageous behavior. The more pressure we put on the better. This is a real opportunity where our actions can have an effect. Let’s give this our best shot. Get your friends & family to sign this, the more the merrier –




Arrest the scumbag!




No defense


Evil as can be





  • carina iranzo

    Enough is enough!!! time has come to charge israels PM with war crimes!! Stop that so called country from getting away with every possible crime and face no consequences. The people of the world are fed up with the crimes committed by this lunatic and we want peace and justice for Palestine.

  • Michael; I have never received any comments from you on the many statements I have put on your posts in your favor, and especially when it comes to the Zionist bankers who protect Israel and Netanyahu. What’s up?

    • To be honest Jack – there are two reasons –
      1) I haven’t as yet worked out the efficient way of seeing & dealing with all the comments. I will be seeking some advice tomorrow regarding this.
      2) It’s now 4.50 am & I’m absolutely shattered. I cannot cope with the workload. I feel drained – there is just too much to do.

  • David Shannahoff-Khalsa

    War criminals need to be prosecuted. Netanyahu is a war criminal, a murderer, and a talented terrorist.

  • Adalberto Cervantes Rodriguez

    @realDonaldTrump https://lnkd.in/ePXWhW3 https://lnkd.in/e_mNf_h She covered up the red alert of terrorism in my personal legal case at the US Embassy in Mexico City @realDonaldTrump https://lnkd.in/emupafD https://lnkd.in/b9CHJCi NO ME PAGAN ESTOS TIPOS DE FMC TECHNOLOGIES Y TECH MAHINDRA, HACEN CONTRATOS LEONINOS PARA TRABAJAR EN MÉXICO Y NO CUMPLEN LAS LEYES LABORALES EN MÉXICO;ADEMÁS DE ENGAÑAR A LOS CLIENTES DICIENDO QUE TIENEN OFICINAS EN EL DF CUANDO ES SOLAMENTE VIRTUAL, ENGAÑÁNDOSE CREANDO UN TEMPLETE GLOBAL PARA EVADIR EL FISCO EN VARIOS PAÍSES. Además de cometer fraude laboral en México, posiblemente relacionados al tráfico de petroleo robado por parte de los illuminati, Bush, Gortari, Fox. Atras de todo esto esta Chevron, Nestlé, Praxis, Softtek https://lnkd.in/edGBiX2 @realDonaldTrump https://lnkd.in/e2DvqSh The cubans infiltered the US Embassies in LATAM, what about the child,organ, oil, drug trafficking @realDonaldTrump https://lnkd.in/e4HJJDz all her family is a jew chistian illuminati killers with connection to Michigan illuminati killer

  • Julia Cynthia Kent

    I wish it was true that he would be arrested for the thousands and thousands of Palestinian women, children and men he has tortuned and mained,,,, Nobody can stop him, unless the USA stop sending billions of dollars to his country on a regular basis, And on top of that there are advertisements were the Israelies are begging for money….they do not have enough of the US dollar,,,,

    • Thank you Julia. It’s disgraceful what they’re being allowed to get away with.

    • Dominic

      There is one way to save Israel; a natural order of progression. It is a bit fatalist but when America is bled dry by infamous age old usury by Zionists Israel will be on her own in the Arab world. The Arabs wont have a trading partner esp if their own oil ran out but if America went broke first, either way. What is her debt now 22 trillion?
      American Zionist Jews now have been infiltrating the Evangelical bible pushers for Israel & these dumb ********** are coughing up as if AIPAC hadn’t already drained them.
      I am not Islamic & if they are meant to be the enemy then your enemies enemy is your friend in this case.

      • It’s a very interesting thought Dominic but I think the Zionists have thought of this – why else did arch Zionist Michael Chertoff have 800+ state-of-the-art Fema Camps built up & down America. Why else have the US police been sent to receive new guidelines & instructions on how to Police. This hair-brained decision coincided with sudden spike in indiscriminate killings of unarmed US citizens & as much as they’re highlighted, note, is there any change of policy in the air? NOT ONE BIT! In fact the US Zionist controlled media has all but endorsed these shocking Police acts of downright thuggery.

  • Thaer Al Tarifi

    Israel committed the biggest crime in history… After occupation of Palestine and putting majority of Palestinian people out of their home land as rufugees and steeling the land, culture etc. This bustard has been putting 3 Million Palestinians of Gaza under seige and blockade, no fiood, no water, no medicine no basic human needs allowed and top of that killing thousands of Palestinian defenceless innocent civilians about one third of them children and lastly destroyed the infra structure and the homes of more than 100 000 people.. He is a mass murderer, war criminal and crime against humanity.

  • sue grant

    Are you insane this monster is responsible for the murder of thousands of innocent Paestinians

  • Jean Sommer

    Netanyahu is able to use money from the USA to wage war on Palestine. Of course I don’t approve of Hamas rockets but Netanyahu should answer for his crimes.

    • Jean- The so-called Hamas rockets are pathetic. They’re nothing but glorified fireworks. It is nothing less than an insult to compare Israeli state-of-the-art firepower to ‘Hamas fireworks.’ Remember nothing goes in & out of Gaza without the Israelis knowing. The Palestinians are caged in. Do your own research. Try & find one Israeli building damaged by the so-called 1000’s of Hamas rockets. These lies & gross exaggerations are positively sickening. They make things up as they go along & the tale-tell sign is no concrete evidence is ever presented to back their claims BECAUSE THEY’RE ALL LIES!

  • jews are big threat to humanity across globe.

    • Of course you’re right Rocky but I wish we could utilize the Divide & Conquer aspect of Zionist strategy. It seems we cannot even get to the ‘Divide’ part of it. We simply have to make the distinction between Jew & Zionists. Even if Jews are with the Zionists all the way, we know they’ve been brainwashed exactly the way non Jews have. Making this distinction is easy to do – just ask Jews – WHO DO YOU THINK FINANCED HITLER?

  • Julian

    I just signed the petition. Has anyone read the government response? It’s enough to make you sick… I’m trying to let as many people know about these evil atrocities as I can, however, most people aren’t bothered if it doesn’t affect their little meaningless lives obsessed with money and labels.

    • I can understand your frustration Julian. This is why their response got this –

      In all my life I have never received a more infuriating, insulting email. We are now being told the same lies of Israel’s propaganda machine known as the MSM. Identical lies. You’re supposed to be our political representatives. How dare you fob us off like this……& all to protect this vile mass-murderer Netanyahu. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Paradoxically I feel this is because you’re under serious pressure. You’re desperate. You should be. We’re coming. Everyone conspiring against the people of this country will be looked upon as traitors.

      Tell our idiot Prime Minister

      1) The Palestinians are surrounded.
      2) They have no Army
      3) No Navy
      4) No Air-force
      5) No command center
      6) No Airport
      7) No Port
      8) Electricity is rationed
      9) Water is rationed
      10 Desperately needed medicine & supplies is severely restricted
      11) Palestinian movement is severely restricted through countless checkpoints
      12) The one power station they had was deliberately destroyed by the murderous IDF.
      13) The Israelis decide what goes in & out of Gaza.
      14) The Hamas rockets are glorified fire-works.
      15) Palestinian dead 2200+ Israeli dead 68 – most through friendly fire
      16) ‘Israel’s right to take proportionate action?’ ARE YOU KIDDING ME?
      17) This is not a battle; this is not a war; THIS IS A MASSACRE!
      18) ‘Israel’s right to defend itself?’ Are you sick? YOU CANNOT BE DEFENDING YOURSELF WHEN YOU’RE AN OCCUPYING ENTITY! Were the Germans defending themselves when the French resistance attacked them you blithering idiot?
      19) Similarly Hamas are the ones who are defending themselves yet you have the gall to label them terrorists.
      20) KIDNAP? Are you brain-dead or just a pathological liar? HOW MANY PALESTINIANS HAVE BEEN KIDNAPPED & THROWN IN JAIL YOU BASTARD? HOW MANY KIDS ARE BEING TORTURED IN ISRAELI JAILS. I dearly hope you pay for these lies Cameron.
      21) ‘Repeatedly refuse to accept ceasefires? Aren’t you ashamed of yourself? No. You’re not are you? In fact this is the exact script given to you from Tel Aviv you traitor.
      22) ‘We welcome the fact that Israel is conducting internal investigations’. OH REALLY NOW! OH I’M SO PLEASED! THAT’S REALLY MADE MY DAY. How nice that they’re investigating themselves.
      23) The Israelis are the terrorists! They always have been.
      24) You are NOT deeply saddened. You don’t give a shit!
      25) As well as a liar & a warmonger Cameron, you’re a traitor & my only wish in life is to see you hang!

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