Update on why the Saudis beheaded 47

I didn’t sleep much but I had a good think – I’ve decided I want it put on my tombstone –
if no one stops the Zionists, they will not stop!


Yesterday I posted a piece about why Saudi Arabia had inexplicably executed 47 people, including a prominent Shiite cleric. Most worryingly, many of the executed were guilty of terrorism apparently. Well if that’s the case why haven’t the leaders of Saudi Arabia been executed in a similar fashion? Goodness knows how long the media have had us think Saudi terrorists carried out 9/11. Of course that’s nonsense – the way to get to to the truth here is to ask why the media has lied for so long & never retracted this lie? Well to answer that question you have to ask who owns the media? I feel I’m a lone voice in the wilderness when it comes to this! 

But there’s more truth perhaps to the Saudis being partly responsible at least for ISIS. Many people seem to believe Saudi money has helped bring this scourge upon us. I for one do not believe this is the case but since even some mainstream news outlets go along with much of what’s said on the Internet regarding ISIS & Saudi backing, once again serious questions have to be raised – how can Saudi Arabia so readily execute terrorists while its leaders are funding terrorists elsewhere? All I ever see is the same people having their cake & being allowed to damn well eat it! The same can be said of Israel & Turkey. Both have no right to complain about terrorists because it is a proven fact – both the Israelis & the Turks are helping finance ISIS. 

So what the bloody hell is going on here? We know we’re being lied to but it’s the sheer level of lies & the fact it’s so obvious people like Netanyahu, Obama & Cameron are lying through their back teeth. Of course when we talk about the autocratic regime of Saudi Arabia, only blithering idiots don’t realise that every decent country should have severed diplomatic ties with Riyadh yonks ago! If ever we needed an example of what politicians will do for money, here it is in a nutshell – Saudi Arabia! They behave disgracefully yet our politicians can’t wait to lick their arse!

More alarming is the fact these chronic double standards are being fed into our thought process as if they’re acceptable. I say this because of the media’s reaction, & believe it or not, this is the key. Our contemptible Prime Minister here in the UK recently had the gall to label those opposed to bombing Syria as terrorist sympathisers. Now, even though he was asked to retract this outrageous slur, HE NEVER DID! What’s worse, the media never made a big deal out of this. Is the media smoking so much pot they’ve become docile? Hardly. They’ve been attacking Jeremy Corbyn non-stop as if he head-butted the local vicar but when Cameron shows what a vile scumbag he is, they say nothing!

But what should really alert & worry everyone is how this word ‘terrorist’ is being used at the convenience of those in office. It sickens me no end our political system is that naff Cameron can have a majority in parliament even though less than 1 in 4 voters voted for the two-bob toe-rag! But I keep going back to this – a year ago at the UN Cameron stated even peaceful activists opposed to his views were as dangerous as ISIS terrorists. Well, the crimes some of the people the Saudis just executed was for merely organising protests & demonstrations – YET THEY WERE DEEMED TERRORISTS! Thankfully, either Cameron or his advisers or both are men of average intelligence for they felt it necessary to mark everyone’s card by letting it slip that CAMERON WOULD DO EVERYTHING IN HIS POWER TO ERADICATE 9/11 TRUTHERS! Getting the picture are we……. 

ISIS operative


Once again the media never said a word. Here we have the UK Prime Minister effectively saying if you don’t believe our cock and bull explanation of 9/11 YOU DESERVE TO DIE! The good news for me is I at least know why the media is protecting Cameron – the very people who own the media were responsible for 9/11, all the terrorism that’s come with it, all the death & destruction & of course, ISIS! The bad news is, hard as I try to make people see this, I feel it’s going to take a hell of lot more for the penny to drop. I said it will get worse & worse because those responsible CANNOT stop! How many times have I said – if no one stops the Zionists, they will not stop! The stage we’re now at – anyone, a leader with just 23% of the vote doesn’t like, can be labeled a terrorist!


Double standards? Let’s mention an incredible Israeli terrorist. I pick Menachen Begin for two reasons. First, he proudly declared he was a terrorist & a damn good one at that. Secondly, no country complains more about terrorists than Israel. Well Begin took part in the bombing of the King David Hotel in 1946 which killed 91 people. It took all those years for the Lockerbie bombing to outdo this terrorist act! However, his worst act was to come two years later on April 19th when his Irgun gang of Zionist terrorists teamed up with Yitzhak Shamir’s Stern gang to brutally massacre 200 men, women & children as they slept in the Arab village of Deir Yassin. WHO ARE THE TERRORISTS? 


On May 15 1948 following the UN transfer of Palestine to an independent Jewish state & an independent Arab state, the Israelis proceeded to launch a military assault on the Arabs with blaring loudspeakers on their trucks informing them that if they did not flee immediately, they would be slaughtered. With the recent memory of the Deir Yassin massacre at the forefront of their minds, 800,000 Palestinians fled in panic. Apparently the 57% of Palestine the Israelis had been donated was not enough. Following this mass expulsion the Israelis now controlled 78%! Both these mass-murderers became Israeli Prime Ministers. At least I know who the real terrorists are.




This is why yesterday I said there is more to this Saudi mass execution than meets the eye. Divide & Conquer is not just alive & kicking thanks to the refugee crisis our Zionist puppets created; it’s being engineered everywhere. I’m of the opinion the Saudis were told to do this. Why? Because firstly they would have known every beheading they carried out was having the undesired effect of people saying ‘what’s the difference with ISIS?’ Why do you think suddenly the ISIS beheading’s came to an abrupt halt? With the Saudis regularly doing the same thing it was hardly a novelty. But then out of the blue, to mass execute 47 prisoners? It surprised me because I would have thought the last thing they need is more bad publicity. Surely it would have been a far simpler task throwing them in jail. Guantanamo is still going strong last I heard. Therefore I think outside forces are at work & there’s only one family powerful enough to make the Saudis jump.


In Myron Fagan’s classic speech in 1967 he said the first people the Zionists will blame are the Jews. He thought they would kill all of them just to take the dairy off themselves. Well, they’ve proved they’re the most vindictive lot & they have no qualms when it comes to blaming others for what they do. From the beginning we were told Saudi extremists were responsible for 9/11 yet the West attacked only the Arab countries that Israel wanted to see destroyed. Now that this has virtually been accomplished, could this be the time where they dump one of their allies? Certainly the map of Greater Israel shows that if this occurs, they’ll take more land off Saudi Arabia than any country.




Moreover think about this. Wouldn’t you be inclined to believe, especially with the paranoia the Israelis regularly display whenever they feel in the slightest bit threatened, all this turmoil in the region would have the Israelis on their toes screaming blue murder! Yet, the distinct impression I get is Tel Aviv is the very essence of tranquility. I can just see them in the Knesset now, patting each other on the back saying ‘oy veh! These Goyim aren’t half easy to play!’ 


The Middle East is being cleansed of everyone the Israelis don’t want. ISIS are very much part of this process. This army of mercenaries has done more to create a refugee crisis than the illegal war on Iraq itself! Every country in Europe is struggling to handle the influx. This in itself is causing terrible civil unrest. Like I said – divide & conquer is going down a treat. With most people being too dumb to put 2 & 2 together to say ‘hang on a minute Cameron. You’re one of the twats who created this crisis. We shouldn’t be taking it out on the refugees. We should be taking it out on you, you bastard & for that matter the media for never highlighting this anomaly.’


Now, it’s a whole lot clearer as to why the Zionists have coerced the Saudis into doing this – the end result is they’ve managed to get the Iranians to finally react. Frankly I’m rather surprised the Iranians have. If they hadn’t cut diplomatic ties with the Saudis, instead of pressure being piled on the Saudis, the only thing the media is talking about is the worsening situation with Iran & the religious strife that’s going to erupt. Once again we’re being programmed; once again – divide & conquer is working overtime. No real surprise Bahrain, Sudan & the UAE have cut diplomatic ties with Iran too. This was obviously all part of this particular plan. What I can’t understand is why Iran bit!


How many times have I droned on how the problem lies in Israel always managing to slip under the radar? How many times have I said the longer we go on ignoring their role when in fact they are the chief protagonists, the more difficult it’s going to be to turn this nightmare around? Well, they’re not going to stop until people get it into their heads – those who really planned & executed 9/11 were Zionists & the reason they did stares us in the face – BECAUSE THEY WANTED TO CREATE EXACTLY WHAT WE’RE ALL SEEING TODAY! Each & every step is their plan yet even people who suspect Zionists were responsible for 9/11, rarely mention they’re behind ISIS & all the shit that’s going on. I know for a fact – the only people rubbing their hands with glee are the Rothschild Zionists! From where I’m sitting the Israelis must be thinking what a load of mugs we are! 


  • jill

    What if the entire story is not even real? What if those “beheadings” by ISIS never happened? What if the Saudi story isn’t even true? A “story” can be put out for the mass media at the drop of a hat and doesn’t have to be true. If we only believe that “some” of the news is true and some isn’t then, who decides?
    Personally, I say believe nothing, absolutely nothing coming from the MSM. It’s all being said as a tool to sway the masses into hating one nation or another. The chess board just keeps being rearranged until the final checkmate.

    • When, and IF Trump becomes President, it will be quite a spectacle to see what he and Putin decide to do to whom !!

    • Very good point Jill. Of course, most of us do not take for gospel what anyone says, especially someone you don’t personally know. However, for many people, this general rule of thumb goes out the window when it comes to the media. Your reference to the media being a tool is nigh on perfect. What I try & do is assess everything I hear & then try to make sense out of it. To do this with any degree of accuracy though, one must initially be aware of who controls the 6 major media outlets that make up virtually the entire mass-media. The fact the 6 of them always sing the same tune has to mean they’re following an agenda. Once one works out what that is, one can deduce what’s what.

  • Abubakar Dabo

    I was saddened by the report of the beheadings. In the name of religion: An elderly man and an outstading cleric was falsely accused of participating in terrorist attack because he was calling for justice contrary, to the Saudi authorities assertion. Sheikh Niimr al Niimr’s death is a great loss to Islam for his constant effort in calling to guidance.

    Since Islam is peace, love and justice, then the Muslim UMMAH (community) around the world do not need Saudi Arabia to teach us Muslims how to love, behave peacefully and act justly. Saudi Arabia has lost much of its credibility as the custodian of the two holy Mosques, and has become the greatest stooge of the capitalist and agent of formenting violence in the Muslim world.

    In Syria it is the supporter and financier of the terrorists. Elsewhere around the world it is the instigator of people killing each other based on sectarian differences. Are they any better than the “terrorists” they claim to have executed in the name of fighting terrorism?

  • Abubakar Dabo

    They attend to all the attempts of their friends to undermine the Iranian position remotely as a major player on the Syrian issues, and especially in the region. Of course, Mr. Aydinian, most countries if not all in the Middle East were and still are victims of Zionists aggression either covert or overt. And on account of the rivalry between the great powers and conflict of interests in that arena, I do believe that this present international situation lends itself to using this (the diplomatic row between Iran and Saudi Arabia) means for the settlement of some of the global crises in that region: Syria is a case in point-equally true for the conflict between Sunnih and Shi’ites in Iraq…as well as Yemen.

  • Abubakar Dabo

    I have seen that you said much the same things already. But this gives Saudi Arabia a moral code, to exeggerate the ease with which the sectarian differences divide Islam http://www.vox.com/2016/1/5/10718456/sunni-shia

  • Abubakar Dabo

    Exactly, what an apt comparison!

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