Ursula Haverbeck 87 to serve 10 months in jail for sedition

I’m sure I covered the original story. On the one hand I cannot believe this is even happening & in Germany to boot. They’re smart, no nonsense people. How can they suffer this tripe? On the other hand, since mass-murderers are in charge, why should we be surprised when people are jailed for telling the truth? If the worst people possible are calling the shots, it stands to reason terrible decisions will be made.

A peaceful, non-violent 87-year old woman who is beautiful inside & out is found guilty of an unconstitutional “law” that prohibits free expression of belief on one historical subject. This unconstitutional “law” originates from the loss of the world war in 1945 & the intention of the winning side to impose their own war narrative onto history & also take complete control of the nation that had fought to the end for a more just world order.


Please sign the petition. It is an absolute disgrace that this good lady is being treated so atrociously. We cannot just say Freedom of speech is sacrosanct & blah, blah, blah because they already know what they’re doing is outrageous & wrong. There’s no issue here. WE HAVE TO MAKE IT ABSOLUTELY CLEAR THEY CANNOT DO THIS! Zionist mass-murderers are bribing & threatening our politicians so that without any justification whatsoever, criminal laws are passed. I can understand why most people are incapable of seeing into the potential danger. I’m nothing special but if there is one thing I do have …… IT’S THIS VERY ABILITY TO READ BETWEEN THE LINES & THE GODDAMN WRITING IS LITERALLY ON THE WALL HERE! I guarantee – the moment laws are passed where what we say can be deemed a criminal offense, the next step is mass executions. Believe this. If there’s one right we shouldn’t have is the right to ignore such a threat!





Haverbeck in court


I believe this good lady is 100% right. However what Zionists & brainless, moronic twats can’t seem to get into their thick skulls is even if this lady was totally wrong, not believing what someone else says CAN NEVER BE CONSTRUED AS A CRIME! And there’s a damn good reason – IT SETS A PRECEDENT FOR EVIL PEOPLE TO CLAIM CERTAIN THINGS FOR THE PURPOSE OF MANIPULATION.
And this is exactly what’s happened – to this day there is zero evidence any gas chambers ever existed at Auschwitz. Scream & shout all you like with your damn fool, meaningless phrases like ‘Holocaust denier. One thing I can’t stand are two-bob merchants that can’t wait to plonk their moral high hat on, on a totally false pretence that they care about those who suffer. You people are so full of shit every time you open your mouths I smell the stench from here!  
Now, let’s get down to the facts. Considering how massacres in history are gone & forgotten, quite how we’ve been bulldozed into having the Holocaust embedded into our minds should alert folk that something doesn’t sit right. Why for instance are so many more people aware of the alleged suffering of 6 million when at the same time the Russians lost over 20 million fighting the same foe? I’m sorry but if you don’t feel something is terribly amiss then you’re a blithering idiot.
But as I said, how can it be possible that nobody has ever seen any footage of gas chambers at Auschwitz? If they existed, footage would abound. Also if 6 million died there simply has to be evidence of this ie massive burial grounds. Again – nothing! What did we see? All the footage was of emaciated folk down to the bone, dehydrated & disease-ridden. Bodies lay piled on top of one another because no one had any energy to bury the dead. This in turn brought on disease.
Why was this the case? Because all German personnel left the camps long before the Russians ever got there. They knew the Red army weren’t taking any prisoners. Moreover, supply lines would soon be cut. No food or water could possibly get to the camps for months. Exacerbating the situation further still was Hitler’s crazy insistence to fight to the death. This put paid to most of those who did die in the camps.
Of course those left in the camps could have walked away…… To where & with no food or drink, smack bang in the middle of a war zone? Most felt at least they had a roof over their heads & many had every right to believe help had to be on its way. How long could Germany hang on when in every direction they were retreating? They had no idea Hitler would needlessly prolong the war. My synopsis fits perfectly with what occurred & all the footage we saw. If you want to believe a bunch of pathological liars then be my guest.


  • jill

    I would not trust Avaaz for anything.
    Please read about Ricken Patel, the founder of Avaaz and his 6 figure income.
    Read the last line of this article……………..

  • Eva Nielsen

    I don´t trust AVAAZ

  • Abubakar Dabo

    Covering Germany these days means writing a lot about history – you’ve written so much, indeed! The remarkable thing, given how noisy that history has been for a while, is just how ordinary a place it has become..

    There are always two sides to the history of war – that of the victors and the vanquished. But due largely in trying to tame this history’s furies, Germany has been a society on the couch – criticized by others; and criticized by selves. How have the furies of the past gone quiet?

    Things are going pretty well in Germany, thanks mainly to the ordinary people’s gradual coping with and forgetting the dark past. But as you write Mr. Aydinian about this elderly woman’s case, the German politicians seems to see themselves on the basis of “How ugly were we?” at the expense of a world view. However, I hope what the world wants to know, is where it’s all going to go about this case in this country..

    • Oh my word if only the world knew the truth about Germany! And I disagree – the history books never tell the other side of the story – only the winners & more often than not it’s a load of baloney. Germany has been used & abused & lied about for over 100 years & frankly many Germans have been brainwashed by the bullshit!

  • Abubakar Dabo

    This sense, indeed-of the silent past history of the other side-is at the center of the eternally awkward relationship of the Germans and the Jews.

  • Nathan dunning

    You were on a good track and Im signing for her against Islam Not for You against my Jewish Brothers of whom I share the same value’s and beliefs in the same Heavenly Father. I definitely Not Pro German, Pro Hitler or Pro Nazi. I’m just a child of Yah and you would do well to quit trying to change facts and History. My great grandma knew the Germany you speak for with such misplaced adoration. Snap out of it!

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