US Foreign Policy Works for Israel’s Interests: The Time Has Come for an End to Dual National Citizenship

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US Foreign Policy Works for Israel’s Interests: The Time Has Come for an End to Dual National Citizenship

Whatsupic — So outrageous was the whole debacle of Netanyahu’s recent bout of addressing Congressional traitors, I literally had to ponder for a few days just to find the right words, for what’s happening truly beggars belief. Here we have the most powerful country in the world – the US of A. It’s President has understandably sought a diplomatic solution to a problem that in all likelihood will reduce the possibility of a small little problem ever rearing its ugly head – it’s known as WW III!

You see Israel, a country possessing 300 nuclear weapons and a record of belligerance second to none maintains that Iran, a country that’s attacked no one since 1798, has no right to any! Incredibly it remains a moot point as to whether Iran is even seeking to acquire nukes. Only the Israelis say they might be. Considering no one in their right mind would ever dream of attacking Israel, not just for the reason America has its back but because Israel is perfectly capable of causing untold grief to whoever it so chooses, I feel the time is long since overdue for Israel to be told ‘give it a rest for crying out loud!’

Moreover, Israel proudly boasts of their Samson option – ‘attack us and we’ll destroy every major city in the world.’ Nice……. yet they have the temerity to continually state several of their neighbors want to wipe them off the map? Of course the truth is not one Arab or Muslim leader has ever said this. It’s simply one of the many fabrications of a Zionist controlled media. They make up complete lies. No sources are ever given; no real evidence ever exists but woe betide if you don’t believe everything these pathological liars say. You’re a racist if you do. Coming from the greatest racists in history this sure is a bitter pill to swallow.

But then along comes one of the nastiest toe-rags in the entire history of mankind – Benjamin Netanyahu. ‘Listen Obama – don’t ever forget – we rigged both your elections just so RON PAUL, the people’s choice, never made it to the White House. As a result you became President. You owe us. You owe me. Our media made certain of this. Okay, I know your people give us billions of dollars every year; I know your country unconditionally supports us too and let’s face it, us lot in Israel make Apartheid look like a cake walk……. but who the hell are you to give peace a chance?’

Now of course, I hardly expect the media to highlight what I’ve just said but quite how one of those traitors in Congress, John Boehner, usurped the President by ‘inviting’ this criminal to make his case for even more war by lying again. Yes. Again because this is exactly what he did in his quest to get the US and UK to destroy another country, Iraq. Netanyahu and the lies of a host of other Zionists led to the death of some 1.5 million Iraqis; 5 million more were rendered homeless; the entire country to this day is in a state of utter chaos. I’m still waiting for someone to say sorry. In the meantime the President has been made to look a complete fool.

Fortunately, it seems Netanyahu is finally incurring the wrath of his own people. This is more than a step in the right direction yet it is my belief that only when the media stick the boot in will we rid ourselves of this raving lunatic. Sadly the most powerful, influential Zionists are seemingly every bit as deluded as Netanyahu. Nevertheless, former high-ranking hawks such as ex Mossad chief Meir Dagan laid into Netanyahu by saying “for 45 years I have served this country – all of them dedicated to safeguarding its security as a Jewish and Zionist state. I don’t want that dream to disappear.”

The tide is beginning to turn and I believe Dagan has a point. Netanyahu’s urge to stay in power has resulted in antagonizing way too many Americans. A recent poll confirmed 63% were opposed to him even delivering his speech to Congress. However, those who deserve the firing squad for so much as listening to that lying lump of lard now seem to be having reservations. This was indeed a bad move. As the link below points out ‘Mr. Netanyahu’s hotly disputed address constituted a remarkable moment in Washington: a foreign leader taking the podium before members of the House and Senate to argue strenuously against the policies of the sitting US president. In doing so, the Israeli leader was essentially urging lawmakers to trust him – not Mr. Obama.’

What pleased me more than anything was this: all along I’ve been trying to convince my American friends that their country has been taken over by the dual national Zionists whose allegience is solely to Israel. Time and again I’ve stated ‘you’ve been taken over from within. For God’s sake, take your country back!’ I’m sure many doubters are now convinced this is the case. Sure enough, this time around I felt somewhat content Netanyahu used Boehner to invite him to speak to Congress. Sure, the media made out Boehner invited Netanyahu but how many times have I said ‘believe the exact opposite of what the media says and lo and behold you’ll see things start to make sense.’ So now I ask – do you honestly believe Boehner is that daft? This was all Netanyahu’s doing. He’s a madman who’s ego is in the stratosphere. It’s up to us to now pile on the pressure because this link will show that right now there is no better time for Americans to break this demonic tie they have with Israel. For the sake of the world, Israel needs to be isolated.


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