US generals supplied Syria with intel over ISIS to avoid toppling Assad – Seymour Hersh

I receive so many articles claiming that all sorts is going on behind Obama’s back. Some of the stories just seem a bit too far-fetched for my liking. This hardly surprises me though because I can’t think of a President that offered so much, moreover even had the fortitude to call out GW Bush for what he was – an absolute disaster, yet the moment Obama walked into the White House it was as if GW Bush started his third term! I never thought I’d see a greater lame duck President than GW. However, every time Obama has to opens his mouth, it seems he’s having to tell ever greater lies. He’s long since became a major embarrassment.
This story though I can well believe. For starters, in terms of credibility in what is reported, RT stands head & shoulders above every major mainstream news outlet. In fact, there’s no comparison. It’s literally RT & the rest of the garbage. And when it comes from someone with impeccable credentials like Seymour Hersh, you can be sure what you’re hearing has got to be close to the mark, even though the Pentagon said it’s completely false.



The conclusions one can draw is if this is the case then that’s great news because at least there’s some big-wigs in the US military who are prepared to do what’s right. I just hope they remain where they are & are not purged. Also the point Hersh made about how Russia must be scratching it’s head when we’re all supposed to be fighting terrorism. The West clearly saw what occurred in Iraq when Saddam was overthrown yet to do exactly the same thing in Libya & not so much as a ‘sorry. We made the same ricket again!’ But to then exacerbate the situation further by insisting Assad must go?


Of course Hersh never went the whole hog. He stopped short declaring it doesn’t make sense. Well he’s right unless you say ‘well since we’re doing this & since we’re not completely stark, raving mad, the only way one can make any sense of this is if one asks two questions & answers them correctly –
1) Who really controls Western politicians? Well, the Zionists do. Anyone with any brains knows this. Therefore one is obliged to ask –
2) Is Israel happy with what is happening in all these Arab/ Muslim nations? Well, have you heard of Oded Yinon’s plan to create Greater Israel? I’D SAY THEY’RE OVER THE MOON! 


Just for those who tend to think I sensationalize I thought I’d include one of the stories that I do not believe is true. I’m only posting this to make this point – 


Obama’s “Worst Nightmare” Realized As Chinese Troops Flood Into Syria


  • butch

    Israel have accomplished what they set out to do! Refugee’s over run the European countries in order to implement their RIGHT OF RETURN! WITH THE HELP OF ZIONIST POLITICIANS THROUGHOUT THE WORLD, INCLUDING THE AMERICAN POLITICIANS! I dont know what is going to happen in the elections in America–they have it rigged for one, and even if Bernie Sanders wins I doubt if he will accomplish any thing! He may be a Zionist at heart!

    • I agree with you entirely Butch. All the people who created this massive humanitarian crisis are the ones in power & the Zionist media hasn’t once criticised these scumbags for causing the problem in the first place. Therefore, it’s obvious this is all part of a Zionist plan. I’m sick & tired of all thre idiots out there who can’t see the wood from the trees.

  • Mari zadeh

    Thank you for this piece Michael, excellent as always and the first paragraph in particular struck me as I remember recently reading about a new book written I beliieve by a former Israeli ambassador to Washington, in it he wrote, and I’m kind of paraphrasing but it was along the lines of: “You want to know who makes foreign policy in the White House?,, we do. I’ve been in the WH discussing foreign policy with six other jews in the room and Joe Biden was the only goy” . It’s unbelievable and outrageous, and I like you, used to believe in Barack Obama, for ages now, I can’t bear to listen to a word he says.. So depressing. But I’m still hoping for a miracle before he leaves office

    • Thank you Mari – I feel exactly as you do.; America has been taken over from within & the quicker people realise this ungodly Zionist influence is the direct cause of pretty much all the trouble we’re seeing today, the better off we’ll all be.

  • Can I refer readers to this piece and the site in general for shrewd perceptive comment on matters of interest here..

    In terms of otherwise accurate controversial reporting – often extremely damaging to the US state – Sy Hersh has certainly carved out a niche for himself but, in company with his fellow Ashkenazi Jew Noam Chomsky and other such 2nd generation immigrants to the US, one thing you will never get from him is information that is fundamentally damaging to Israeli interests. IMO he should be regarded as one of the Mossad’s leading US Sayanim and everything he writes should be filtered through that lens.

    • Wikispooks – I will say the ONLY thing that’s damaging to America is the outrageous Zionist influence. America has literally been taken over from within. This is where the problem lies – America is only working for Israel’s interests as we are here in the UK too. Forget about controversial reporting. In any case, all we get are a pack of lies from the Zionist controlled media. I’m certainly not of the opinion that people like Chomsky work for Mossad, but by all means, be my guest.

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