US, Israel, Saudi Arabia involved in creating ISIL: Former US Senate candidate – MARK DANKOF.

A few days ago I was writing a piece to go with Gordon Bowden’s amazing video ‘Bombs, ‘Boiler Rooms’ Paedophiles & David (porky) Cameron.’ I was having trouble trying to explain in a couple of paragraphs how an inordinate number of sexual perverts inevitably find their way into the upper echelons of power. The answer to this conundrum inadvertently provides the answer as to why Western governments all over the world provide unconditional support to what is without any shadow of doubt the most evil country on the planet – ISRAEL!


As I pondered I thought about American politicians. Aside from the Clinton & Bush families, mass-murderers & traitors who’ve probably done more to ruin America than any other families, I wondered if there existed a similar ratio of sexual deviants in the US. I’d heard of these perverse initiations one had to endure if one was to become a fully-fledged member of the ‘Skull & Bones’ for instance. Apparently only those who performed disgusting acts were likely to climb the ladder of power. Cut a long story short – that’s why we’re in this mess; that’s why Israel can do no wrong. Even Genocide is acceptable!


Anyway I was thinking about the so-in-so’s on Capitol Hill which is a proper cesspit. It now all but seems qualification into this den of iniquity requires ever greater bouts of Israeli arse-licking. It’s positively sickening. I was thinking of some of the worst culprits & the one I felt gets the ticket is Lindsey Graham. Just listening to the bile emanating from this wretched specimen is quite something to behold. I remember thinking – 

what the hell must they have on you?  

Well I just came across this brilliant clip with Mark Dankof on Press TV. Fair play to Mark for not holding back as so many do. We’ve still got a mountain to climb but it’s certainly great to see more people stepping up to the plate to flat out accuse the Zionists of being the chief architects behind 9/11. Who needs to listen to hour long interviews when so much can be said in under 5 minutes? Well done indeed Mark.–Israel


Dankof on Graham

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