US Lawmakers Quietly Advance Legislation to Penalize Boycott of Israel.

Little-noticed amendment was included in controversial Fast Track trade bill that just passed the Senate Finance Committee. 


Organised crime


Apartheid Israel (2)


I say if this is so justified, why do this on the quiet in hurry-up mode? Thanks to William Jewell for the link.





If any country in the world deserved a world boycott, Israel would win hands down. If the people of each country in the world were given the chance to say which 3 countries deserved the wrath of the international community I would bet every penny I have that these would be the most common top 3 & in this order – 




Israeli bar codes


Zionist Companies!


It goes without saying this kind of legislation can only be described by calling it CRIMINAL & those ushering it in are criminals who should be in jail. No one but no one has the right to force people where they should spend their money. Everyone should have the same rights. Each individual has the choice to boycott whichever nation they so choose. Why should Israel be exempt? I only hope Americans raise a big stink about this.


Boycott Zionism


What about Gaza


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