US Presidential Candidate Merlin Miller says, “Israel Did 911; Zionists Control US Politics.”

If they can ignore a presidential candidate, what can’t the media do? I believe everything Merlin Miller says in this video is 100% correct. If one could present all the evidence in a court of law where Zionists could not exert outside pressure, each & every point Miller raises would be an open & shut case. No wonder I’ve never heard his name mentioned. Check out this video & while you’re at it give PressTV a LIKE….


Israel did 9-11

Mistaken Identity


But this is not why I’m posting this video. I’ve posted many others that have said much the same thing. No. The reason I am because here is a man who threw his hat in the ring for the 2012 Presidential race & I NEVER HEARD HIS NAME MENTIONED ONCE! Now considering I was as involved as I could be singing Ron Paul’s praises I find that rather unsettling because I too must be falling foul of the very thing I’m forever reminding people of –

the power of the media is not so much in their ability to lie but in their ability to kill a story. Silence is indeed golden!


Only Lies!


Just to give you some idea how media silence is such an effective tool – I’m yet to meet anyone in Europe who’s heard of Ron Paul. How can that possibly be? Because mainstream media never mentioned his name once! This reminds me of a brilliant line Gilad Atzmon came out with on ‘Sputnik’ George Galloway’s show on RT –


Silence is golden


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