USA is run by Israel. David Icke’s Best Presentation Ever – The Elephant in the Living Room

9/11 was the turning point for me. Each new discovery merely served to make my search for truth grow more intense. At the time, Dylan Avery’s superb Loose Change led the way but one man’s efforts particularly interested me. You see, on the one hand there was the media’s portrayal – the man who’d blown a fuse, flushing away a lucrative career as a sports commentator for the BBC no less. With the media highlighting talk of reptilian royalty, indeed any blemish, small wonder he fast-became an embarrassment. But there’s a flip side to this.


Whenever I heard him speak, everything he said made perfect sense. I realised the media specifically concentrated on trivial details, making a mountain out of a mole-hill, while ignoring the crux of what he was saying. Even though he ventured where angels fear to tread, the uninitiated were unwittingly being steered away from any contentious issues. It became abundantly clear the media had a hidden agenda to character assassinate certain individuals. For me here was a paradoxical conflict – to set about destroying the credibility of people whose conscience compelled them to speak out? Should not one be applauded & treated with the utmost respect for doing so!


To this day David Icke suffers the ignominy of having to put up with fools who’ve fallen prey to the acidic tripe that’s regularly dished out by mainstream media. Has it deterred him? NOT ONE BIT! In fact this entire post came about thanks to a derogatory remark born of ignorance. Unlike the donkey that refuses to drink the contaminated water it’s been led to, these people are led & they willingly lap it up! Watch this (26 mins) & tell me whether ICKE says one thing that’s not true.



1844-1918: THE ROTHSCHILDS vs THE ROMANOVS – the amazing power struggle between the two dynasties – thanks to David Douglas Hill for this terrific link –
It’s a shame this excellent account does not start from 1800 for it surely would have been appropriate to include that soon after the Napoleonic wars, Tsar Alexander I incurred the wrath of Nathan Rothschild at the Congress in Vienna by scuppering his plan for the Illuminati to set up a League of Nations & so create the first one World Government. Rothschild vowed some day his descendants would destroy the entire Russian Royal family.

If you’d like to learn more about the true history of the Rothschilds I cannot recommend more highly MYRON FAGAN’S 1967 exposee of the Illuminati.


Jacob Rothschild


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