Before I stick the proverbial boot into ‘Access Self Storage’ I thought I’d just say I don’t think I’ll ever get back to writing full time again. Not that I don’t like doing it, it’s just I feel I’ve done my bit & crucially with everything I have to advance. With FB & my website such ambitions are rendered nigh on impossible. Sadly FB is anything but a site that encourages social interaction. Along with having to suffer the brunt of Zionist hackers attacking my website, it’s become abundantly clear if you wish to stay in the ball game, censorship is something you have to live with. It’s as grim as that but then we know what we’re up against. There’s simply no way those plotting for a New World Order ie the lying, pedophile protecting, war-mongering, fraudster specialist Zionist banksters can operate on a level playing field. How many times have I said 250 years ago the great Voltaire hit the nail on the head when he said ‘to know who rules over you see who you’re not allowed to criticise.’ It’s so bloody true.


You could say the shit started to hit the fan in 1776 when Adam Weishaupt presented the plan Mayer Amschel Rothschild asked him to formulate, a blueprint for his family to one day take over the world. It took Weishaupt 6 years to draw up this abomination & one of the major requirements was the flow of information had to be controlled. Crucially the public could never know what these crooks of gargantuan proportions were up to. Sickening as it is I’ve often made the point that what’s truly remarkable is how Weishaupt could have got it so right. It was like the bastard had a crystal ball. He knew exactly what was needed yet this was something no one had ever contemplated let alone tried. This was all off the cuff yet there was no room for trial & error. Simply unbelievable & even if it all goes belly up from here, (much as I want that I can’t help but feel it’s wishful thinking), you’ve got to hold your hands up to this particular band of heathens. Some feat they’ve pulled off.   


So though my writing involves subject matters that couldn’t be more significant & far-reaching, standing still is simply not for me. I get bored quickly as it is & I certainly felt I was repeating myself, though I reckon I’d still be ruffling feathers had l at least been allowed to eek out some sort of living. I’m quite aware this way the powers that be are getting what they want but what can I do? This is their Modus Operandi – eliminating threats posed by those who merely wish to speak the truth, & undermining one’s ability to earn money is something they’ve spent untold years mastering. At least they’ve inadvertently proved my analytical skills are on the money for would they indulge in such shenanigans if I was talking tripe? No possible chance. So it’s probably going to be a bit of a mixed bag from now on. Every so often I’ll post something.


Another reason I backed off was in the middle of the year I had to move. Nothing sinister. Simply my landlord unexpectedly split up from his wife & so needed his apartment back, a place that had been my home for 10 years. I’ve managed to complete the move to my satisfaction but the past 6 months was somewhat of a traumatic experience. The good news is all the work involved in moving & renovating my new place is complete. As well as coming off the booze nearly two years ago, all this physicality has left me in relatively good shape. 18 months ago I weighed 106 Kilos. I’m now down to just 78! That’s a loss of a whopping 4 1/2 stones. I can’t tell you how much better I feel. Still, I hope I never have to move again. 


Apart from obvious difficulties, one experience left a very nasty taste in my mouth. Though it naturally involves money, the amount is irrelevant & as much as I dislike self-indulgence, I feel all too often we succumb to the whims of big business all too readily even though we know their actions are morally reprehensible. I feel too to some extent we are being programmed into accepting such legalised robbery as par for the course & what concerns me is I believe if we do not fight back against this kind of shoddy practice, things are going to get worse. The problem lies in the fact the last people our treacherous government represents are ordinary folk like you or me. Our so-called elected representatives work only for the best interests of big business & as a result multi-millionaires are effectively being allowed to screw every last tanner out of us. It’s as shameful as it can be yet it’s legal. Woe betide. If you slip up in any way, shape or form these vultures will grasp, snatch & seize what they can.




Now it’s simply an equation on whether you bother to complain. Thing is they know only too well most people don’t have the time to argue over a few quid. How many folk even check their direct debits? And if you do complain they have procedures in place where it’s a cast-iron guarantee you’ll be fobbed off with run-of-the-mill PR drivel. They have it down to a tee! Barriers which are more like international buffer zones then ensure you rarely speak to anyone of note. They wear you down because they know they do not have to concede. Goodwill? Please. Don’t make me laugh. How many bother even putting pen to paper? This is effectively why loopholes are created so that companies can chisel out what they can from unsuspecting customers. To the individual it’s not that much. However, for companies who deal with 100,000’s, if not millions of customers, it makes all the difference to profit margins & dare I say it, the end of the year bonus bonanza.


I had to place various items into storage while I was renovating my new home. So I took out a two month deal with Access Self Storage in Hemel Hempstead from Oct 1 – Dec 1. From the beginning I told them I would not require further time because I would be moving into my new place. They took the money for two months but insisted I sign a direct debit form that went into effect on Dec 1. I did not want this because they’d have their grubby mitts on my bank details & I told them as much. However, since I knew I would not be using the storage facility after Dec 1, I simply thought this would never come into play. HOW WRONG I WAS! Yet, believe it or not, I was true to my word – I vacated the premises on Nov 27, 4 DAYS BEFORE MY TIME WAS UP! I thought there was no way this company could do anything to incur my wrath.


What’s of critical importance here is – ALL ALONG THEY KNEW I WAS VACATING THE PREMISES. In fact I’d started taking stuff out a good two weeks before I actually left. They knew all this because I actually asked them if could take a trolley to help in unloading some of the heavier items. On this front they were very helpful. All the more reason why I’m furious not one person in the office had the decency to remind me that in the small print the stipulation I give a weeks notice. I often talked to all the workers there. Not only could they see me taking stuff out but I told them precisely what was going on. THEY KNEW I WAS LEAVING! There was no earthly reason why any grief should have ever occurred between Access Self Storage & myself. 


So what happened? On Nov 27 I told them the storage room I’d rented was now empty. I was expecting a thank you for giving them 4 extra days to earn money. Instead the guy told me I should have given a weeks notice. Confused, I immediately stated ‘how many times did I tell you I’d be vacating the premises by Dec 1?’ The guy could see how upset I was so he told me ‘oh there won’t be much in it because I’ll receive a refund for the 4 days.’ So I left it at that not realising once again I’d just been fobbed off with empty words. Not only was I not going to get a refund but I was going to be charged extra for the 4 days I’D ALREADY PAID FOR as well charged extra for Dec 1, 2 & 3. I couldn’t help but think how can any company incorporate such practices & then have the gall to defend them? Little did I know worse was to come. 


To my horror a few days later Access Self Storage had taken £151 from my bank account. The only reason I discovered this was because that day I was supposed to hire a van in order to take stuff I didn’t want to the local dump. I was unable to do this because I had insufficient funds for the van’s deposit. I was beside myself with rage. I phoned ASS telling them what the bloody hell were they up to? Not only was there no apology but I had to endure listening to lame excuse after lame excuse where all these people kept doing was exonerating themselves of any wrong-doing. Apparently it was all my fault. 


Making matters even worse, at the time I’d spent a lot of money moving & I was low on funds. True to form, though they told me I would be refunded, it took well over a week. When this finally happened though, they had sniped £31.85 saying that this was because I did not give them a weeks notice. But hang on a minute! I gave notice on Nov 27. Why am I now being penalised over £10 a day! There’s no storage company in the world charging these rates! Again I was fobbed off with pure claptrap ie they charge a weeks notice regardless of the fact I left 4 days early! It’s like they make it up as they go along.


In the meantime one of my direct debits failed because there were insufficient funds in my account. Soon I got a letter from my bank – this would cost me a further £10. Thankfully my bank refrained from getting in on the act of ‘SHAFTING CUSTOMERS FOR FUN!’ After I explained what the storage company had done they were decent enough to fore-go the charge. Hard as I tried to reason with ASS however, they chose to dig their heels in. So I said ‘if you don’t give me my £31.85 back I will post this on social media & will do everything in my power so people know this is how you treat your punters.’ I gave them a week to reconsider. I’m sure you won’t be surprised to hear not one gesture was made by these blood-suckers. So – 





  • Roy Ger

    Unfortunately Michael, London, England, UK has become a place where money takes priority and it’s stuff the rest..
    Nobody listens or cares or respects, unless it evolves around money.
    Just by chance, I just started on Netflix a series called ” Damnation ” , where the farmers start a revolution…. well that’s what we need to stop this ” Greed “…
    Roy G

  • Hey Michael,
    Great to read you again. Sad story, but I am surprised you let them get your debit info. I only use cash, except for an occasional plane ticket. I was recently permanently banned from Twit for: “It is a terrorist squatter fake nation”, and blocked over 200 days on FB for NOTHING, my most recent for posting a BDS Meme from:

    Amira Hass. (She is an Israeli journalist and author, mostly known for her columns in the daily newspaper Haaretz. She is particularly recognized for her reporting on Palestinian affairs in the West Bank and Gaza, where she has also lived for a number of years.).

    I am ready to surrender. Messenger is sadly my primary communication tool for friends and family. So have shut up, but still block after block. I am developing a platform on VK ( ) – but ready to just forget the fools.

    When you get tired of the cold, and want a cheap holiday, come see me on the Pacific coast, remote clean beach. Nica.

    • Hi Fredi. Great to hear from you again. You shouldn’t be surprised. I told them I want to pay cash. I told them I don’t want to give them my bank details. They said this is the only way I can use their facilities. I should have walked out & told them ‘fuck you then! Lose business!’ Thing is at the time they were offering a deal which undercut the rest so I was stuck between a rock & a hard place.
      Regarding the Zionists – they are not going to stop because their crimes are so enormous they cannot stop. Therefore none of what’s occurring today should surprise anyone. I’ve said it a million times – the worst gangsters in the world are in control. Unfortunately the media which they own is what protects them. Most people are too thick to realise what’s going on.

  • Linda

    Sorry to hear about all your problems Michael! On the other hand I’m so glad to see you are ok. X

  • FreddieMays

    This is the same scummy trick that a lot of gyms use.

    Once they have your direct debit details, they will try to screw an extra month out of punters who don’t give the silly amount of notice they specify in the contract.

    Some of these gyms have a minimum 12 months contract too – even when the punter has used the gym 6 times and they have taken a fortune off him they want that extra month’s theft fee, They are so unbelievably greedy.

    They stick a debt collector on you immediately if you manage to successfully cancel and prevent them from taking out the funds.

    David Lloyd gyms do this, Scumbags.

    But it’s good to see you are writing again Michael and well done shifting that 4.5 stone !

    • Yes indeed. Years ago I left David Lloyds because I felt they were greedy bastards. Same as Richard Branson’s Virgin group. They are all bloodsuckers. They think nothing of using every trick in the book, working on the premise most people are so wrapped up in what they’re doing or so bone idle, they swallow!

      • Lynne

        My Daughter, Partner and baby who live in Denmark were traveling to see me for Christmas with booked plane and rail tickets. Plane late so they had to re-book train tickets and pay an extra £200+ for new tickets.. I am going to write to Mr R Branson a long letter ……

        • Hi Lynne – Sorry to say Richard Branson is as bad as it gets. Why do you think he spends so much time trying to make people believe he’s Mr. Nice Guy? He most certainly is part of the problem, Much as you have every right to receive compensation I’d like to bet you’ll get fobbed off. I’ve known many people who’ve had terrible experiences with Virgin. They, like most large companies very rarely give way. I really do feel we need a modern day French Revolution because until we rid ourselves of big business & billionaires, nothing will change.

  • Mohamed Yousuf

    Welcome back Michael

  • Eileen

    It is good to see you Michael and I am very sorry to hear about all your
    problems. I have missed reading your posts for quite some time now.
    I am using a private social website called Despora you can find it by
    searching for and you can have your own private area. It is
    not the same as other social websites, but it is interesting to use.
    I will miss you if you don’t post again, but understand that this damn system
    is censoring everything, Fbook, Gugel, etc…. 🙁
    Take care please.

    • Great to hear from you again Eileen. I’ll do what I can from now on but I feel things are only going to get worse. Big business have all the power & since the entire mass-media rides shotgun for these greedy scumbags, I can’t help but feel one day we’re going to be seriously screwed.

      • Eileen

        Main media is controlled by the Bilderberg Group Michael and big business is also in with them so it is difficult for us all, though I do honestly think that if the sheeple woke up and all reacted then big business and the rest of deep state would not be able to control us any longer and we would all be free. The problem is, how do we wake up the sheeple….. that is the difficult part.

        • The sheepie have been brainwashed. There’s no question this is going to be a tough nut to crack. They’ve been dumbed-down after all. Yet for me the real problem is down to the fact I feel Jews are the most brainwashed people on the planet. Most of them really do think anti-Semitism is rife. What they don’t realise is the most anti-Semitic people on the planet are Israelis & those who own the media. As for the Bilderberg group you’re in all likelihood correct – the bastards who own the media regularly meet in what we call the Bilderberg group. However, you can be certain the agenda that they follow is 100% set by the Rothschild banking dynasty. Everyone at the Bilderberg group is answerable to the Rothschilds.

      • Eileen

        You may like to take a look at this site Michael
        It is a very private social website, which is related to, which I mentioned before.
        See what you think.

        • Eileen – the last thing I really want to do is join other sites. I’m sorry but I’ve had my fill of it.

          • Eileen

            OK fine Michael, I just thought I would share the information in case you may be interested in another site, even just for reading about information and which respects privacy, etc.

          • I appreciate that Eileen but I’ve tried to start up on other websites a few times & I must admit with some success. However, I’ve found even with FB’s censorship, more people get to see your posts on FB than all the other sites combined. And the thing is, if you’re a person who is targeted & what’s happened on my website has proved I am, then where ever you write you will suffer identical problems. Zionists cover all bases & the reason why they can is because they have untold resources.

  • Ted Duggan

    Your right Michael ….These bastards will rip you off every way possible ….Glad your back and please keep writing

    • Hi Ted. Hope all is well mate. I’ll try but we’ll see how it goes. The thing is I can’t keep repeating myself & we know what the problem is. WE have to do something about it & that means first & foremost getting rid of the entire media system. This is the tool that permits these Zionist bankers to run roughshod over everyone.

  • Richard J. Boyle

    Good to hear from you again.
    I’ve been worried about you.

  • Eileen

    Main media is controlled by the Bilderberg Group Michael and big business is also in with them so it is difficult for us all, though I do honestly think that if the sheeple woke up and all reacted then big business and the rest of deep state would not be able to control us any longer and we would all be free. The problem is, how do we wake up the sheeple….. that is the difficult part.

  • Jenny Goddard

    Hi Michael,

    Your work in the past has been invaluable, you always have your finger on the pulse, I have learnt a lot from you, Why not ask people to make a donation to your site, so you earn something from all your hard work, I would be happy to donate…
    And yes your right about how we are thieved from by big business, who use deception to trick us. I am so sick of this, as you can go round in circles for ever trying to get a result, I have spent a few years just trying to get Mole Valley council to put me in the correct banding for my bungalow, instead of putting me in the same banding as all the news houses worth over one million each as they take down the bungalows and replace them. I have lived in this Bungalow with my family for 37 years, but still they have come up with pathetic reasons why they are not going to look at it…
    One reason being t I did not respond to their letter just 3 days after I got it due to my husband dying…this is the mindset we are dealing with…

    • Thank you Jenny. I will endeavor to do what I can. I’m sorry to hear about how these pencil pushing nobodies in the councils are given the green light to run roughshod over ordinary folk who are no different to them. Their job is all that matters & any power attached to it is well & truly abused. No thought whatsoever is afforded to what is morally justified or reprehensible. This is all about keeping ordinary folk divided, dare I say, Divide & Conquer!
      As for donations – well, that’s another problem because they made sure my donation button on my website always had gremlins of some sort so that people who wanted to donate ultimately gave up trying. We tried desperately to sort out this problem, all to no avail. You’re by no means the first person to express a desire to contribute but have been unable to. This was a problem on my website from day 1.. Phoning GO DADDY did sweet bugger all. They don’t care especially that the Zionist controlled media is giving Go Daddy special advertising rates. One back scratches the other. We’ll give you TV advertising; you give us the power to undermine anyone who writes the truth. This is how Zionists, the greatest crooks on the planet operate. .

  • Richard

    I hate being taken advantage of too! So I feel you pain and normally I’d agree… But I have to say, it sounds like this ones pretty above board and you got off lightly. I was renting earlier in the year and needed to move. Told my landlord that I would be out by the end of the month and he said that I needed to give him him 2 months written notice. I was annoyed, But when I checked my rental agreement, it was there in black and white. So I had to say fare enough! Lost my deposit, which was bad. But since it was my fault, I didn’t have a leg to stand on. But I look at the positives and it taught me a lesson to be more prepared in the future. Maybe you should do they same same?

  • I’ve got a simple answer to that. NO. I bloody well won’t do the same. It’s taught me a lesson alright – one that I didn’t need to learn in the first place – DO NOT GIVE YOUR BANK DETAILS TO ANYONE! I cannot believe your line ‘I got off lightly!’ How can one get off lightly when one’s been ripped off? The amount is irrelevant. Moreover, your situation is different in that your landlord had no way of knowing you were leaving in two months. This was not the case with me. THEY DAMN WELL KNEW! So now the question is – am I a valued customer or just another sap. What’s more even though I gave them 4 days of which I’d already paid, the bastards STILL CHARGED ME A WEEK!
    Oh I’m learning alright – doing business with big business is tantamount to walking into a lion’s den. They are the ones who need to learn, not me because I always treat people with decency & integrity. If these bastards want to play hardball then it will be my goal to make them lose as much business as possible. This is what all ordinary folk should do.

    • Richard

      Hmmm.. Still seems like you just broke the rules, lost out and now your throwing your toys out of the pram. I get the feeling from the way you write above that this is not the first time you think you’ve been wronged by a business either. Being angry all the time is no way to live. You say your situation is different to mine. Its not. My landlord knew I was looking around. Bottom line. You and I both had something in a contract that said we had to give proper official notice. Mine had to be written and I suspect yours was the same, We both didn’t and had to pay for it. The only difference is, I chose to own up to my mistakes, where as you choose to blame anyone but yourself and shout about them online. That’s not treating people with decency and integrity. Maybe its time to man up and start owning your problems, instead of blaming everyone else.

      • Oh I see. A plant to get me riled up. Look at your words – one after the other. This is not constructive criticism. This is a proper witch-hunt. How much have you been paid? Either that or I must have annoyed you before on something or another. You sound seriously like someone who regularly takes it up the gearbox! So –

        1) I broke the rules
        2) I lost out.
        3) Now I’m throwing toys out of the pram.
        4) I’m angry all the time.
        5) I blame everyone but myself
        6) I shout about them online.
        7) I don’t treat people with decency & integrity.
        8) I should start owning up to my own problems.
        9) I need to man up. Now that really is the ticket!

        I mean is there anything else you’d like to add? It’s almost as if Access Self Storage has paid someone to say all this shit! What an arsehole you are. You are very much part of the problem. Say another word & I’ll bar your sorry arse. What a stupid prat!

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