Virginia journalist shooting False Flag Hoax.

This is simply mind-blowing. I heard about the shooting this morning but then I saw the video from my friend John Miranda & I thought you’ve got to be kidding. First, check the video out. I can assure you there are no clips of the actual shooting so you can watch it without having the fear of God put into you. Nevertheless, what you will see has enormous ramifications. We already know they’ve rushed to take the original video down. After you’ve watched this we’ll analyse the situation –  



Now CNN, as per usual, has already made their bed & with Wolf Blitzer at the helm you can be sure, HE’S LYING IN IT!………. Excuse the excellant pun!


Then what sells it for me is right on cue Hilary Clinton (mass-murderer/mega- fraudster) is calling for gun legislation.







The patsy


To say things don’t add up is a chronic understatement. The killer’s hand was white. I’ve been assured in the original video you could clearly see the killer was not black. So what do we know –


1) Between CNN & SKY it’s only a toss up between who tells more lies.

2) Wolf Blitzer is one of the all-time professional liars.

3) The Zionists have already tried to usher in new gun laws.

4) This led to a spate of blatant false flag events. It was obvious these were deliberately engineered to hoodwink the public.

5) These same Zionist have armed bodyguards 24 hours a day.

6) Then it was deemed the US police force needed assistance from the IDF.

6) This led to a policy of shoot first; ask questions later. No comebacks.

7) Needless to say, such indiscriminate slaying of unarmed US civilians led to mass demonstrations.

8) Yet the Zionist controlled media never once condemned the trigger-happy US Police force or God forbid, their oath to SERVE & PROTECT!

9) Most significantly, they never mentioned how this recent spike in Police murders coincided with the hair-brained decision for the US police to follow the disgraceful behavior of Israeli thugs. 

10) In short, the media, who are undoubtedly in cahoots with Capitol Hill have been doing all they can to DIVIDE & CONQUER by initiating a race war.


The white shooter






    • Thanks Steve – excellent video – will use if that’s okay with you?

    • Triuwida

      YouTube is taking these videos down as fast as people put them up. I’ve never seen TPTB so desperate to silence dissent in any of their previous media hoaxes.

      And I can’t get any of my friends to watch them in time. Yeah I know, I need better friends. Still, I appreciate sites like this, at least these videos will stay up.

      Sorry if this has been pointed out, but there are no spent shell casings being ejected from the Glock. Case closed. And yes, they are darkening the shooter’s hand in the videos that stay up since so many have pointed out the shooter is white.

      Not sure what’s going to happen to these people that refuse to consider the facts. Not sure what’s going to happen to any of us, but this entire situation scares the crap outta me.

    • Boogie Man

      Hilarious. I love it when you people blame the Zionist!!!! Do you have more post on other “False Flag” attacks? This is pure comedic gold

      • I’m glad you find it funny but I blame the Zionists alright because of one reason – THEY ARE TO BLAME!

      • Al Bert

        So when you say “you people”… I take it that you are referring to people that are awake and are not duped by mainstream media into signing new laws to take your freedoms away? Yeah, real funny…. Hey, check this out: if you got 10 minutes of free time in your week, go research/ look up “False-flags” that are not conspiracies. Start with Sandy Hook, move on to the smoke bombs in Boston, the dummy from LAX, the kevlar from Charleston, then you can go into the real stuff and look up NASA’s lies. Unless you prefer to stay dumb.

    • cinlou

      The leaked video still plays on my fb …..just checked it out, his hand is black….you can tell around the thumb…he wasn’t a very dark man. Regardless though, I do share the same views/opinions. Fishy shit going down…..

      • Whether it was him or not really makes no difference. As you say, way too much fishy shit. It was too contrived.

        • Triuwida

          You might remember from the coverage of when George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin, the media kept showing pictures of Zimmerman. And every day, his skin got lighter and his head became more elongated, lol.

          They really wanted so bad to portray the heavily Hispanic looking Zimmerman as White.

          It is a simple thing to use lens filter to alter the color of a person’s skin; that’s what they seem to be doing here. The internet is abuzz with these observations and TPTB are seriously scared that they really did screw up this time.

          I’ve never seen the shekels brigade out in force like this. 9r them banning SO many YouTube videos, and terminating peoples accounts.

          Scary stuff, may God Bless the Truthtellers.

  • keri

    things too.. they are saying they used a license plate reader to recognize him… yet he was in a rented car?
    then the reports were that her fiance saw it unfold from the newsroom.. and yet article below states he was at home sleeping.

    not to mention see the below.. does he look like he is devastated and been crying?? really,? does he look heart broken? jumping on the news hours after your beloveds death and showing a photo book and talking about your relationship since day one..
    no tears…and i see smiles…
    jus saying

    • Thank you for all that extra info Keri.

    • Troy

      The camera man’s fiancee was a producer & she saw it happen while she was watching it in the studio.
      The reporter’s boy friend is an evening anchor. He did not witness it live. At least not in the studio.

    • Paul

      Actor you say…. So this actor is going to be in the press around the World today. In papers, on the TV, everywhere.

      Please explain to me what his friends and family or anyone that’s grown up with him will do when they see him pretending to be a man involved in a shooting? I’m struggling myself. I know If he was a mate of mine I’d talk about it to people, who would also talk. Getting where I’m coming from?

      • Thank you Paul. What I find so astonishing is with all of these cases the public never get to hear a word from the alleged killer. Even in cases where one of the alleged Boston bombers was miraculously taken alive, there is nothing ever mentioned about him. All the while we have US politicians lining their own pockets to the tune of billions desperately trying to usher in gun laws simply because people power is the only thing that worries them.

      • De

        What I noticed the very 1st time I watched it right after the news. I thought “how come theres not any people there? If this was a big announcement nobody there? It was awful quiet. Then this guy comes in with a gun? None of the 3 noticed him or heard him walk up? Come on….how foolish do they think we are? I guess theres a lot of foolish people out there that think were crazy for bringing up the obvious. Just ignore those people. They will never get it. Its like trying to argue with a drunk. You cant

        • Yes indeed De. Some people just don’t want to get it because not only everything you say holds water but those controlling the politicians who just happen to be the same people who own the media have a motive that sticks out like a sore thumb!

        • Lauren

          I live 15 miles from where the shooting took place. It was 6:45 am…no businesses were open at Bridgewater Plaza, so no one would be there to see the interview. My son works at a marina across the street and my husband works 2 miles away. I know Vicki Gardner…our small town knows Vicki. Yes…this happened. No bs.

          • Al Bert

            Then why were fake comments posted before 6:30… if this happened at 6:45?

          • Triuwida

            A lot of people say the image of Harry Potter flying around on his broomstick is just CGI fantasy, but I was at Hogwarts for his finals against Slytherin. I know Harry Potter, our small town knows Harry Potter. Yes…this happened. No bs.

  • Troy

    WDBJ is my local news channel. I am very familiar with the shooter, the reporter & the camera man.
    This is not a false flag & they are not actors.
    I know the government does a lot of shady stuff but this is not fake.

    • If you can elaborate on that when you have more info Troy I’ll be all ears.

      • Troy

        There’s nothing to elaborate on. A crazy guy that’s been fired from several jobs & that has made racism accusations in an attempt to hide his inability to get along with his coworkers & who also claims that “Jehovah” told him to do it, killed those people.
        I am not a fan of how the government does things by no means & if I thought this was a false flag I would be shouting it from the rooftops.
        These people really died at the hands of a mentally unstable man.

        • Troy

          By now, you’ve probably heard about (and seen) the horrific shooting of reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward (below). The WDBJ-TV journalists were in the middle of conducting a live interview this morning when former employee Vester Lee Flanagan, who went by “Bryce Williams” on air, shot and killed them both.

          ABC is reporting that it received a 23-page fax from the shooter before he killed himself, in which he gives as his motivation the racism and homophobia he experienced as a gay black man and a directive to act from Jehovah (Flanagan was a Jehovah’s Witness):

          • Truthful searcher

            Give it up Troy you are on a site that wishes this to be a false flag deal. If you had your own video of the event they would be saying that was false and that you are working for them

          • Truthful searcher – if you can’t see the media & the politicians are creating a race war then I submit you should stop searching for the truth because you’re never going to find any.

          • Alexcia

            I have one question for you…if in fact it was Bryce…and these and ALL of his former coworkers were told to call 911 if they EVER spotted him…why was he less than 6 inches away from a woman he had past “issues of racism” and a man who would OBVIOUSLY recognize him if he in fact did call hr on him??? Don’t you think they would have been a little more cautious with a man they were prompted to call the police if he was ever around them? He was entirely TOO CLOSE and wore no mask for them not to see, recognize, and alert someone!

          • drgb

            A “gay, black Jehovah’s Witness”. Can’t get much more “minority” than that. I’m all for BANNING GUNS right after knives, swords, clubs, bricks, rocks, hatchets, pitchforks, arrows, piano wire, nylon stockings, armies, navies, air forces, drones, tyrants, the mentally ill (but then I repeat myself) are banned. John Lott, author of “More Guns, Less Crime” was a University of Chicago professor who set out to prove gun control was a good idea. After examining the facts, he has now taken a firm position against gun control. We have an inherent God-given right of self-defense. Guns level the playing field, and where restrictions are lifted, criminals tend to migrate to areas with strong restrictions. When asked why, most respond that they don’t like being shot by their intended victims or by-standers. But the primary reason for the Second Amendment is defense against a tyrannical government. Hard to think of a tyrant who didn’t precede a takeover with gun confiscation (Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Castro, etc.). Anyone advocating registration should be highly suspect. Wake up and see the big picture. And don’t let the numerous trolls posting affect you. That’s what they’re paid to do. Stay on point and stick with those nasty little pests known as FACTS.

          • Exactly Alexcia – there are way too many discrepancies which the media always ignore.

          • Very well said Drgb. This whole business about surrendering what is a last line of defense, in history has shown to be a precursor for the worst atrocities. While you are so right in saying those demanding new laws have to be treated with great skepticism I’d go further & say everyone involved should be arrested & placed on lie-detector machines because this would reveal their true plans which is to commit mass exterminations. They are traitors of the very worst sense.

          • m phillips

            I saw nothing in Troys comments to verify what he said.

          • Nor did I M. Phillips. For me the finger of guilt points squarely at politicians & media for even if this was a genuine shooting, what difference is this to the shocking way US police are gunning down innocent unarmed US civilians? I tell you the difference – MEDIA REACTION! It is so far removed from when the Police kill people I have no option but to believe this is all being instigated by Capitol Hill. Had the media once complained about how the police were indiscriminately killing US citizens I’d have looked upon their call for gun control with less trepidation.

        • Triuwida

          Turns out you were right Troy, you did have nothing to elaborate on.

    • virginiafakeshooting

      Did any of you morons even watch the clip of a 100lb skinny bitch taking 3 to the chest … and running away in heels??? LOL! So fake.

      • Nate

        Without a doubt the first bullet missed and wouldn’t be surprised the way he was waving the gun around if the next two did as well.

      • It is indeed incredible. Are there that many Zionist trolls? I think not. People really have been dumbed-down because what you say is 100% correct yet these people possess an uncanny ability to ignore blatant anomalies.

        • Triuwida

          Michael, I think the JIDF, etc hired a bunch of newbies for this.

          They’re everywhere, and they’re not very good at what they’re trying to do.

          If anything they’re helping the fence sitters see the Truth, with all their name calling and rude behaviour.

          This one is seriously blowing up in their faces.

          • You could be right. They’re telling so many lies you’ve got to be brain-dead to believe anything the media says. And good point about their vile language – this smacks of people void of any sound evidence

    • drgb

      Just got off the phone with someone wishing to remain anonymous but I know FOR A FACT is the brother-in-law of the second-cousin twice removed of the sister of Alison Parker’s hairdresser’s next-door neighbor, who claims she saw a light-skinned male wearing a man-purse “large enough to hold a couple of Glocks” leaving the vicinity of the shooting and entering what she believed to be a rental car. Being naturally suspicious, she followed him to Kinko’s, where she witnessed him paying to fax twenty-some pages, after which he continued to a Dunkin’ Doughnut shop, whereupon he purchased a large cup of medium-roast coffee, one cream/two sugars, and a half-dozen doughnuts, three with sprinkles, three without, all to go. She continued following him ’til he was pulled over by a cop (who moonlights on the Psychic Hotline) that somehow deduced in less than ten seconds his license plate reader was reading the plate of a car rented by a Vester Flanagan, using the alias of “Bryce Williams” and known to have been a frequent customer of Dunkin’ Doughnuts. We’ll never know if the cop was stopping him to see if he could commandeer some of the doughnuts, as Flanagan thought he had been caught and shot himself. The cop will surely be nominated by CNN for “OOTY”. As for the doughnuts……they were “taken into evidence” and have come up missing. As an aside, the woman admitted that her neighbor, Andy Parker, bears a strong resemblance to Robbie Parker of Sandy Hoax fame (Mr. Alligator tears). Alison’s brother??

      • Yes indeed. I find it astonishing how so many of these alleged killer/patsies that the authorities would love to kill end up conveniently committing suicide. Then there’s zero investigation. One only has to look at the outrageous murder of one of the Boston Bombers.

  • Jody nassour

    I don’t understand? So the father (who looks calm and controlled) agrees to an interview same day daughter is murdered? Boyfriend who is also calm talks about guns and mental illness, etc. as with Sandy Hook, parents were calm and gave calm interviews the next day….no tears….

    • DarenUnlimited

      I have only taken the briefest of looks at this situation but was immediately struck by the oddity of the newscasters gathering, on air, to share memories of their co workers who had just been murdered a few hours earlier by another co worker?! And they sit there and calmly discuss it, the very dame day?!

      • Indeed Daren – there are once again so many things that don’t sit right.

        • SlickRickRoll

          On air media personalities are sort of conditioned to suppress their emotions on air. It is how they are able to report horrific things while the rest of us would be very much affected by it. I have also lived through deaths in my years and I have noticed that people react very differently to death from person to person. There is such a tangle of emotions after a death. There is sadness, disbelief, anger, shock, emptiness, feeling numb, just going through motions (like people who go to work after a death of loved ones, its a way of coping). Anyone of these emotions can come to the forefront at any time. If anger is at the forefront, the placement of the emotions becomes focused on the issue that a wack job got a gun. I believe in false flags, I don’t think this is one. Reasoning, again, media personalities are conditioned to suppress emotion when they are on air. As for the arm being white, the shooter was light skinned black. See the following:

    • Absolutely right Jody. It’s almost as if the true perpetrators are doing this purposely to split the people. Those who are able to think for themselves find themselves rudely rounded upon by brainless morons who can’t see the wood from the trees. Quite how ordinary folk can’t register this inexplicable anomaly is beyond me. When a loved one is killed, we should see people who are distraught with sadness. What occurred at Sandy Hook was an effront & quite how the contemptible US media never raised these issues merely confirmed my belief – there are smart people – then there are the dumb, dumber & those with the brains of a rocking horse!

      • saturnx311

        The one thing that enraged me about the Sandy Hoax thing was that police dude coming on the mike right after he was inside the school, telling the parents the shootings that had happened just a short while before, were so horrible that he didn’t allow them to see their own children– and the parents acquiecse without a word????
        I’d yell at that fat cop and push past him, smash a window and be inside before he could do anything. Those parents didn’t know for all the world their child might be clinging to life inside that school.
        THAT for me was the first tell that this was all an act. An act by the “parents” and acting by the police.
        That is the frightening thing about Sandy Hook: that these people would conspire to perpetrate such a massive hoax on the world.
        And this is just one in a long line of phony things about the Sandy Hook false flag.
        Not to mention these damn “parents” collected– and are still collecting– what amounts to millions of dollars for a disgusting hoax.

        • The acting was so obvious. How anyone can believe the garbage being spewed out is beyond me but then this what happens when the media is so corrupt no other side of a story is ever presented. The very right to question any discrepancy, however large it may be, is strictly forbidden. Therefore it stands to reason all we’re going to get is a pack of lies

  • Greg K

    Check it out you ignorant motherfucker… how dare you call this a false flag. You have absolutely zero proof and you put this shit out? Do us all a favor and retire from citizen “journalism” while you’re ahead.

    Fuck you.

    Have you ever worked in television? Have you ever received death threats in a newsroom?

    I doubt it.

    Also, once you cite Infowhores, you lose the argument automatically.

    Once again, fuck you.

    • Veteran of America

      You called out infowar people, AMERICANS THAT WANT THE TRUTH?

      You will see no rules of composition, no evidence of superior technique. …. If you’re a patriot, it’s your duty to always question your government..

      “Keep the people ignorant and afraid and control and power becomes a detail – a self generating byproduct of the people’s hysteria.”

      you lost me at Jugging someone who is asking the ruff questions “is this true or not??? ” I have served my Country and have see what our government can and has done to its own people. If you know this person and they are dead I feel for you and your loss. I will pray for there family. But do not call people out for wanting to find out the truth.

      Do not be a Sheep Be someone who is not afraid to ask and question everything. I can tell you the Wolf is coming.

      • Thank you so much Veteran of America. Our duty is to question. However to be so dumb as to trust what this government says simply beggars belief. However TO BELIEVE THE ZIONIST CONTROLLED MEDIA? ALL THEY EVER DO IS LIE!

      • THANKS V of A for this excellent video. Over a year ago I wrote an article that outlined all the things this guy said in the video – I said DON’T ALLOW THE MEDIA TO MAKE THIS A RACE ISSUE. This is all about Divide & Conquer. You will find it in the Archives if yo so wish to have a read.

    • I don’t want to waste too much time on you Greg K for obvious reasons but as I said earlier – when a loved one is killed, we should see people who are distraught with sadness. What occurred at Sandy Hook was an effront & quite how the contemptible US media never raised these issues merely confirmed my belief – there are smart people – then there are the dumb, dumber & those with the brains of a rocking horse! You should know which group you belong to.

  • James Borden

    This was obviously not a false flag. The reason his hand looked whit is the same reason they put makeup on a person or persons before they go on video. Now saying this I believe there are false flags, but it is people like you who make the rest of us look like crazies because everything that happens you holler False Flag!!!!!!!

    • What can I say? You have your opinion – I have mine. For me the discrepancy between indiscriminate Police slaying of unarmed US citizens where the media say nothing & the sudden urge for gun control here is simply too vast. There’s no continuity.

    • Nothetruth

      So he put make up on to go kill someone please try again

      • Karen

        Ever heard of vitiligo for Pete’s sake? Have you never seen a black person with patches of white, particularly more common on the extremities. Try googling the name Chantelle Winnie to see how amazing her coloring is…she is a top model by the way. I can’t believe you grasp upon such flimsy so called evidence of a false flag.

      • To Nothetruth & Karen – Look whether he did the killing or not I cannot put my hand on my heart & say either way. I can do with 9/11 – that was obviously an operation planned & executed by Zionists in order to create Greater Israel. What we are seeing today proves this. What’s significant with this shooting in Virginia for me is the media’s reaction. Having pretty much supported the Police every time an unarmed US citizen was unceremoniously mowed down by over-zealous cops, the Zionists media were doing everything in their power to incite hatred among Blacks especially. There was no sympathy whatsoever for the dead citizen. Moreover there was no talk whatsoever of gun control with the Police. So what happens when the boot is on the other foot? The media suddenly undergoes a U-turn of such chronic proportions it beggars belief..Now for some one who is not aware of the 200 year old Rothschild Zionist plan to Divide & Conquer (which once again is exactly what’s happening) this will all seem pie-in-the-sky. Also considering Sandy Hook was such a set up job as was the Boston Marathon I’m frankly amazed anyone can believe anything the government or media says.

        • stevieb

          Exactly…also the type of comments that attack people for suggesting FF are remarkably similar – now they nearly ALL say they “believe” in FF – “but this isn’t one”. If I had a nickel evertime posters show up to these forums claiming to have “been there” or “worked in the same industry” or “know the victim” or the ‘shooter’ – I’d be rich.. I believe(now) that this likely was a FF or fictional event – and I’ve not even seen the video. Nor will I likely bother…

        • Kgvet

          Hard to believe that with all these professional crisis actors, that no one told them to make sure you have tears in your eyes. And that none of them even thought about it…

          • Nickster4Prez

            exactly. i want to disbelieve and then i want to believe it actually happened and move on. if i believe the whole ‘fake” theory then how can i even muster up the argument to my cohorts that even the ‘very terrible’ actors are in on it? i’m being sarcastic when i say, ‘actors’ in all of these false flags seem to be the biggest failures. they are ALWAYS the weakest link, or worst in going about portraying ‘normalcy’ and it’s these ‘behavior oddities’ that we conspiracy theorists magnetically gravitate to for plausible explanations. if our government was involved and could pull off many of the schemes dont you guys think that by now they would have learned to crisis act better? something is askew and i need answers on why the acting is so terrible if it is acting. i don’t want ANY responses that want to explain to me that people handle their emotions differently. I GET THAT! I have a minor in psychology i get that people are different and some are robots and many are crazy. so keep to my question as to WHY are the actors so bad in most of your so called ‘false’ flag theories?

          • Good points Nickster – I ask myself these questions all the time. If they’re doing it (which I believe they are), why make such a piss-poor job of it?

  • kjorcutt

    Really??? You think this is a fake story? I think you are an idiot for even addressing such issues when you were NOT there and did NOT see. That hand could be a black man’s hand just as easily as a whites. After all the accused was a light skinned man. Quit spinning the news to create havoc. We get enough of that from the ‘professionals’.

    • I’m spinning nothing. Can’t you see how the media are trying to create a race war? Haven’t you heard of the 200 year old Zionist policy to Divide & Conquer?

      • chris s.

        you’re an idiot. the shooter was a light-skinned black man, and there is footage caught on camera by the assailant himself, a confessional video. and a final shot by a camera man.

        stop trying to look for a conspiracy where there isn’t one unless you have solid facts that contradict what has already been established. the burden of proof rests on the one making the assumptions, yet i see no concrete evidence behind your sensationalist claims.

        • Oh but it’s alright for the US media to lie continuously for a whole year saying Saddam had WMD’s when all along they knew he didn’t! 2 million people have died as a result- oh but let’s not go into the deliberate lies by Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle & Douglas Feith. We mustn’t mention how their lies have killed all these people. Oh but me, after seeing the shenanigans of 9/11, the Boston Bombing & Sandy Hook & all the incessant lies of the media, I must have solid facts to even talk! Can’t you see you’re being played?

    • Thirdeyebnopen

      So y r u mad? U just answered ur own opinion!

    • Alexcia


  • Christina

    As a friend of Alison, this shooting was not at all fake. She is gone. I do believe that Virgina State Police and the media have skewed the facts to make the story fit what they want to. Yes, the shooter was white. They also originally released a different suspect name before coming to say it was Vester. They want to skew everything to be racial and to promote their gun control bs. But I assure you. The shooting was not a hoax.

    • Anonymous

      So I watched the video over and over and over and frame by frame by frame. She see’s him when he walks up. She turns towards him and then turns away. How the cameraman and the lady getting interviewed didn’t see or hear him walking(you can clearly hear him walking on the hard wood) I’ll never understand.

      If he waited 2 years to do this then how did he know exactly where they would be conducting the interview? Why would he wait 2 years for this?

    • I’m sorry you’ve lost you’re friend Christina but I’m not suggesting this awful event did not take place. What I’m saying is these people were earmarked for death by those who have a vested interest to usher in gun laws ie the Zionist media & the Zionist controlled politicians. i know it sounds awful but I’m merely writing what I believe is the truth. I have no interest in lying because I only care for the truth. The fact is your friend was just another innocent soul who was murdered by true power-brokers.

    • Alexcia

      How do you know the killer was white??? And even if that was your friend…how do YOU know what happened if you weren’t there? So it wasn’t BRYCE WILLIAMS? Please tell me how you know this? I’m sure we’d all love to hear…

  • Carolyn Thomas

    This article is faux reporting just like you. And Hilary is right we need tough gun law’s .Cause the next crazy person with a gun could be gunning down your kids. This is happening to much we got to do something. God have mrtcy.

  • Jack

    False flag or not it will be used to push gun control and when they try to take them there will be action

  • L

    Wake up.. It is so incredibly obvious that I cannot believe the real human American people can stand it any more. I’m in Australia and I can see through this. They didn’t get a bite out of the black white bs of charleston shooting, so they have just kept going and going and going with whatever they can to take your guns and call marshal law. They even managed a shooting at the screening of a film with Australian Rebel Wilson, and then very quickly plastered her all over the news saying she supports gun control like in Australia. How convenient. All I ever see is paid stage actors in the news about America, and the actual American public all standing behind a yellow line watching the little play being acted out in front of them. This is the final step for me. Don’t let them do to u what they already have done to us. They disarmed Australia, now they are going to do it to u. And they will succeed unless The Real American People stand strong and United, without the violence the government and Elite want. And Australians that are seeing what’s happening to u guys will stand with u..

    • Emily

      Not all of us Americans are asleep and blind to this. Our government is sinister and corrupt, and trust me, they want our weapons. It will start with the guns, as our rights are taken daily through fear mongering tactics, the patriot act initiated all of this. Watching the video initially, I turned it off after the first shot. That’s what the government wanted people to do. To see just enough, to believe it. And it worked. After a bit I went back because I was skeptical. And now there is not a doubt in my mind that this is another false flag scare tactic towards total arms removal. That reporter wasn’t shot. They never addressed where she was allegedly shot or how she died. There’s no way the lady being interviewed would be able to avert her eyes from a big man walking up to them, the camera man and his producer girlfriend were both on their LAST day of work there to move to an undisclosed location and get married. How convenient. She was the only person in all of this that gave me any glimmer of hope that this wasn’t staged,
      Americans are dumb, lazy, fat, distracted, obsessed with all the wrong things, and have allowed our government, which is ran by corporations to royally fuck us, I fear what you were talking about happening in Australia will be on the horizon. And it’s very frightening,

      • Anonymous

        Couldn’t agree more

      • Anon

        100% agreed!

      • THANK YOU EMILY. All you fools who think I have an ulterior motive should read Emily’s comment. If you have an open mind you’re guaranteed to learn something! This is a war against us. The wealthiest people own the media. The media NEVER tells you the truth & whether you like it or not, some of you better start asking why arch Zionist Michael Chertoff had 800+ Fema camps built up & down America; yes the same man who had the Dancing Israelis released! You also would go far if you questioned why such heinous acts like the (un)Patriot & NDA Acts were ever passed & why another arch Zionist Diane Feinstein, who has armed guards surrounding her & her family 24 hours a day, WANTS TO TAKE AWAY YOUR GUNS! This is not a conspiracy you idiots – I’m trying to mark your card. Give up your guns at your peril. Whoever says we want your guns is effectively saying “WE WANT TO HAVE THE OPTION TO KILL YOU!”

      • SGT Hazard

        Thanks Emily for some sanity. Anyone with half a brain can do the math if they’re sharp enough- 17 intelligence agencies and 6 corporate media out;lets. Who’s winning? On top of that, the facts were shared throughout history. Teddy Roosevelt stated he was sure an invisible government was being formed. Felix Frankfurter, supreme court justice in the ’50’s said there was a shadow government. Daniel Inouye D-Hawaii in the legislature said a shadow government with it’s own agenda, Air Force, Navy etc. exists. What is presented to the US population is a ceremonial government, behind the curtain exists the evil controllers with their false flag events, greed & power grabbing. Elvis said “when you talk to people about things they don’t understand, they think you’re crazy”. The masses have no understanding so the truth appears crazy. Chris Hurst tweeted his love & devotion for his lost fiance 12 minutes before the attack that allegedly took her life. Loose ends that very few can see. It’s a backwards world with an obscenely corrupt power structure that reveals it’s evil more and more without regard to the people & their welfare.

        • Yes indeed SGT Hazard. The point you make about the uninitiated thinking you’re crazy just because they don’t know what you know is some quirk of Nature! I’m not so sure ignorance is bliss; having a functioning brain can be a pain in the arse though..

    • Absolutely right L. For the life of me quite how people can’t see the Zionist controlled media is simply trying to set American against American is beyond me. It is so obvious as you so rightly say.

    • Aidan Little

      Dont you worry love , coming from an Aussie this is what i have to say:. We are armed and we are ready and not blind to any of this bullshit that is being played out around the world and in our own country. Dont be fooled by the CBD areas and ethnic communities. When it comes down to it you will find there are MILLIONS of us 🙂

      Watch the news or the real footage of Bendigo AUSTRALIA this week 🙂

  • s

    youtube took down your video, please upload it here or someplace where it won’t be removed

  • Anon2

    Michael- I will say at first the hand did look white in a few videos that I saw but as I found other videos it clearly was a darker color (albeit lighter black skin)… The alleged shooter was a light skinned black man. Would it be so hard for someone to alter the lighting on a video to create a conspiracy theory?? I think not… And yes I’m sure you will say that videos can be darkened as well…but this guy posted his first person video to his social media page, faxed statements of intent to ABC, and then took his own life… Are u saying that all of this was staged and now two white ppl aren’t really dead? The whole idea of this situation being a false flag is absolutely bogus. I’m not saying false flags don’t exist but this sure isn’t an example of one….yes politicians will use this for their gain, that’s what they do. And as far as how people react to the loss of loved ones, everyone is different. The strength that some show in public may very well be a front and you don’t know the pain and suffering that they feel inside. These people and their significant others all worked in media–they are trained to show strength in the face of adversity…Can the media twists stories? Of course and they certainly do at times… but this story was real and unfortunately racial issues were linked to the gunman’s motive…

    • Anon2 – I wish all those who disagree with my view would take heed at how the exemplary manner in which Anon2 has made his or her case. There is no need whatsoever for personal insults & profanities.

      Your first point – I agree Color of the skin & the fact videos can be doctored – for sure but this works both ways. I’m swayed to believing what I do because of the appalling track record of the government & the media.
      As regards to his actions this is the problem of having a media entirely Zionist owned. We hear only what they want us to hear, so who knows what is what, what was said, what was done? While I have no reason to mistrust what you say, this guy sure did a lot before he killed himself. I know what it’s like uploading & downloading, faxing, writing on social media. It can be an arduous task. I find it somewhat dubious that a person can do all this knowing he’s going to take his own life.
      a 3rd point is I never once stated weather these people are dead or alive. Once again by having such a criminal government & media, how can we know anything for sure. However I’m not sure why anyone thinks that I think these two people aren’t dead. I believe they are dead.
      a 4th point – while I accept people behave differently, with genuine fatalities unbridled grief & sorrow is usually the norm. Of course there’s exceptions to every rule but after seeing those ‘parents’ at Sandy Hook why should I give the media the benefit of the doubt?
      Other than that you make an excellent case as I believe I do. There are definitely grey areas. However, what worries me more than anything else is why are these videos being taken down. What don’t they want us to see? Go back to 9/11 at the Pentagon & quite why there’s any doubt that no passenger plane could have ever smashed into the Pentagon is done to the fact that within 5 minutes of the attack FBI men were plotted up at the Pentagon, all set to remove the video footage from 34 CCTV cameras. No building in the world at the time had more cameras surrounding it. Of course it’s a moot point indeed that the FBI was there in the first place but quite why the public is not allowed to see what happened is criminal. Needless to say victims families have been campaigning for almost 14 years to have the CCTV footage released. The media never mentions their efforts & they are still trying. HOW CAN ANYONE DEEM THIS FOOTAGE IS NOT FOR OUR EYES? Apart from the fact it would prove a cruise missile was fired specifically into the Budget Analyst Office, (which inexplicably was not evacuated) where 100+ accountants were trying to locate the $2.3 TRILLION Rabbi Dov Zakheim had transferred to Israel, what earthly reason could they have to not allow the public to see the footage? so.;…… why the rush to remove these videos? This question cannot remain unanswered.

  • Karen

    The simply moronic idea that the man was white (based on the video showing his hand), is grasping at straws to the point of lunacy. There are lots of black people who have lighter hands and feet, and not just the palms or soles. There is also a condition called vitiligo, try looking it up…btw, a beautiful model named Chantelle Winnie has the most amazing white and black skin. It could also just be the fact that this monster was light skinned to begin with, and then the possible effect of the lighting with the camera shot thrown in.

    The idea that the involved people did not show sufficient grief for this to be real is just downright offensive. How dare you to even surmise such a thing. BTW, perhaps you people are just to dense to actually see emotion unless it is overtly displayed. Personally, I saw professionals doing their best to carry on, but the underlying grief was there to be plainly seen, and also to be heard.

    The laughable ‘evidence’ of the quick responses, i.e., Hillary, Wolf, etc., , is nothing more than the usual modus operandi of never let a crisis go to waste…as lacking as it is in showing good grace.

    As long as I am mentioning the lack of good grace – You people are beyond appalling. Let these poor souls rest in peace, and their loved ones alone to grieve in peace.

    • What just like the victims of 9/11? You think they’ve got closure Karen? Perhaps you can explain to me why these videos are being removed. Moreover IT IS NOT JUST THIS ONE EVENT! There have been several false flags. Why should I suddenly believe you? I think you are a disgrace telling people who disagree with you “You people are beyond appalling!” You have no right. And to think you’re defending a pathological liar like Wolf Blitzer is beyond the pale.

      • Candi

        I agree with everything you have stated. Also…don’t you think the government is so blase in hoe they stage these things because they’re just stitting back laughing at us? They know that the sheep of this country consider “conspiracy theorists” nutjobs. I think they do stuff on purpose just to poke fun at us. The bad acting…the little hints. …

    • Triuwida

      If anyone is wondering why we have posters like the one above, stinking up comments sections with their ridicule and personal attacks, Google “JIDF”.

      ‘Nuff said

  • davis84

    The issue in the event in question here has more to do with the bigger picture than grasping at straw man logic to disprove conspiracy claims. Opinions aside, it most likely is a cospiracy, whether it is or is not a hoax. To blindly assume it could not be a conspiracy is as ludicrous as blindly assuming it is a hoax. The only evidence you need of a broader agenda against gun control is your common sense at this point. We are at the disposal of the bigger busineas and political interests whether you like it or not. Conversely you can choose then path of people afflicted with pollyanna syndrome and make up lies to get you through the day and pretend that these things just happen. People get shot and killed every day, the real question here is why do we hear abouy some stories and not others.

    • frikkie botes

      All routes must be followed especially when we know the media play gun tricks on us

    • THANK YOU Davis84 – another superb reply. as I just said in replying to the previous comment – THE BIGGER PICTURE! I not only refuse to believe anything Wolf Blitzer says; I now apply a rule – whatever he says, I BELIEVE THE EXACT OPPOSITE! I’ve arrived at this situation because of CNN & their incessant lies. The very fact many of my detractors simply hurl insults & nothing much else shows their argument is a tenuous one.

  • frikkie botes

    When i saw the clip i immediately started looking for a hoax page because the 2 women completely ignored the gunman and when he started shooting she started shouting , the first bullet must have knocked her off her feet and she must have dived down, instead she started running then the cellphone went dead. The cameramans camera on his footage does not correspond to the shooting at all . This sounds to me like a boston bombing and schoolshooting hoax as well .

    • I agree Frikkie – this was strange to say the least. Then when you add all the other things, even though a few people here have left some fine comments disagreeing with my view, I err on the side of false flag. The emergence of the gun debate was way too contrived but what does it for me, Blitzer never says a word about gun control when Policeman indiscriminately kill unarmed civilians. Do not give up your guns.

  • Little Angel

    Does anyone else find it interesting this happened the day after the stock market crashed, and the same time Hillary blames her own daughter for sweeping her hard drives clean due to postpartum depression? “PAY NO ATTENTION TO THE MAN BEHIND THE CURTAIN!”

  • Gareth

    Ok so some of you think this isnt a false flag … now im in australia and thought it was real till i noticed a few things

    1. she looked at the shooter for a very brief second

    2 the camera man so happened to be looking away

    3 there is a suspicious black item on the reporters left leg just below her skirt

    4 there in no bullet point of entry in either of the shots

    5 no kind of human reaction to the supposed impact of various bullets to the reporter

    6 screaming and running (in high heals) for over 5 seconds after getting shot at very close range is a clear indication of a false flag

    7 the man is claimed to be black but the hands in the video are clearly white !

    • BMill

      Gareth, I won’t speak for most of your argument because, quite frankly, I’m sure there’s no way that I’ll change your mind. But I will speak for number 3. Reporters, mainly female reporters, wear that suspicious black item all the time around their leg. It’s a device so they can hear the people in the control room back at the station to talk to them. You see it here because the full body shot is shown, but normally on TV they crop it so it doesn’t show.

      And no, I’m not turning this into a gender issue, it’s just that usually males are wearing something with pockets, so they put it in there. Females don’t normally have a pocket, so they need to secure it in another way, usually with a velcro strap around their leg.

    • I go along with all you say Gareth. Thanks mate

  • Sean

    To those of you that think this is fake. You are a bunch of fucking morons!!!! A day after these reporters are murdered you start this shit. There is no reason for this to be a hoax. All you whining ass bitches should leave this country only then we can make it better. YOU STUPID ASS MORONS SHOULD SHUT THE HELL UP

    • Triuwida

      Another member of the shekels brigade strikes again! Ad hominems and strawman arguments are all the JIDF really has.

      And they are really out in force over this “shooting”. Must have hired a bunch of newbies for this because they haven’t seemed to master the strawman, and are relying heavily on the ad hominems.

      Frankly they aren’t convincing anyone who has in interest in learning the Truth.

    • Sean – as soon as I know how to bar you – YOU WILL BE BARRED!

      • JP

        I am as skeptical as anyone in this world. Especially when it comes to virgin births and Egotistical self server higher powers. But this is like an argument the NBA and NFL are systematically rigged. If this were fake do you have any fucking idea how many people would have to be in on it???? The victims, the victims families, the shooter, the shooters family and about a couple hundred of people they know. Come on Man!!!!!

        • Triuwida

          It’s fake, the lacking of spent shell casings gives it away. And the very unrealistic reaction of the reporter and lack of any visible impact of bullets on her body.

          Plus the now DOZENS of other things about this event which aren’t believable.

          Yes, many people are in on it. Funny how taking control of the money supplies of the largest economies on Earth gives you almost unlimited power to buy people off. And to pay people to post endlessly on forums in a pointless attempt to cloud the issue.

  • Daryl McCullough

    You are the stupidest person in existence. Really.

    The idea that someone would stage a shooting in order to get gun-control legislation passed is mind-bogglingly stupid to start with. 5 seconds thought should indicate how stupid it is. But then to apply this stupid idea to this particular shooting raises the stupidity level 100-fold.

    There have been 247 mass shootings in the US this year alone. Why would anyone think that having these two people shot (or pretending to have these people shot, whatever your idiotic theory is) would make a difference when 247 other shootings did not. When children being killed at Sandy Hook did not? When people shot while watching a movie in Aurora, Colorado or Lafayette, Louisiana did not? When church-goers getting shot in Charleston, South Carolina did not?

    You are so stupid, it hurts.

    • Triuwida

      What is interesting is there have been dozens of posts like yours Daryl, all in support of the idea that his shooting is real, and not a single one of you can state your case without resorting to name calling, ridicule, and other forms of ad hominem attacks.

      That’s contrasted by the factual basis presented by those saying they think this is a hoax. Who for some reason all are capable of stating their case without insulting others.

      ’nuff said

      • You took the words right out of my mouth Triuwida. These idiots have no facts – just bile! Soon we will not have to put up with these fools.

      • De

        What I noticed the very 1st time I watched it right after the news. I thought “how come theres not any people there? If this was a big announcement nobody there? It was awful quiet. Then this guy comes in with a gun? None of the 3 noticed him or heard him walk up? Come on….how foolish do they think we are? I guess theres a lot of foolish people out there that think were crazy for bringing up the obvious. Just ignore those people. They will never get it. Its like trying to argue with a drunk. You cant

  • Mike

    I’m not sure how to comment to be honest. I guess I simply have questions. What is the end game again? Gun control? Who exactly are these events “staged” for in that case? The thinking here is that the government is inching us toward a tipping point where everyone agrees we need full out gun control so they can exterminate us more easily? Just keep inching our way there with one act of very public violence after another? All due respect here, and I sincerely mean that, I find it much more plausible that a disgruntled ex employee with an ax to grind showed up and murdered two people. I watched his film, that screenshot does indeed look like a white hand, in fact I thought it was until the news came out that he was black, once I heard that I watched it again and indeed, upon closer inspection it is definitely a light skinned black hand and does not appear to have any vitiligo. To make this leap that this was staged and after reading some of the comments above I’d have to say first that how people are shot and killed in the movies is not how they are in real life. You don’t drop on the spot unless it is a full on head shot and the brain cannot send signals. Body shots like that do not leave obvious entry wounds immediately, and adrenaline and shock absolutely explain why she ran off like she did. I imagine she did not get that far but nothing at all looked fake or staged. I did not see the reporter look at the shooter either and if she did a split second glance she obviously did not process that there was a man there about to shoot her. It seems to me that there really isn’t anything so curious or strange in this story, except for the tragic murder of people on live television, that warrants applying a corrupt government bent on exterminating it’s people (and thereby reducing their revenue stream – Ha!) conspiracy to it. Tell me why I should re-examine this again?

    You would have to be an expert on lighting, the shooters actual skin tone in several different lighting situations, live broadcast news reporting, entry wounds, reactions to body shots and how long the brain and body function the best they can in an injured flight scenario, exactly which organs were affected and to what degree and the effects of adrenaline just for starters before you could make the claims you are making. Just being reasonably thoughtful here and not trying to war with anyone or insult anyone, just using reason.

    Why not start with the most plausible explanation and work from there? It seems to me that most of the folks I’ve seen comment are doing the opposite, starting with the mentality that this is fake and government controlled and looking for anything that supports that theory and unfortunately, they are all a bit of a stretch. I hope nobody actually looks a Sandy Hook parent in the eye and says your dead kid was a false flag. That seems a bit insensitive to me. Again, not trying to insult anyone, I’m just having a hard time processing this leap.

  • davis84

    I cannot speak for anyone else of course, but do offer input for whatever that is worth. Mike, you seem like a thought full and intelligent person but I think you are missingthe point of the broader picture. Consider the notion that someone is not saying this event is not tragic or fake. But that the media twists it to use for their advantage and ergo their agenda. If you personally believe that a weapon has an agenda then OK, it is in black and white in the constitution that government shall not infrindge onour rights in this manner. I hope you are not naive enough to believe everything that is crammed down your throat!

    • Mike

      Davis84, thank you.

      I absolutely believe the media has an agenda, gun control is but one of their causes. Regardless of your political affiliation, if you are being intellectually honest with yourself, it is obvious to even the casual observer that the media is largely progressive/liberal. That said, to me, we are talking about two entirely different things. I just don’t see how this event is/was faked and for what reason. Believing that this event, 9-11, Sandy Hook etc. either did not happen, or were orchestrated by a government who can’t build a website, fund and run a VA or effectively run a postal service is just too unrealistic and that word is far too conservative for the claims being made here. I can’t comprehend the ways in which sound logic is abandoned to connect those dots.

      I am not in favor of any regulation be it business or personal freedom based which makes either of them more difficult or less profitable or more dangerous. Additional gun control laws will not work and there is plentiful and indisputable evidence of that fact, i.e. Chicago for instance.

      I still don’t understand how this was staged. Simple logistical issues of surviving participants are enough to make this absolutely impossible and completely implausible even if you believe strongly in a governmental motive, which I do not. It is evidence enough for me that we have had the president we’ve had the last six and a half years that events like this aren’t necessary to achieve the goals of progressive liberals, which are not nearly as nefarious in their minds as some would claim (I would imagine). i.e. people who believe in gun control to the point of banning them largely think that would be a good thing, certainly they don’t think this way because the goal is for an elite few to exterminate the rest of us. What they want is an end to gun violence, which is what any reasonable and sane person wants They just get there down a different path. I believe that is a short sighted and misinformed path to be sure, but the end game is a thing we all want, for innocent people to not die a violent and unnecessary death.. Even if I play the game and start rational thinking on this situation by assuming the government did this to continue down the path of gun control legislation, I’d have to think that far too many people would be coming to an already massively populated side of reason and saying, wait a minute, you take away any gun I might have how will I protect myself? That would be entirely counter productive to my agenda would it not? For the record I am a republican from New England.

      • Triuwida

        Simply look at the facts, and leave the conjecture, such as “this is implausible”, out of it.


        – the shooter’s hand is white! lol. In the early videos anyway, the hand is getting darker now that the cat is out of the bag. A la George Zimmerman.

        – as the “gunman” is approaching the “interview”, the cameraman isn’t even filming it. The camera isn’t pointed in their direction but rather off to the right.

        – no spent shell casings ejected from the Glock (case closed)

        – the reaction of the reporter isn’t at all believable. Yes she turns a little bit in reaction to the first shot, but when a real firearm is discharged close by unexpectedly, there is a natural involuntary reaction that affects the entire upper body. If you doubt this, go to a gun range this weekend! Stand close to a shooter, without ear protection, and see how much that first shot makes you jump.

        – no visible impact on the reporters body from shots supposedly fir3d at close range. There are many videos online of people really being shot, compare those to this and there’s no doubt that this reporter was not actually shot.

        – CNN seemed to mix up their storylines yesterday. Nancy Grace was going on and on about a trial and possible death penalty even after they had announced the shooter had shot himself. I’m not sure when he allegedly died but they did all this after I had heard the news that the shooter had killed himself. And the whole thing was very odd, almost like they had no thought to what they were saying and were just reading from a script.

        – Just like Sandy Hooks and the church “shootings”, supposed loved ones of the victims are smiling and showing absolutely no sign of grief. A la Robbie Parker. It’s not remotely believable, just really bad acting.

        And the evidence will continue to mount, they never do these hoaxes very well. It seems to be intentional.

  • Lee

    I found this thread because my immediate thought was false flag to aid in the banning of guns in the States. I am a UK citizen however.

    But that said, if this was a false flag, what is a well known reporter now going to do? Disappear, get a job at a different network with a new identity?

    I would have believed it more if it was a random citizen shooting at randomly at the public…. the fact all involved are colleagues from a specific place makes me think how could this possibly be a hoax?

    Im all for wanting to know the truths of the politicians such as 9/11 and the boston bombings etc but this one just seems a little too close and personal to the network and town for it to be swept away so easily.

  • Lee

    I found this thread because my immediate thought was false flag to aid in the banning of guns in the States. I am a UK citizen however.

    But that said, if this was a false flag, what is a well known reporter now going to do? Disappear, get a job at a different network with a new identity?

    I would have believed it more if it was a random citizen shooting at randomly at the public…. the fact all involved are colleagues from a specific place makes me think how could this possibly be a hoax?

    Im all for wanting to know the truths of the politicians such as 9/11 and the boston bombings etc but this one just seems a little too close and personal to the network and town for it to be swept away so easily.

  • Only one with common sense

    You guys ARE fucking crazy, make no doubt about it. It happened on LIVE TV. Different people react differently to grief. Anyone with half a brain knows that. This lady was a reporter. She had been working there on air for years. Her face is now plastered all over the world. Do you think they hired actors, paid them for years just to fake a shooting. You are as dumb as a bag of rocks. Please tell me where all these actors come from and go to? Nobody has come out and said I was a paid actor or my friend or brother was, I saw him on NAtional news and that’s not who that is… You are a disgrace. You continuously deny evedence and people who were there and defend yourself with thinly made up scenerios. You disgust me and the memory of those that are hurting. An last, of course people are going to come out about gun rights after something like this, people were murdered by a guy with a gun on television moron.
    Firefighters come to your house because it’s on fire, not fire starts at your house because firefighters are coming idiot.

  • Amy

    To say this was a hoax is so disrespectful to the people who died, their families, friends, and those of us who knew them and saw this happen on live tv. I was sitting in my living room with my son waiting for his bus watching WDBJ7 like we do every morning. The story seemed like a dull fluff piece and then suddenly it turned into a horror scene right in front of myself, my 9 year old son and everyone else who was watching yesterday morning. I went to high school with Adam, his father was my guidance counselor in high school, my uncle was Adam’s drivers ed teacher. These were real people. Vester or Bryce or whatever you want to call him worked with many friends of mine at United Health Care, a company I worked for for 6 years. He was a light skinned black man, as you can see from his photos with his freckles showing on his face. So the claim that the video pictured a person that was white is ridiculous. I am a gun owner, and I don’t believe having more gun control would’ve prevented this. I was livid when the white house used Alison and Adams deaths as a political stand for gun control, not even mentioning their names or condolences to the families. So if you want to say that the government will spin this tragedy to suit their agenda then that’s fine because it’s probably true because the government always does what suits the government. But don’t you dare call this a hoax, that implies that it didn’t happen at all. If you saw our local news station which has been running stories all day yesterday and today about Adam and Alison, you’d see that not once are they taking about gun control or black vs white. There is no agenda here. We are mourning the loss of friends and family and trying to honor their memory.

  • T

    I’ve watched the video of the “shooting” several times. I noticed the first time, that the lady interviewing who was shot and killed looked over her shoulder in the beginning, and still continued to report. I kept watching it to make sure I was not just seeing things. Maybe I am, Maybe I am not. Does anyone else see it?

  • SnuffAGlobalist

    I have an attorney friend who lost his 21 year old son in a car accident. I can tell you that he was in no condition to do TV interviews the day that it happened, nor, talk to anyone but family and close friends, then, the next day, the next week, or, the next month after.

    The video of the emotionless “boyfriend” and alleged father, is telling Neither look as if they have been grieving, and crying all day, as would be expected, if your girlfriend, who had just moved in, or, your 24 year old daughter who would eventually give you grand babies, had just been horribly murdered.

    No emotion, at all from either. The boyfriend looks as if he would cry if his favorite on Dancing with the Stars was kicked off, and the father looks to be a Bernie Sanders supporter who would wear his emotions on his sleeve, but not a tear from either. No blood shot eyes, no forlorn look on their faces, no tremble in their voices, nothing.

    See for yourself….

    Not always, but in a static shoot like the interview at the lake, the camera would be on a tripod to prevent shake, especially if it were a live shot. Not saying, but that is my experience.

    What are the Vegas odds that the camera would fall in such a manner that it would capture the image of the alleged shooter?

    The ramp that the shooter would have walked down was in the full view of the reporter and, more apparent, the chamber of commerce woman being interviewed. If they are alone out there at 6:30 ish in the morning, how is it that neither took notice of a person coming down the ramp, with his hand extended? His size, and his hand extended, shooting video with his phone, would be a big target in peripheral vision, especially for the chamber woman. Why is it that she did not even cast a quick glance in his direction? You could say that the reporter was intent on her interview, but the chamber woman not looking in his direction does raise a question for me.

    Where Flannigan was allegedly stopped is almost 3 hours, about 190 miles from Roanoke, How was it that a BBC news crew was in the area, so far away from the point of the shooting in the Roanoke area? From the time that, P.M. Neff, the female VA trooper allegedly entered the license plate of the rental that Flannigan was allegedly driving into the license plate reader in her cruiser to the time that Flannigan was allegedly stopped, was about ten minutes.

    SO, how is it that a BBC news crew was three hours from Roanoke on I-66 at mile marker 17 and able to FILM THE ACTUAL CRASH of the Flannigan vehicle, when the pursuit, if you could call it that, was only ten minutes, or, less in length?

    How was it that the BBC News crew was there to film the crash, but, more importantly, WHY did the VA State Police FORCE the BBC news crew to erase the film that they had shot?

    What did they think was on the BBC film footage that the VA State Police did not want released?

    ABC news allegedly received a fax from the alleged shooter, Flannigan. There should be a phone number at the top of the fax, or, in memory to denote from where the fax was sent. If it had been stripped off the fax, then, phone company could compare the date stamp to incoming fax calls on that line, and come up with the originating fax number. From what number was this 23 “manifesto” sent?

    The Emotionless father and boyfriend, an immediate anti-gun rant from the VA Governor, Hilary and others, and the on message, near script, talking point anti gun rants by the boyfriend and the non-grieving father, are very suspect, in my opinion, as is the forced erasure of the BBC news crew footage of the alleged crash of Flannigan’s vehicle.

  • Sandy

    Have you ever noticed when shootings are reported, the anchors always say he was shot so many times in the shoulder, back, head, leg, etc. That’s a detail that is omnipresent in shooting homicides reported by news people, but I never heard that about this one. I heard he used hallow point bullets which means that there would be a lot blood right away, like splattered, but that didn’t happen. I know if I was psychotic and thought iphone videoing the murders was a good idea, I for sure would have videoed their dead bleeding bodies, and that didn’t happen. But really the dad and boyfriend appearing on the news hours after her death to calmly state that they will lobby for increased gun restrictions for mentally ill gun buyers. Uhhhhhh, yeah that’s what would be on my mind if my 24 year old daughter was gunned down in the prime of her life.

  • Amy says:
    “To say this was a hoax is so disrespectful to the people who died, their families, friends, and those of us who knew them….”

    WRONG… what is disrespectful is going around attacking people and acting like an ass & putting others down that are trying to find the complete truth of this, whatever the truth(s) may be…. going after anyone willing to explore any rabbit hole (dead end or not) that is one YOU don’t approve!!!


    Charleston Shootings – What Needs To Be Said

    Doing what people like you are doing, to people whom are just trying to find all the answers instead of accepting blindly what is fed to us nor just going with what it appears must be the case, that is what is disrespectful (and shameful)!!! It should be very appreciated by those you claim it’s disrespectful to that people are willing to explore areas that are not liked by the majority just to see if there is any truth in those areas to be had!!!

    You want to stop others from seeking possibility for answers if those POSSIBLE answers make YOU feel uncomfortable. That is beyond disrespectful of you to be doing! You should be thanking people for willing to look into possibilities for answers regarding the victims that they know they will be ridiculed for doing!

    • JP

      Do your realize how many people would have to be in on the conspiracy. If the victims were not killed, The shooter was not the shooter. All the family members are in on it. All the employees of the station are in on it. All of these consipirators are laughing in some large rented house saying “We did it!!!! We have put a huge kink in the opposition of gun control!!!”……… FYI : jesus and santa clause are disappointed in you

  • Louis L

    This whole thing stinks to high heaven.

    Just the fact that all of the so-called friends, lovers and family of these ‘deceased’ people act like hardly anything happened. That’s NOT how people react when their loved ones die. Just like at Sandy Hook.

    Just found numerous photos of the ‘dead’ lady and her odd ‘lover.’ One of them shows she and her lover being bloodied up for a crisis actor meeting. Not weird at all. Nope. Just turn your eyes away. Saw it on the Daily Mail story of this occurrence.

    I have seen worse acting at the Boston SmokeBombaThon

  • Cass

    First: Where is the look of recognition from this reporter? If she knew him, wouldn’t there had been some kind of reaction? Something?

    Second: I am pretty sure if you saw a gun staring you in the face, a look of horror and sheer panic would appear on your face. I didn’t really see her react with horror, panic or fear. (To be sure the look of horror and disbelief was certainly on the lady in the newsroom who they cut back to, now that was a real reaction) And to the poster who said go to gun range, yep, go to the gun range!! Let me know how you react when you hear any weapon at close range without ear protection on, not fun.

    Third: I at first thought wow this is real, till I saw the interview with dad and bf.. Then I did a 180 and realized that their response was controlled, scripted and a bit to endearing. Really carry on the news.. Let’s go talk to some real family members whose husbands, brothers, wives, or children were shot down, they are not in their right mind, nor do they talk in such a controlled way… They are in shock and are deeply hurting. So I really do think this is a red flag.

    And let’s say these news people who I think one of them was about to switch careers were
    commissioned to take part in this hoax for the good of America.. They actually could disappear without a trace. This is the land of hoaxes and lies, so they sure as hell could find escape and still be with family and friends.

    Okay that is my take

  • frank

    Troy is part of the hoax, trying to convince everyone this is real. THIS IS NOT REAL. Everytime something horrific happens the US government does something really tragic, like 9/11 and the virginia reporters shooting, most recently because they want to pass gun control laws, and what better way to push it than this. I knew something like this was going to happen and i was almost sure it was going to be fergusons fault. but sheesh, they could no longer control that fire. Anyways ive seen both videos, and right from the get-go i sensed it was fake. On the video where he “records himself” his hand is white, and the dude they are blaming is black.. wtf, wake up people.

  • Kristopher L.

    Chris Hurst posted on his twitter that he was sad his girl friend was killed 12 minuets before she was killed.

  • johnc

    You conspiracy people are mentally ill to believe that the Menota shootings were fake. Alison was my first cousin. The family is crushed beyond words. Damn you all.

  • willy

    Just saw supposed girls father talking gun control and crying but NO TEARS!!!

    This is another disgusting event!!!!!! Progressive gun control Satanists!!

  • Triuwida

    Here’s a long list of all the discrepancies related to this hoax shooting. Check the comments section for even more.

  • WorseThanWeThought

    My mind is completly blown that this incredibly obvious STAGED shooting is universally reported as legitimate.

    Whatever. I’m never paying taxes again. Fuck this sickening satanic system and the psychopathic tribe that runs the perverted spectacle.

  • Kal

    Vester Lee Flanagan (the shooter) CHANGED CLOTHES during the Roanoake “LIVE TV” shooting hoax.


  • Fonzie

    Let’s forget about YouTube start uploading on Vimeo all over the place. YouTube has proven what they are and we don’t need them.

  • Hi! Quick question that’s completely off topic. Do you know how to make your site mobile friendly? My blog looks weird when viewing from my apple iphone. I’m trying to find a template or plugin that might be able to fix this issue. If you have any suggestions, please share. Cheers!

  • Randall Mcgoy

    Videos don’t work anymore on this site, Youtube censorship of course. Can you upload them to a different source and link them?

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