Washington Represents the Most Concentrated form of Evil in Human History – Dr Paul Craig Roberts

Thanks to Kristiine Salumets for this. I don’t want to depress anyone but I cannot help but agree with everything Dr. Paul Craig Roberts says here. The way things are going, unless quite a few people get their heads together & step up to the plate to say ‘hang on a minute. What the hell are we doing’, WW III is inevitable. We can only push Russia & China so far. 


I’m surprised Roberts stopped short of really pointing the finger. With WW III on the horizon, I would have thought it would have been fitting for him to have poured scorn on the Zionists who control all the people he pointed the finger at. He lambasted the European leaders for allowing a cabal of gargantuan gangsters in Washington DC to run roughshod over us, pushing us into this nightmare scenario with Russia, but all these people have succumbed to Zionist lobbies. Stick the incessant lies of the entire Zionist controlled corporate media into the mix, what conclusion can one draw except say we’re in this mess because of these power-crazed, deluded Zionists? They’re doing this – no one else!


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