We need to get behind Jeremy Corbyn

It seems the only time Jeremy Corbyn makes the news is when the media tells lies about him. Then again, while I feel sorry for JC, I nevertheless feel from the outset he adopted the wrong approach. In August 2015 when he become Labour leader, I made the point of saying he should go on the offensive & direct his wrath at the media. This way, even if he failed in his quest to become Prime Minister, at least he would have alerted many more people to the outrageous media bias. Who knows, this approach may have even resulted in the one thing we so desperately need – legislation that goes some way to breaking down the monopoly Zionists possess over mainstream media. I maintain, things will not, cannot improve until this happens.


Anyway, what’s done is done. We need to get behind JC. If the Zionists don’t want him, THEN WE DO! Fortunately, I cannot remember a time when the Tories consist of such a lousy lot. I cannot think of one decent politician among them. Not that Labour are that much better but at least one of the good guys is their leader. But while Corbyn remains one of the few politicians that cannot be bought, he seems to lack the killer instinct politicians need. I think author of the Godfather Mario Puzo said – 

“Finance is a gun. Politics is knowing when to pull the trigger.”


Does that make JC unelectable like the liars in the media would have you believe? HELL NO! But I sure feel it would help immensely if Corbyn took his gloves off! We also need more people to get behind JC just as Peter Stefanovic does in these two videos. This is the first time I’ve seen him & I’m more than impressed with his delivery. Recently I made some videos of the same ilk but this guy says more in 3 minutes than I do in 10! Here’s a snippet – 


“We need to start asking ourselves why the establishment & a biased right-wing media is trying so hard to bring down the leader of the opposition. (Jeremy Corbyn) Is it because he’s a man of honesty & integrity who’s willing to fight for social justice & equality for the people of this country at any cost & refuses to get down on a bended knee to the establishment? Think about that. That’s a man worth fighting for!”


In July 2015, Laura Kuenssberg was appointed as the political editor of BBC News. Her Zionist overlords couldn’t be more pleased with the job she’s done. In the period she’s been in charge the BBC couldn’t have told more lies if they tried! In this clip (3.28) Stefanovic shows up Kuenssberg for the liar she is – 



In this clip (2.14) Theresa May is shown up for the liar she is – 



I just came across this clip with Peter giving it to the media – 



  • Umrana

    Hello Michael
    Have you considered writing to Jeremy Corbyn on an advisery capacity. I think he would appreciate it.
    He does email us on regular basis to ask what we would like to ask on question time.
    Keep up the good work, love reading your articles and sharing them too.

    • Thank you Umrana. I did. In fact in his first Q Time I sent him a question which would have slaughtered Cameron. Instead he asked the same fuddy-duddy stuff, applying no pressure on the Tories. I may try again. He badly needs to get the gloves off.

  • Ron Wright

    Jeremy really needs to take his gloves off and come out fighting. I wrote to him saying that he should sack all those Labour MP’s that failed to follow the party whip and voted against Article 50 recently. I didn’t get any acknowledgement. I am loosing patience with his lack lustre approach.

    • I did much the same thing Ron. I even offered my services for free. I’m very disappointed mainly because his opponents couldn’t have been nastier if they tried. I’m not losing patience but I wish JC would take your advice.

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