What Did Syria Do to Deserve the Unbridled Chaos and Destruction Cameron Was So Desperate to Deliver?

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What Did Syria Do to Deserve the Unbridled Chaos and Destruction Cameron Was So Desperate to Deliver?

Whatsupic — Statistics for casualties of war are easy to say or write down but accurate as the figures may be, imagining the true horror remains nigh on impossible. Try counting to 210,000. Seriously though, see how long it takes to count to 2100 – just 1% of the death count in Syria which continues to rise every day. I’d like to bet anyone trying will give up. I was sent a list of the 700 Palestinian children murdered in Netanyahu’s 3rd bout of ethnic cleansing and mass-murder in Gaza. Israelis cheered on the hilltops as the bombs reined in destroying entire neighborhoods. Even the Gestapo never displayed such an outrageous lack of empathy. I truly feel sorry for Jews that care. They must feel so utterly ashamed small wonder so many renounce their religion. 

Syrian refugee camp (Photo:ABC)

Anyway, I felt the least I could do was read out the names yet I got to around 170 and I just couldn’t go on……. but each one was a child who for no reason had their life taken away. So far this debacle in Syria has claimed 65,000+ civilians. 10,000+ children….. dead!

A staggering 11.4 million people have been forced to flee their homes.

4 million have left their country. Needless to say those able to leave were those who could afford to – doctors, surgeons, professors, shop-keepers, teachers i.e. the heart and soul of the nation.

Incredibly over 200,000+ Syrians fled to Iraq! How bad must it be in Syria?

60% of the populace is poverty stricken.

2.4 million children cannot go to school.

Half the population is unemployed. Experts say if the fighting stopped now it would take over 30 years minimum to restore Syria’s economy to what it was.

Almost the entire infrastructure of the country has been destroyed.

How would you feel if the exact scenario was unfolding in your country?


Now I’ve another question, one which the contemptuous media will never ask Cameron, so I’m sending this letter to 10 Downing Street –

Maybe I’ve missed something but right from the jump you wanted to bomb Syria and don’t give me any of that drivel about ISIS; you were baying for blood when ISIS wasn’t even on the grid! So I would like to know this – what on earth has Syria done to deserve all the above?

I’ve more than a decent grasp of British Constitutional History so please bear this in mind. On several occasions sitting governments in the UK have been defeated in the House of Commons. This almost exclusively occurs when the government’s majority is slender or there’s a coalition government. However when the government is defeated, even though it rarely involves matters of the most serious nature, throughout the entire history of British politics, whenever it has occurred, the sitting Prime Minister almost to a fault ends up having to stave off calls to resign, while his beleaguered administration desperately clings to power. Like sharks once the media sense blood they pile the pressure on. The writing’s on the wall as soon as the press uses the term lame-duck government.

Now get this – Cameron has been defeated 4 times in the House ………you wouldn’t know it though because the media has all but give him a pat on the back. Each defeat was a humiliation, yet journalists and reporters neglected to put Cameron on the spot. Normally they fall over themselves to say – er excuse me Mr. Prime Minister but don’t feel your position is now untenable? There was no heat, no nothing! The Zionist controlled media applied zero pressure even though all the ammunition was there. For the world it seemed Cameron could head-butt the local vicar and still come out smelling of roses! Didn’t I say from the very beginning this guy was a Zionist plant and they’d do everything in their power to ensure he’s re-elected? All these defeats in parliament, the myth of an improving economy, the erosion of our civil liberties, the rich getting the lot and the incessant wars and what does the media do – blame the Lib Dems! It’s all their fault…… and don’t laugh because the amount of times I’ve heard idiots say ‘oohh I don’t like those Lib Dems anymore!’ Reeled in like fish in a trance!

Hold it though. This is only the warm up – the best, the inexplicable; the downright unbelievable is still to come. In the history of British politics there have been two instances where on issues of the utmost importance, the sitting government was defeated. In 1885 the Liberal government’s Budget was thrown out. This prompted the PM W.E. Gladstone to resign. We had to wait 128 years for a similar bombshell. In 2013 Cameron staked his reputation by categorically stating the need to go to war. He reeled off a pack of lies, once again with no credible evidence to back up his call for military intervention in Syria. Assad was this, that and everything else! It was all baloney but this time the public not only wasn’t buying it; most MP’s were left in no doubt – independent polls had over 90% of the populace opposed to more war. The vote was not even close! Cameron’s call for war received an emphatic thumb down.

To be defeated on such a grave issue is the ultimate snub for a PM. Cameron should have resigned immediately! Of course he’d have had to if the media stuck to protocol. He had nowhere to go. They could have torn him to shreds. Harry Houdini couldn’t have got out of this jam. Now, do you see the power of the media? It’s what they don’t do or don’t say that counts. But none of this surprised me for when Cameron became Tory leader it was largely thanks to the media mysteriously throwing their weight behind him, rank outsider to boot. What does it take for people to think? A glaring anomaly stares us in the face. Not mentioning the fact the media is bound by the Royal Charter – news must be truthful and no bias can ever be attached, but this wasn’t what bothered me. The glaring anomaly I was referring to was the fact Cameron was a nobody. Zilch on the CV; he’d never held a ministerial position yet…….. all the newspapers and TV channels were telling the public Cameron was the best thing since sliced bread. I remember mumbling to myself ‘how do they know he’s any good. He’s never done anything!

So, since the media is owned by a handful of Zionists, from the word go I knew Cameron would be working for the best interests of Israel and the war-mongering bankers. In no time it became abundantly clear this was indeed the case. Here was the perfect Zionist puppet. He’s done everything asked of him – even making an enemy out of Russia, of all countries for crying out loud and for no good reason. Miliband may be Jewish but 3 years ago I realized they wanted Cameron back and everything that’s happened since has confirmed this view. Massive vote rigging will take place, exactly as they did to cheat the Jocks in the recent Scottish vote for independence. It’s a cast-iron guarantee they will cheat in the election. Green party and UKIP votes will miraculously be stacked up with Tory votes, especially where it matters in tight constituencies. Most ordinary folk will excel as they usually do when it comes to remaining entirely oblivious. 

David Cameron (Photo:Britannica)

There will be mountains of evidence on the Internet proving election fraud took place, which naturally the media won’t mention. Anyone who does will end up in a motorway pylon. I already know what the Police will say ‘we’ll be looking into this’ meaning they’ll do no such thing! If pressure mounts we’ll hear all the old rubbish about us being conspiracy theorists! In the meantime Cameron will mysteriously win and this time with a majority. ‘Can’t have all that nonsense being defeated in parliament again. Look at all the trouble we had to go to creating ISIS!’ When the Zionists want something – they take it no matter what! Their media will go to work spewing out their usual baloney – it was the economy; Miliband was a bit naff and blah, blah, blah and then the final coup de gras, insult to injury, Cameron will say – the British people have spoken ……. when the truth, once again, we’ve all been seriously shafted, courtesy of these coniving Zionist war-mongers.

We’ve got to be ready for this. We can’t allow these gangsters to do this to us. Cameron has no manifesto. What he says before the election will be waffle of the highest order, along with blatant lies. What he intends to implement is not open to debate. See for yourself how much talk their is on foreign policy? You can be sure Cameron will be doing us no favors. Notably criticizing the very mass-murderers responsible for 9/11 and all the mayhem occurring in the Middle East will be deemed a criminal act. So much for Muslims wanting to take our freedoms away! Cameron, being a psychopath straight out of the Netanyahu school of butchery actually let the cat out of the bag when he openly stated at the UN – activists like my good self are every bit as dangerous as ISIS terrorists. I mean such treachery already warrants the firing squad! He went on, “I will do everything in my power to eradicate them!” His very words ……. and I believe him. This one’s got what it takes!

That’s why in the next 6 months I’m gone – I’m leaving this country! I know what’s going to happen and it’s all bad! I can only dread what will occur if Hilary Clinton or Jeb Bush end up in the White House. It’s a certainty – they will make their move then. If the Police and military don’t jump ship, then we’re bang in trouble. However, if we do not resort to violence, the cops are not going to round us up like cattle! So my feeling is some nasty false flags may occur in Police Stations or army barracks. It is imperative violence remains the last resort. That’s what they want. I don’t know if some folk in Ferguson USA are getting fed up or whether these attacks on Police are false flags but if we resort to violence, all of a sudden a hell of a lot of people will be saying ‘hello Mr. Fema Camp! Thanks a bunch Mr Chertoff for using our money to build 800 of these mothers. Wait a minute – I thought you guys didn’t like Concentration Camps!’

Democracy is non-existent. It’s a meaningless word yet it’s regularly used to con the uninitiated. The ball-game’s been rigged from top to bottom. I’ve gone blue in the face telling people this. Just think: the only country who wanted to see Syria destroyed is Israel. What happened when their agent Cameron tried to sell this to us – we told him to get lost! Only Zionists and those as thick as two planks were in favor of military intervention in Syria …….. yet…….. they still got their way even though everyone was dead against it! Doesn’t matter one jot what you or me want. Slowly but surely, these traitors are taking our civil liberties away – North America first – then Europe. I’ll leave the great Joshua Blakeney to explain what this wretched specimen Harper is doing in Canada. As well as being a walking encyclopedia, JB barrels out facts like a human gatling gun. I don’t know how he does it – the geezer never comes up for air!


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