What Dreaded Line Did FIFA’s Bosses Cross to Make U.S. Attorney General Interested in Soccer?

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What Dreaded Line Did FIFA’s Bosses Cross to Make U.S. Attorney General Interested in Soccer?

Whatsupic — In most countries Soccer is by far and away the No 1 sport. I’m not saying this because it’s my favorite sport because if it was, I’d tell you. Soccer for me doesn’t make the top 3. An oddity perhaps being a sport enthusiast yet the most popular one doesn’t rank in one’s top 3? Soccer remains the No.1 sport in most countries but one country in particular could take or leave Soccer. What the rest of world did was up to them – the U. S of A. Some irony eh when you think what’s occurred in the past 20 years. Americans were brought up on Baseball, the Gridiron and Basketball. It was highly unlikely Soccer could ever replace the big 3 but to be fair to US sport fanatics, Soccer at least established a firm base in America.

There’s more than a tinge of irony too when I say when it comes to sport, in terms of organisation, quality of play, value for money and above all, refereeing so that a strict adherence to rules could be applied, from what I could see, US sport administrators were in a different league to the idiots that ‘ran’ Soccer. (I can’t bring myself to use the word govern). This is what put me off. Almost every game had glaring officiating errors that affected the outcome. When America was to host the 1994 World Cup, senior US officials had talks with FIFA specifically regarding tweaking some of the daft rules. Typically FIFA didn’t want to know. It was if ‘who are these yanks to tell us how to run our game!’ Soccer is massive business yet the archaic manner in which it’s officiated, as far as I’m concerned, qualifies as a wonder of the world! However, the point I wish to emphasise, if there was one powerful orgainisation America never gave a damn about, it was FIFA.U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch announces an indictment against nine FIFA officials and five corporate executives for racketeering, conspiracy and corruption at a news conference, May 27, 2015, in the Brooklyn borough of New York.

All of a sudden……. America gives a damn! The past couple of days mainstream news channels announced – Washington DC has got the raving hump with the rampant corruption in Soccer’s world governing body FIFA. What? Did I hear that right? Yes and this is no smear campaign because yesterday morning, FIFA’s offices in Zurich were raided and several officials were arrested. All hell has broken loose. Well blow me down. Now I really have heard it all! US power brokers concerned about corruption….. and in Switzerland to boot? What in the blazes is going on? This is tantamount to Merchant Bankers announcing their conscience is bothering them; here’s all the money we ripped off; we beg for forgiveness! You have got to be kidding me!

For starters, Gargantuan hypocrisy aside, where’s America been all this time? Mafiosi style decision making has been common practice for these so-in-so’s in FIFA and it’s been common knowledge for donkey’s years! The US never gave a damn and to be honest, why should they? Most Americans have no interest in the game. Yet, out of the blue, they decide to make themselves busy? The media too. They could have turned the screws on FIFA any time they liked…..and they bloody well should have done. It’s their duty to inform the public of flagrant abuses of power. For them FIFA corruption was hardly ever a talking point. All of a sudden, FIFA is US public enemy No 1 and the media play along as if it’s business as usual but crucially neglect to ask the key question. I mean we’re talking about a change of heart that makes a U-turn look straight – what took you so long and why now?

I know most of the people who’ll read this have a fair idea of what the coup is. It is the same old story. Once you realise who’s really behind this, everything falls into place. What I feel I should do though is explain this for the benefit of those who are unaware or to those who perhaps smell a rat but do not know who the chief protagonists are. One thing for sure – both the media and US government are in collusion. Why do I know this? Because the media never questioned the timing and most significantly, failed to mention what FIFA were planning to do. The programming is well and truly underway. First though, I’d like to put my head on the chopping block and say, this is what will happen – 

FIFA will remain a corrupt organisation. Almost every decision will involve massive back-handers. It is anything but a dead duck. Nothing will change on that front. However, those involved will be punished……. but not because of any corruption. They over-stepped a line. No. Not a pathetic red one. This one is the dreaded line where many never live to tell the tale, while others find their careers in tatters and their status destroyed. Those punished will be told in no uncertain terms that even if they try to talk to the media their story will never hit the air-waves and doing so could prove fatal. These people are finished and it’s a cast-iron guarantee those replacing them will NEVER MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE!  

So what’s actually happening? The bosses of Corporate media have decided this issue requires a severe dose of public programming. We have to be steered into believing what’s occurring is just and fair, after all, we know FIFA is rotten to the core. However, the public must never know the true reason why the big-wigs in FIFA are being taken down. As per usual, we only get to hear what they want us to hear. Many people have no idea how powerful the media is. Put it another way, most people believe they and only they decide when and what makes them feel concerned, upset or angry. What if I told you. this is a myth. Believe it or not, this is indeed the case. THIS is how powerful the media is!    

So, you have a choice. You can carry on as you are believing you’re in complete control of your thought process while being programmed or you can free your mind, rid it of any bias and allow yourself to think. The first step is to take in all you hear. Now the integral reason we have this problem with the media is, for most people the process stops here. What you should do is treat this as evidence. The next step is the all-important one – ask questions. Quite how anyone can take for gospel what the media says is beyond me. This much we know. We do not live in a world where truth and justice is the norm. So who are the chief protagonists and what’s this all about?

We know FIFA is the target; we know the media has neglected to ask why America has suddenly made this an issue when for aeons they never cared. Therefore, one is obliged to ask who has the power and influence to coerce America into exerting it’s authority? Answer – dual national Zionists whose allegiance is to Israel. Fact is, you have to be living in cloud cuckoo land not to know this. I stated earlier, the media and America were working in unison. Well, Zionists also control the entire corporate media apparatus. Don’t take my word for it. Just because I’ve done the research, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. Therefore, in our quest for the truth, we can safely say FIFA must have done something to incur their wrath. So far, so good. In the meantime, we will be led to believe America is doing this. The media will never mention the Z word. The Zionist role has to remain strictly under the radar, hidden from public gaze. Gilad Atzmon hit the nail on the head when he said “Jewish power is the ability to silence discussion on Jewish power.”

So, what dreaded line did FIFA’s bosses cross? They were on the verge of banning Israel from participating in any international soccer matches because of their horrendous treatment of the Paslestinians. What irony. Finally FIFA makes a good decision and wallop – they’re in the dog-house! One hardly needs to explain what would occur if FIFA were left free to make good on this promise. The Zionist controlled media would find themselves in a catch 22 situation –  opposing the ban would make things worse; chances are more people would realise the media must be under their thumb. Supporting the ban? Please. Much as I’d like to see smoke coming out of Netanyahu’s ears, this is not even an option! In short, the Israelis would have nowhere to go because the implementation of the ban would inevitably lead to other organisations following suit. Israel would become more and more isolated, while the plight of the Palestinians would become more evident. Israel would find itself in a corner and finally would be left with no option but to do what they despise – OBEY INTERNATIONAL LAWS! A ball is now rolling……..

Israel would have to concede to the creation of a Palestinian state. This in turn would finally allow its people the fundamental rights, we in the West take for granted, such as borders, government, army, navy, air-force, ports and airports. Not only would the systematic theft of Palestinian land come to an abrupt end, Israel would be forced to return what they’ve stolen. Israeli checkpoints would disappear opening the way for humanitarian aid. I can go on and on. Ironically, if all this became reality, most people on the planet would never know what the Israelis really want to do. Wiping out the Palestinians is only the tip of the iceberg. They’ll take over the entire Middle East. Their power base will continue to grow even though it’s already enormous. The governments of America, the UK, Canada. France, Germany, Australia are all under their whim as well as the entire mass-media. What’s more, if they have their way, forget about writing articles like this – they will eliminate anyone who so much as looks boss-eyed at them! 

And since I’m on this subject who do you think’s responsible for ISIS? Let me give you the low-down. You reckon ISIS is an Islamic terrorist group? Most people do because that’s what the newspapers and TV keep saying. Still don’t think you’re being programmed? Okay. So let’s assume everything the media has told us about ISIS is accurate – they are an Islamic terrorist organisation currently operating in the Middle East and they’re in the business of inflicting untold chaos, carnage and death. So I ask you – which country should ISIS be targeting?………….. Now if your desire for the truth is genuine then I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re somewhat tongue-tied and twisted because it makes no sense. Yet this is what the media will have us believe – ISIS is an Islamic terrorist mercenary group that so far has destroyed Libya, Iraq and Syria. It’s now moving into Lebanon. The only people being slaughtered by ISIS are Arabs and Muslims. 

For God’s sake, how can anyone fall for such tripe? It’s bad enough our politicians and media are feeding us monstous lies but when the evidence stares us squarely in the face that what they’re saying cannot be possible? Think. Use your brain for crying out loud. Ask questions. Here, I’ll ask you one – am I being opinionated, unreasonable, even anti-Semetic simply pointing out ISIS has never laid a finger on an Israeli? What kind of a fanatical Islamic terrorist group is this? One that’s deaf, dumb, blind and has its wires seriously crossed? Give me a break! They get away feeding us this cock and bull drivel, so no surprise they’re prepared to push the boat out further still with the ludicrous notion this terrible Islamic terrorist threat is coming to our shores. For this reason alone Cameron wants to further erode our civil liberties? And yet no one ever puts this lying toe-rag on the spot. If I had the chance I’d say “hang on a minute buster. Let’s get this straight. We’ve been fighting this so-called war on terror for 13 years and now you’re telling us there’s a heightened terrorist threat? So, at what point Mr. Prime Minister can we conclude that you’re absolutely useless at fighting terrorism?” Of course, no one is telling us the laws this traitor wants to bring in will give him the power to sling anyone in jail, without charge, without trial, without any legal representation. His justification, excuse, reason for stripping us bare – ISIS!

Are you beginning to see the picture? One thing is certain. FIFA overstepped a line no one wants to cross. Whether people know it or not, Zionists will do whatever it takes. They have the resources and their knives are out and we’re talking pressure from another planet because this will not stop until FIFA is crushed. The stakes are enormous because if the true reasons are ignored and from what I see even RT Moscow never mentioned FIFA’s imminent threat to ban Israel from international football. I mean if RT neglects to inform their viewers, I guarantee no one else in mainstream media will. Yet, no rocket science is involved. It’s just a question of connecting dots. The problem is most of us don’t think. We think we think but that’s because we’re cognizant creatures. We’re alive. I’m alive so I must be thinking. Sure, we’re allowed to think about soap operas and sport, big brother, x-factor and all the rest of the garbage on TV. What we don’t realise is our thought process is manipulated in order for it to remain confined within the region that’s deemed acceptable. Our spectrum of thought has limits.

If all this is news to you, chances are you’ll dismiss this as rubbish. You might even say ‘this geezer Michael whatever what ‘is name is – ee don’t know what ee’s bleedin’ talkin’ about!’ You may laugh but if I told you the amount of times I’ve heard this. Ignorance may be bliss but I’d like to bet if the unitiated were given an Einsteinian brain for 24 hours, the last thing they’d want is to revert back to the ignoramus zone. If you’re not sure about this, think for a while. Mull over it. Read the piece again. Ask yourself, what have I got to gain? Is it not possible I’m just an ordinary guy who cares about right and worng? I think all the time. That’s why I suffer from Chronic insomnia – I CAN’T STOP THINKING! 

So…. think. Ask – am I making any sense? Perhaps you may have inadvertently started a process where in the near future you’ll concede that you fell foul of a system that’s designed to suppress thought. The dawning realisation that you may not have had full control of your faculties can be psychologically and emotionally rather unsettling. It’s no big deal. We all live and learn. We just do it at different speeds. Being awake to reality at least allows one the opportunity to plan ahead and prepare. Trials and tribulations? Who knows what’s in store. It’s taken us 100’s of years to get ourselves well and truly into the khazi. There’s always a price to pay. What I do know is, I’d rather be awake than experience a rude awakening. 


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