What I think of the new Mayor of London

This is for Franz Glaus, David Simonetti Hill, Hafsa Kara, all others who prodded but failed to get me to write about this & good, old Londoners! Maybe it’s because I’m a Londoner…….. No. I’m going to keep this short & sweet.
Did the media ever mention the diabolically low turnout? Is anyone even interested? Truth is, all elections are rigged to suit those who control our political system. We’ve long since passed the point where voting makes a difference. Anyone who doesn’t see eye to eye with the war-mongering power-brokers CANNOT WIN, no matter how many votes they get! This recent election is just another perfect example. Let’s quickly break this down –


In the red corner we have Sadiq Khan – I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

1) So, first & foremost, a Muslim is declared Labour’s official candidate to become Mayor of London.
Correct me if I’m wrong but hasn’t the media done everything in its power to incite Islamophobia? Now, I’m in no doubt this most definitely is the case but let’s for argument sake cast this all aside. Okay. Am I wrong in stating right now, for whatever reason, Muslims are about as popular as a pungent fart in a space-suit?   
2) All this at a time when the Labour party is discovering exactly what it’s like being Hamas!
So bear in mind – we have a Muslim candidate who is in the Labour party. From where I’m sitting THIS MAKES A LOSING FORMULA LOOK LIKE A GOOD THING!


In the blue corner we’ve Zac Goldsmith. His CV should read – one nasty piece of work. One of the very few who’s had a silver spoon rammed so far up his arse, when he opens his mouth, if you look carefully you can just about make out a piece of cutlery! 

1) If I know this vermin is simply gagging for power, then so do the Tories. Talk about a fall guy!
Bizarrely, we have a situation here where on the surface it all but appears both major parties have fielded candidates where if both were hit by a bus, apart from relatives, no one would batter an eye-lid!
2) But the real bad news for Goldsmith was the reason the Tories selected him – it was because they knew whoever they put up, COULDN’T POSSIBLY WIN! In short, they’d have to cheat. Sure, they don’t want anyone who rocks boats but to cheat so soon after the scandal involving Cameron’s tax-dodging for a poxy position like London Mayor when all but the comatosed aren’t aware the Tory support base is crumbling fast? It’s imperative as few people as possible know that if there was a fair election, Cameron’s Tories would be humiliated!
Believe it or not, the scenario for the next UK general election is being played out, here & now. This is all part & parcel of a process to continually fool the public. Most significantly, the last thing the true power-brokers want is people even beginning to suspect elections are rigged. 


But in the ‘peace not war’ corner, there’s a boat rocker – George Galloway.

Compared to the two ‘main’ contenders, his CV alone would be enough to deliver a knockout blow, but I’ll just mention this: In 2012, he won the Bradford West by-election by a staggering 10,000 votes. Big deal? Well, here’s a test for you all. Look up by-election victories by independent candidates IN THE ENTIRE HISTORY OF UK POLITICS.

Then ask yourself one question – how come the Zionist controlled media made nothing of Galloway’s historic victory? You wouldn’t know it even happened! 


So, are you trying to tell me this two-bob turncoat piece of shit Sadiq Khan, who’s already caused untold grief for his own leader, Jeremy Corbyn, IS MORE POPULAR THAN GEORGE GALLOWAY? I’m sorry but if you don’t realise this is an impossibility then you’ve been infected with the ‘dumbing-down’ virus. Don’t have a go at me. It’s not my fault & what’s more, you’re lucky. I’m going to tell you there’s an antidote – IT’S CALLED USING YOUR BRAIN! THINK FOR CHRIST SAKE! YOU CAN START BY MISTRUSTING EVERY SINGLE THING THE MEDIA SAYS!
And what is their role in this whole sordid affair? Throughout, this entire election, mainstream media behaved as if Galloway didn’t exist! Most Londoners didn’t even know Galloway was in the race! Apparently, Goldsmith had more support than Galloway – even more impossible. This is precisely how the media operates. How many times have I said, they decide when you should get angry & what you should get angry about – NOT YOU! You don’t decide because you don’t think for yourself & until people do & stop relying on the media for news, nothing will change.
In a fair election, with an independent media, Galloway would have romped home! Instead, all we’ve got is another perfect nobody. Perfect because though this one is a Muslim, don’t for one minute think he gives a shit about his brethren who are being slaughtered! If you think this toe-rag is going to make any waves, forget it. Why do you think he’s already given Corbyn a hard time? This was his ticket. All he cares for is power & a few lumpy back-handers when he’s been a good little boy. I guarantee – Khan was told the Mayorship of London was his so long as he always remembered which side his bread was buttered!


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