What you need to know about BILL GATES

With a net worth around a staggering $81 billion, you’d be right to think it’s daft even considering what can’t Bill Gates do? Well I may have no evidence but I can promise you – he’s got to do exactly what he’s told. Same with people like Zuckerberg. Believe it or not, once a multi-billionaire you’re part of the club whether you like it or not & my feeling is Bill Gates never had any wish to be part of the New World Order. He had no choice. This is the power of the Rothschild banking dynasty.


Gates can’t so much as look boss-eyed at the Rothschild’s. You see if he gets hold of another $919 billion he’d be lucky to have 1/300th of what the Rothschild’s own & control. That amounts to a whole load of Presidents, Prime Ministers, Royalty, Dictators, the media, most of the printing presses for the world’s currencies, a massive stake in all the major industries of the world, most of the Gold, Diamonds, Wall Street, Main Street, Civvy Street, you name whatever bloody street – they’ve got it!


That’s why I’m prepared to give Gates the benefit of the doubt because I’m sure all this vaccination bullshit & the rest of the garbage was hardly his dream. Imagine, he devotes his life to something so innovative & he absolutely cracks it, becomes a multi billionaire only to want to commit mass-murder? I don’t believe it for a minute. For the world it seems evil forces are at work here…… & we know they exist!


I’m aware too that if I ever cracked it, I wouldn’t be allowed to start fixing the world. They’d find a way to iron me out. Princess Di wanted to rid the world of land mines & it proved to be the most successful campaign in history. Well, you can be sure she had other projects. Think what would happen if a multi-billionaire said ‘right. I’m going to rid the world of starvation & disease.’ They don’t want any wise guys. Thanks to WeAreChange’s Luke Rudkowski for the video.



BAM! Right in the head!


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