Whatever happened to ‘innocent until PROVEN guilty’, David Cameron?

As far as I’m concerned David Cameron can go to hell. I don’t care what ‘law’ he passes. I won’t abide by them because if there was any justice Cameron would already be facing multiple charges of Treason. I’m a patriot. Cameron isn’t. He’s working for the Knesset! Why else would the Zionist controlled media, time & again, bust a gut to protect him? Just off the top of my head – 


1) He lied in order to go to war in Syria.
2) He allowed our emails & phone calls to become the property of the NSA ie Israel without even consulting us.

3) He accused the Russian leader of bringing down flight MH17 without any evidence.
4) Consequently, the UK has imposed sanctions on Russia even though it’s against our best interests.
5) As a result the UK now has a new enemy – Russia. When Cameron came to power we were friends with this super-power that can destroy us 1000 times over!

6) ISIS may be a terrorist band of mercenaries but Cameron knows full well it receives it’s orders from Tel Aviv. He’s deliberately lying about ISIS.
7) In the UN Cameron said he felt 9/11 Truthers were every bit as dangerous as ISIS terrorists. He went on to say “I will do everything in my power to eradicate them!” 
8) Last but not least – Cameron is gagging to take away our most fundamental rights by making criticism of the government & Israel illegal – TREASON!



Add to this – 

1) Let’s not forget – he’s done nothing about the Paedophiles in Westminster.

2) He’s put Blair’s despised foreign policy into overdrive.

3) He’s responsible for burying the Chilcot inquiry into the illegal Iraq war.

4) He lied about Bankers bonuses. In fact he’s opened more loopholes for the super wealthy.

5) He’s continued to unconditionally support the rogue state of Israel & recently made a mockery of Parliamentary rules by blocking the rightful discussion there should have been in the House due to a UK petition well exceeding the necessary 100,000 signatures on Netanyahu being a war criminal.

6) While there’s always more money for war, he’s told us to tighten our belts.

7) He’s lied about giving us a referendum on Europe.

8) He’s lied about the NHS.

9) Him & his buddy Osborne robbed the UK public of between £1.3-1.4 billion when they deliberately under-priced the shares of Royal Mail so that all their friends would make a killing.

10) We are being consistently lied to about the economy – the Tories are borrowing more money than labor ever did.

11) Last but not least, the Black Boxes of flight MH17 which inexplicably were sent to London, since the data has yet to be released after 15 months if Cameron isn’t hiding something then I’m a Chinaman!

12) Pig-Gate was all but buried. Since when did the media turn their backs on scoops?


Thanks to Norman Lynch for these two links. In the first Cameron talks about one of his favorite subjects – FIGHTING EXTREMISM! Now if Cameron was actually doing this he’d be black & blue because the greatest extremist in the UK IS DAVID CAMERON! For the life of me, any leader who says another leader ‘must go’ is someone who’s completely lost track. What gives him the right? Since when was he such a bastion of democracy? He may have a majority yet not 1 in 4 eligible voters in the UK want him as leader! Bear in mind this is all off the back of a UK media that never made a big deal about ONE of the 20 points I just raised. Had the media not wrapped up Cameron in cotton wool he would have been slaughtered long ago. 


Since when could countries interfere with the affairs of sovereign nations? How would we like it? It should ALWAYS be up to the people of a particular nation to decide their own fate. It is not our business to meddle. And yet Cameron forever talks of battling extremism when paradoxically he’s doing all he can to create it! He’s helped destroy Libya & he’s been chomping at the bit to destroy Syria. He helped create ISIS & he unconditionally supports the greatest extremist on the planet – Benjamin Netanyahu. As the first link points out, this is all about Divide & Conquer but I’d go further to say this is more about creating a situation where anyone who speaks the truth about 9/11, Israel & the treacherous government Cameron presides over, can be classified as an extremist & so apprehended under new terrorist laws. This is an outrage. 







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  • stickershock

    The same treason applies to the U.S.A. Lies and outright treasonous acts and laws all to enslave our population and benefit the hoodlums in the Mid-East Nazi state.
    The U.N. in general is filled with nations all paying their dues to the same cabal of kosher criminals.
    They hate all the races on the planet and they have no bounds put upon them whereby they abide.
    Now, I ask, why should we trust the writer of this article since his heritage is of the same bad ilk? Are we to believe you are the only one among the many against us? Pretending to be one of “us” is nothing new to the Jewish mind. That is how they infiltrate governments from the bottom up, schools, religious organizations and of course our court system. and then hammer their corrupted beliefs into our world that was peaceful until the infiltrations.

  • The first half of what you said was just fine. Then to insult me in the way you have tells me your some paranoid nutter. If my heritage is of such bad ilk what on earth must be yours like?

  • Stickershock agrees with you and then accuses you of being ” one of them”? A paranoid nutter indeed.

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