Whatever that maniac Netanyahu says is treated as gospel yet whenever anyone points the finger at Israel, if miraculously you’re able to lift your head above all the abusive intimidation which inevitably awaits you, you’re asked – PROVE IT! So……

My post last night regarding the Zionist’s roie in 9/11 has been overwhelmingly positive. I’m still dealing with the response. That’s mainly because I felt I should adequately answer Brian Beddell’s comment of “Actual proof please.” Being so overworked & underpaid I retorted “Have you got a brain?” Only to be duly put into my place when the Mr. Beddell said “Yes i have a brain. I asked for facts. People with a brain tend to do that. I believe 911 was an inside job based on the evidence but the actual people involved can span from Global Elite. To members of our government to Islamic extremists or even criminals on the Israeli government. But to claim one nation is responsible and act as tho you have definitive proof you need definite proof. Like Nano Thermite. It was tested in a lab. Blanket statements tend to perpetuate the myth that people who do not believe the official story are delusional. So when referring have actual facts to back a claim.”

So, away I went. Hopefully it does some good, though if only people would do the same to Israel when time & again, they make an outrageous claim, for instance that so many people want to wipe them off the face of the earth. They even name names but they’re never asked to provide so much as a morsel of evidence, let alone proof. No one even says ‘but wait a minute. That’s a bit rich coming from you lot when you’re currently wiping the Palestinians off the map!’ No. Whatever Israel or that maniac Netanyahu says is treated as gospel yet whenever anyone points the finger at Israel, if miraculously you’re able to lift your head above all the abusive intimidation which inevitably awaits you, you’re asked – PROVE IT! So here’s my riposte & thanks to John Miranda for the caption.


Israel did it!

Israel did it!


I realise I was wrong to say what I did – it’s obvious you have a brain, so as busy as I am I’ve dropped everything in an attempt to qualify what I said. The thing is I have a problem because proving to you Zionists control not just the governments of the US but also the UK, Canada, France Germany, Australia etc time wise, would take forever & a day. I trust you have a fair understanding that very little, if anything, ever occurs in America that doesn’t help Israel. Two facts alone should be enough to convince you of this –

1) Israel has had no less than 66 UN resolutions tabled against it. This staggering number constiutes one for every year Israel has existed or I should say, since Britain decided to donate Palestine to Zionists. Had any one of these resolutions been passed Israel would never have been able to flout international laws as they have with virtual impunity. The reason these resolutions failed was because of a daft rule – in the 15-member Security Council, a resolution or decision would not be approved, even if the other 14 members were in agreement. With most of these 66 cases 14 members of the UN security council were in agreement. Israel was bang out of order. Only those with the brains of a rocking horse didn’t know that! The problem was, each & every time, America applied its veto, thus allowing Israel to be let off the hook. Now I lived in America for a year & as well as being hospitable & fun-loving, the very last thing American people are, are completey dumb!

2) While all this was going on for every year since 1948 the American taxpayer has, unbeknown to them, donated more aid to Israel than America gave to the entire continent of Africa! This incredible fact that a continent which sees some 25000 of it’s inhabitants DIE EVERY DAY THROUGH STARVATION is compounded exponentially by the fact that the untold billions Israel receives from America is WRITTEN OFF AS A GIFT! If this is not enough for one to realise that Zionists control what matters in America, then I’m ever so sorry.

The same applies with the 6 major media conglomerations which are either owned or controlled by Zionists. I’m sure any human with a modicum of intelligence understands this as well as the fact Zionists possess the ungodly level of influence I’m talking about. One only needs to apply themselves & research who owns what. You will soon discover the entire mass-media is totally under the Zionist thumb.

Now for 9/11 – There’s the PNAC group who infamously stated in 2000, what was required was “a catastrophic & catalyzing event, like a new pearl Harbor.” Within a year that event occurred. All that’s required is looking up the PNAC group so as to discover who it comprised of. You will see an abundance of Zionists with a sprinkling of lunatic traitors known as Neo-Cons.

The owner of the Twin Towers & WTC 7 was Larry Siverstein, close friend of Benjamin Netanyahu. He bought the Towers for a paltry $15 milion but immediately proceeded to insure them for $3.5 BILLION but then decided to include a clause that stated he would be paid double if the Towers were destroyed in a terrorist attack! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I mean if this alone is not the mother of smoking guns then I don’t know what is. Silverstein was paid out some $7 billion & not one insurance company proposed that since so much was at stake, Silverstein should sit a lie-detector test in order to be asked if he had prior knowledge of the attacks. I would have thought if he was innocent he’d have jumped at the chance.

Incredibly the Zionist controlled media as well as the 9/11 Commission which was overseen by arch Zionist Philip Zelicow, never mentioned Silverstein’s outrageous insurance policies. In fact Siverstein’s name was hardly ever mentioned in the media or the 9/11 commission. This is incredible, most especially when considering each & every morning Silverstein had breakfast on the 100th & somethingth floor in one of the Towers, except on the dreaded day he happened not to be there. How fortunate can one be – to get the very terrorist attack to destroy two buildings, one of which he’s always in & this earns him an extra $3.5 billion? You can’t make this up if you tried!

Above all, whoever believes the patently obvious that these buildings were brought down through controlled demolitions must know that security access would be required to rig the buildings with explosives. It’s beyond the boundaries of sanity to think this could occur without Silverstein’s knowledge. Moreover, the fact the media never once mentioned which security firm did such a piss-poor job protecting the Towers raises more eyebrows. A firm called SECURACOM. Oh but guess who headed it – only GW’s brother! Now you know why the media never mentioned it!

For any false flag event to be successfull one requires full media control. However one of the big giveaways was how certain people were conveniently plotted up at every major news outlet to tell us – OSAMA BIN LADEN – HE ALONG WITH MUSLIM TERRORISTS DID THIS. WE NOW HAVE TO FIGHT A WAR ON TERROR! Pretty close to the very words war criminal Ehud Barak used. He was right outside BBC news headquarters. That was lucky too. Jerome Hauer, Zionist Bush insider & arms dealer, was right beside Peter Jennings at ABC or CBC or whatever it was, saying much the same thing as Barak. Think about this: an hour before the attack, those who should have known something, mysteriously claimed they knew nothing yet an hour after the attack, those who should have known something SUDDENLY KNEW EVERYTHING!

Then there’s the slam dunk case of the “dancing Israelis.” When the 2nd plane smashed into the South Tower, people observed a group of men jumping up & down celebrating. Naturally they called the police who duly arrested them. Their van contained explosives so the Police thought what have we got here? These men actually told the Police they were merely there to document the event! OH IS THAT ALL! So they underwent lie-detector test which conclusively proved all of them knew this attack was going to take place.

This is where the whole sordid episode becomes utterly sickening. When hearing of the detainment of these Israelis, the then head of US Homeland Security, arch Zionist Michael Chertoff, immediately had them released & put on a plane to Israel. Adding insult to injury these men then appeared on an Israeli chat show & admitted – THEY WERE THERE TO DOCUMENT THE EVENT! Needless to say, they were treated as heroes! Please, don’t be sick just yet because the worst is to come –

Finally, the day before 9/11 Donald Rumsfeld announced that $2.3 TRILLION of US taxpayer money could not be accounted for in the Pentagon. Head of the Pentagon at the time was Rabbi Dov Zakheim. The timing of this admission couldn’t have been more perfect for the people of America to forget about the fact that over 100 employees had been working in the Budget Analyst Ofice in the Pentagon for the purpose of locating this missing $2.3 trillion. What most people have never been told by the wonderful US media is that even though it was common knowledge a 3rd plane was heading toward the Pentagon, no one deemed it necessary to evacuate the building. Therefore when this alleged terrorist Hanni Hanjour, a guy who couldn’t fly a kite, effected a 540 degree corkscrew turn at full speed to bring the ‘plane’ virtually level with the ground so that it smashed straight into the Budget Analyst office killing all those inside, NO ONE SAID A WORD!

What am I supposed to say – good shot? Or maybe – that was lucky again? Of course no passenger plane could ever perform such a manoeuvre & the damage at the Pentagon conclusively showed no passenger plane ever hit the Pentagon. That’s why all the footage in the 34 CCTV cameras surrounding the Pentagon was confisticated so that people wouldn’t see that what did the damage was a Cruise missile. Most significantly, these Americans working to locate the missing money had been earmarked for death. Not only that, all the evidence they’d collated had to be destroyed. A passenger plane cannot do that. A Cruise Missile can though. Ultimately these people would have proved how courtesy of Dov Zakheim. Israel acquired the 2nd largest air force in the world.

I can go on forever & a day listing more evidence that points to the Zionist hand all over 9/11 but I’ll leave that to those who prefer to conduct their own research. However, I’ll finish off by saying this – the fundamental rule of crime detection is asking Cui Bono – WHO GAINS. This was never once referred to let alone scrutinised. Yet it is unequivocal – since 9/11 America has spent a king’s ransom utilising its military in order to destroy the 7 countries General Wesley Clark revealed would be destroyed in an incredible admission & they all happened to be countries Israel would have loved to see destroyed. Why else on the day of 9/11 would Netanyahu have said “this is good for Israel.”


  • Linda

    Can I just mention that Richard gage for Architects and Engineers for the Truth have a fantastic site full of information, facts and scientific evidence.

  • Linda Mchale

    Brilliant! Why do people still doubt?

    • Thanks Linda. It boils down to 3 things – ignorance, fear & apathy. Ignorance & fear to some extent I understand but apathy is the bane of mankind. The ‘I’m alright, screw everything else’ attitude typifies everything bad about the human race.

  • Tom Morrice

    Since Secret Service has only one job..protect the president.. why wasn’t Bush taken immediately to a bunker after the first plane hit , the nation clearly under attack .. even after the second hit he remained at the school in Sarasota .. clearly showing they knew he was not a target.

    • Tom that’s right but ultimately what happened to US civil air defense. The truth is no terrorist would ever attempt something like 9/11 because they know no hijacked plane would be allowed to fly around willy-nilly so as to pick its target. Withing 5 minutes 2 F16’s would be either side of the hijacked planes. The moment it looks like a plane is heading for downtown Manhattan, it would be shot down. There’s no argument about this yet the media never once mentioned how these planes were ALLOWED to hit their targets!

  • PS – There are 10 videos I made regarding 9/11 under false flag attacks. I tried to cover most aspects of the disaster, though they were made quite some time ago.

  • Looks like enough evidence to throw a hell of a lot of criminals in jail. That would be too easy a sentence for the traitors! Don’t they hang them?

  • You say no passenger plane could make the maneuver that flight 77 allegedly made before hitting the Pentagon. The standpoint of Pilots for 9/11 Truth is that the maneuver WAS within the range of what was possible for the plane, although it would have been extremely difficult for a human pilot to carry it out.

    • At that speed impossible! When planes are coming in to land the air resistance is far greater. Passenger planes cannot travel at 400 mph 100 feet above the ground. The plane would literally break up. Moreover how could a passenger plane smash into the ground floor of the Pentagon without harming a blade of grass?

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