When are we going to realise Media barons are committing crimes against humanity?

40 years ago I was working for a Jewellery firm in Piccadilly Circus. At the time the IRA was conducting a bombing campaign in central London. There were policemen on every corner. It was unsettling more than scary but who needed this. You could be walking down the street & suddenly it’s all she wrote! In the office one day a few of us were chatting about this dilemma – what could we do to stop it? Very little it seemed. ‘Don’t make the bombers want to bomb you’, someone said. Well that for some reason didn’t go down well. I, however, thought he made a good point & I told him so later.


At school one of the few topics I enjoyed studying was how the problem between Protestants & Catholics started in Northern Ireland. From a young age I was mystified as to why few people had any idea how Protestants ever came to dominate Northern Ireland. Though trouble started before this, way back in the mid 16th century, Cromwell was unable to pay his army so he simply donated most of Ulster to his soldiers. The protestants as a result became land owners who were quite happy to be ruled by Westminster. Now in those days, whoever had power, totally & utterly abused it. So what you effectively had was an occupying force treating the indigenous population atrociously, very similar to how the Israelis treat the Palestinians today.


But most people don’t realise the pain & suffering goes back 400 odd years. Moreover, when the people were left with no choice but to rebel, some of the things that bastard Cromwell did simply beggared belief. The brutality actually made the IDF look tame! He ordered that every living creature was to be killed in two towns – Wessex & Drogheda. This would teach them a lesson. In any case, most Catholics in Ireland had a meagre existence. Their main diet was potato. So when the great Irish potato famine struck in the 1840’s, 1000’s upon 1000’s literally starved to death. The UK Prime Minister Sir Robert Peel had to act. One way was by repealing the Corn Laws so that the starving could at least eat, only for another bastard Disraeli to split the Tory party over this issue. God knows how many people starved to death.


This led to a mass exodus. 1000’s of Irish families realised they had no future & so boarded ships to America. The fact that most folk were badly undernourished when they boarded these ships resulted in most of them being thrown overboard. It has been said that out of every 100 folk, ONLY 3 SURVIVED THE JOURNEY. However, Nature’s sieve was at work here. Of the 3 that survived you can be sure there existed a toughness, a will to live that set them apart from the rest. Out of the carnage, as generations passed, Irish Americans emerged to become wealthy & powerful. One such family was the Kennedy’s. No surprise Irish Americans never forgot what their ancestors had been through. No surprise therefore money was sent & an organisation to fight was formed – the IRA!


So I was surprised these relatively intelligent people reacted like that. How can anyone only look at one side of the story? This is the height of ignorance. The IRA weren’t putting bombs in shops because they wanted to. This was the only option left to them. People should research & learn just how atrociously English landlords treated Catholics. You will be amazed at what went on. Those who only listen to the media are blithering idiots. Anyway going back to our little conflab I said ‘why do we publicise terrorist acts? We should try placing a total news blackout on anything the IRA does. See what happens.’ They looked at me as if I was mad. I said, ‘aren’t they looking for publicity? Well, why give it to them?’ I promise this is absolutely true & to this day I believe I made a valid point.


Now fast forward to this morning: I was sent this clip by my old buddy Ted Duggan. For me the media is complicit. How often have I said they’re not just responsible for inciting hate; they’re deliberately trying to create division! Why do people have a problem with this? The entire mass-media is owned by Zionists & their motto is Divide & Conquer for crying out loud! This is exactly what they’re doing & it couldn’t be more obvious! Thank you Ted for sending this mate because it’s taken 40 years for me to realise I was right when I said ‘cut the publicity. Listen to what this Forensic Psychiatrist Dr. PARK DEITZ says. This man has consulted or testified in many of the highest profile US criminal cases but what does the media do – THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF WHAT THE EXPERT SAYS! Well done Charlie Brooker too for saying it how it is……





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