When & if we destroy ourselves there will be no higher order shedding of cosmic tear!

FB is far more suited for captions whereas each post on my website requires at least 300 words. Don’t ask me why – I’m still learning about this here animal. In fact in my early FB years it used to drive me round the bend – I’d spend ages putting a decent article together about some important news item & it would do okay. Of course in the early days on FB, one kept a beady eye on Likes & Shares. Now, I pay no such attention to stats. Whatever will be, will be. What’s the point of giving yourself brain damage, especially when you know if ever you criticize Israel or say Netanyahu’s seriously got a screw loose, your post, traction-wise, goes into snail’s funeral mode! 


Tiger tiger burning bright


As I was saying, then I’d post a caption & suddenly the likes & shares would go through the roof. I could understand why but when you’re a writer/analyst it hardly gives one incentive to graft one’s butt off the next day! I started writing on FB Oct 2011 – on the 12th Feb 2012, I posted this caption & I couldn’t believe what I saw when I switched on the computer the next day – 

Before - After!


– ALMOST 2000 Likes & over 1200 Shares! I thought I’ve arrived. Put pen to paper for 6 hours – when I finished I thought, now this will make the sparks fly – by the end of the night the piece got 23 Likes. Bit of a kick in the ging-gang goolies! I’ve come to believe the more you yearn for Likes & Shares, the harder you try in all the wrong areas. End result – you end up going backwards. Screw the stats! I just concentrate on trying to put out a quality post where I feel I’ve given it my best shot. That’s all you can do. The rest will take care of itself, oh & by the way – trying to boost your numbers by increasing one’s output is counter-productive. Concentrate on quality – not quantity. I’d much rather read one excellent piece than 5 average ones.


My pet!


Naughty pussies!




Right I don’t know if I’ve got the 300 words out the way but today my great & gorgeous friend, Estonian bombshell Kristiine Salumets sent me this brilliant caption. We’re both cat lovers though I look upon all creatures as amazing by-products/gifts of a Universe where Nature has to patiently sit & wait, like an ethereal bystander for that one in a billion moment – where the conditions are right & suddenly Nature has the opportunity to display its outlandish array of talents. It’s almost as if Nature shows off perhaps hoping that cognizant creatures may one day emerge & so recognize its mind-boggling achievements. Nature may well be the only appropriate description of God but even something so wondrously responsible for ‘everything’ needs at least a little recognition, surely?


Thanks Kristiine x – 

Bad Cat!


They have no problem living together & they’re different species. We struggle in every department here – 


Not quite the 3 bears!


Lovely pussies!


Every which way!


Dog Cat


Well though this time around Nature may have got its wish – of the billions of life-forms, only one has managed to work out how Nature conducts almost every aspect of it’s business, right back to the primordial milliseconds when the Universe first erupted into life some 13.7 billion years ago. Yet I can’t help but feel Nature is somewhat nonplussed – a creature so capable of recognizing the impossible Universe is so callous, devious, evil, incredibly greedy, so foolishly short-sighted & above all displays such a wanton disregard to the crucial life cycle & the fact existence itself demands balance. But then, does Nature even care?


Wild Cats!


Go pussy go!


More lions


I’ve often pondered over this conundrum & the only conclusion that seems to make any sense is this – we inherited life by chance. We never asked such favors. Therefore it’s perfectly logical to assume we owe nothing! The rules are our rules. Of course that’s not to say a species can afford to make bad decisions. In fact it goes without saying creatures that consistently make the right choices inevitably will enhance their long-term prospects for survival. Thus looking after the planet & all other life forms has to be an infinitely more suitable approach than the dreadful one these wealthy morons have adopted, no?


Hamster gone!

You deleted me



What a sad indictment of mankind. Name a creature that’s not on the endangered list? We’re the great destroyers! And so I conclude since Nature allows us to build nuclear weapons & since Nature itself is ultimately responsible for a species that sees fit to allow depraved lunatics like Netanyahu the opportunity to even get near to the red button, then I’m pretty sure Nature doesn’t give a shit if we destroy ourselves. IT’S UP TO US….. for it’s a cast-iron guarantee – when & if we destroy ourselves there will be no higher order shedding of cosmic tear!


Up yours pussy-cats!







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