When Is A War Crime Not A War Crime? When Israel Commits It!

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When Is A War Crime Not A War Crime? When Israel Commits It!

Whatsupic — Four kids playing football on a beach are targeted and killed. Not that Israel ever cared about killing children because on average one Palestinian child has been killed every 3 days FOR THE LAST 14 YEARS! I don’t want to hear what Israel says; I didn’t want to hear what they said 30 years ago. Sickening enough the media donates a platform to a pathological liar like Mark Regev, who as per usual blames Hamas. The Israelis pull the trigger but it’s always someone else’s fault. Yet does it make any difference when video footage leaves Israel with nowhere to go? NOT ONE BIT! The world sits idly by and so no surprise Israel continues to commit one atrocity after another. Then adding insult to injury, after the Israelis display a capacity for cruelty, almost as if their aim is to be recognised as the most vicious, spiteful race, even when moderate criticism is levelled their way, the response is vitriolic!  

How often do we hear or mutter the line ‘what kind of a world do we live in?’ Imagine this scenario in a court of law: In the dock, a mass-murderer is explaining himself. Here the accused is allowed to make up any cock and bull story. The families of the victims have to sit and listen to this concoction of  fairy-tales. This mass-murderer has an unchallenged platform but then suddenly the accused surprises everyone by saying “your honor. It was all their fault. I was only defending myself. This is my right. I have to defend myself. If you could only see how every day these people attack me. They want to kill me. They want to wipe me off the map. In fact your honor, these animals are guilty of the very thing I’ve been wrongly accused of!”

As the prosecutor gets up the judge says, “what nasty victims we have here. Mr. Prosecutor, I don’t want to hear your side of the story. It’s irrelevant. In any case, you’re not allowed to criticise this man. It would be anti mass-murderer. You don’t want me to be accusing you of being anti-mass-murderer, do you? Well then.” Taken aback the prosecutor says “but your honor, he made all these claims, without presenting a shred of evidence. How can you take for gospel what he says? Where’s his evidence? He’s alive and the people he’s accusing are all dead!” The judge says “he doesn’t need evidence. I believe everything this man says. Can’t you see he’s telling the truth. He had to defend himself. He’s the victim. In fact, you know what I think you should do? You should apologise to him! Not guilty. Court dismissed.”

Sounds daft doesn’t it? Well, show me one segment of this fictitious scenario that doesn’t apply for both the Israelis as the mass-murderer and the Palestinians as the victim. This is the world we live in. Not one iota of this court case analogy fails to apply. What’s worse, Israel will not stop! This is what happens when criminality isn’t punished. Of course none of this could have ever occurred had Zionists not infiltrated the upper echelons of US power. It was the US veto at the UN which effectively gave Israel this licence to continually flout international law. Small wonder, pilage and murder is second nature for them now. They’ve been at it ever since Israel’s inception in 1948 when 52% of Palestine was donated to the Zionists. How would the Brits have felt if America donated 52% of the UK to the Zionists? No one ever mentions this.

Since politicians are bought and paid for, decent folk had no option but to take matters into their own hands by boycotting Israeli products. As a result the BDS movement is gaining momentum hand over fist. I’d love to believe more people than ever realise finally we’re doing something the Israelis don’t like & there is very little they can do about it! The Israelis are hurting but it’s nowhere near enough. Spreading the word is rule No.1 but we also have to be wise to their tricks because they’ll utilise every stroke in the book & they’ll do so until they’ve solved the problem. One such move I’m sure is already in the pipeline – make us believe we’re buying produce from Haiti, when in reality we’re buying products from you know where!

The key here though is, we are the ones doing this. We don’t need no poxy UN or bent politicians who are all mouth and no trousers to do what they should be doing. The decision to act is ours and it explains why the Israelis are now showing out like never before, pushing their puppets in the US, Canada, UK and France to do the unthinkable – to outlaw the BDS movement. In fact traitors like Cameron are scheming to usher in laws criminalising criticism of Israel. Harper already has! What I can’t understand is why hasn’t Harper been arrested for Treason? It is our right to say what we like. It’s our right to spend our money where we want. If Israel doesn’t like it, the solution’s very simple – behave like human beings. Stop flouting international law. Stop trying to wipe the Palestinians off the map! 

What’s so infuriating about this is for years we relied on our politicians but when a UN resolution demanded Israel return the Golan Heights to Syria. which they stole in 1967, ever since they’ve refused to give it back. All we’ve seen is plenty of talk, never any action, simply because Zionists have always been able to bribe, coerce, threaten or kill anyone they so choose. The UN as well as countless Western politicians are slaves to Israel. The BDS movement is the only thing we’ve got. We’re not the criminals. If ever good was fighting evil, here it was, in a nutshell. The trouble is, with Israelis displaying such pig-headed arrogance and with Netanyahu insisting a two-state solution is out of the question, for the near future at least, it hardly bodes well.  

If no one stops the Zionists, they will not stop! I’ve said it a million times and I’ll keep saying this until I croak! Their power base is increasing. It has to grow. If it doesn’t, for whatever reason, it’s unlikely to survive. This is an entity built solely for expansion. I’ve often referred to Zionism as a virulent carcinogenic strain running through mankind. This process of enslavement will only stop when there’s no one left to answer to OR WHEN THERE’S NO ONE LEFT! This is their goal, whether you like it or not, they’re going for it. Frankly I’m astonished so few people realise that Zionists are to all intents and purposes behind all the skulduggery going on today. The trouble is, they will not stop until they are the despotic lords of the planet.

Therefore, it’s imperative countries under the Zionist thumb are forced to undergo chemotherapy. Every cell infected by this virulent carcinogenic strain has to be neutralised, ie all the dual national Zionists, all their puppets, purged, so that finally mankind can work toward a political system where money is never able to talk again. However unlikely this may seem, only when this occurs will we be able to make decisions for the greater good. Alternative cures, easy on the body and gentle on the mind aren’t worth a bar of soap. We’ve let this cancer grow for way too long and therefore it’s inevitable, we’re going to have pay a big price, whether we like it or not. The only question is how big that price is going to be!


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