When is the UK public going to realise crooks like Osborne & Cameron are selling off what’s ours, BUT WE’RE NOT THE ONES BEING PAID!

This piece of shit Osborne should be in jail. Him & Cameron have already cheated the UK public out of £1.3 billion when they deliberately under-priced the shares of Royal Mail. Now that Zionist bankers rigged our election to get these scumbags back in, we’re going to see skulduggery that will make the Royal Mail rip off look like a warm up!


George Osborne

George Osborne


Look what they’ve got planned for RBS? What’s the point of using our money to bail out these crooks only to sell the company off at a massive loss? Why didn’t they just let the company die like it should have? You know why? Because they wanted to steal our money & now they’re going to do it again.

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