Where is Eric Braverman & Marc Turi?

If there’s one thing you can say about the entire mainstream media – all it does is tell lies. Truth is non-existent. Most strikingly, the media has refrained altogether from investigating the one crucial facet of crime fighting – FOLLOWING THE MONEY! What amazes me more than anything is no one ever says a word about this. We can send rockets to all parts of the solar system but we can’t ask patently obvious questions? Small wonder we’re in the khazi!


I’ve bust a gut trying to spread the word about the Clintons – they really are the most despicable people imaginable. America’s demise stems back to the very days of its independence where several individuals or should I say traitors conspired within America to hand power to the vicious Rothschild banking cartel. The Clintons are part & parcel of this clan of traitors. Others may have killed more; who knows what Hillary could have done but I maintain that Bill Clinton’s repealing of the Telecommunications & Glass/Steagal Acts alone – well, the damage that’s been done is incalculable.


And all the while, they have been feeding themselves in the most outrageous manner. The ever-swelling coffers of the Clinton foundation is testament to this. There has never been a more obvious case of selling policy to the highest bidder. For the Clintons, it mattered not who they did favors for. You could be Genghis Khan or Stalin for all they cared! Most significantly, America’s interests or its people didn’t enter the equation. No surprise, those now trying to expose the ungodly level of skulduggery involved in the Clinton foundation are now suddenly vanishing into thin air! Thanks to Rebekah Roth for sending me this excellent clip (11.10).



If you wish to learn more about this Rebekah informed me a chap named George Webb is the man in the know. I had a quick glance through his site & he’s made quite a few videos regarding the Clinton foundation. We simply have to spread the word for these are the kind of people America & the so-called free word have had calling the shots. It really does take some believing.


Thanks to Jack Jones for this brilliant caption……



My friend Zakk Aryas commented on the piece above. He said –
“podesta/pizza-gate is one of the hell gates used to entrap/enlist politicians/influential people on the “synagogue of satan” ‘s club!
I responded –
Exactly right Zakk. Rebekah sent me a load of material linked to this regarding rampant pedophilia. I simply didn’t have the time to go through it all but having just done so, it’s shocking to say the least. Of course, for years I’ve maintained in their plan for world domination, the Rothschilds knew the best way to ensure favors & indeed possess total control over politicians & leading officials, was to effectively bankroll sexual deviants & perverts so that they were the ones who attained higher office. Most importantly, the media, which is under their control, would never reveal the truth, that is, unless a particular official turned out to be insubordinate. The media would ensure these evil child-molesters would never face prosecution.
This is exactly what has occurred & significantly, it explains why there exists an inordinate number of pedophiles in higher office throughout the world. Thankfully, there have been several prosecutions. Rebekah sent me this link & while it was somewhat pleasing to see hefty convictions, this was short-lived because the descriptions of some of their crimes was truly shocking. It must be said too, not nearly enough of these vermin have been locked up & worse still several brave folk who tried to blow the whistle on this institutionalised pedophilia ended up paying the ultimate price. In England the wonderful news presenter Jill Dando was executed because the power-brokers had to protect these filthy child abusers. Just take a look at this link…..

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