‘Which side are you fighting for?’ Russia Blasts US for Refusing to Share ISIS Intelligence.

And small wonder the media has all gone quiet. Suddenly they don’t want to mention ISIS! And I don’t think I’m even sticking my neck out here by saying ‘you know what they’re probably thinking now? WHAT THE NEXT MASSIVE LIE IS GOING TO BE! You can be sure too, right now the Israelis are plotting & scheming as to how they can wrestle back the initiative. In the meantime Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov said –

just confirms once more what we knew from the very start, that the US goals in Syria have little to do with creating the conditions for a political process and national reconciliation.


My feeling is with Netanyahu recently showing everyone at the UN he’s gone stark raving mad, I’m certain someone’s had a quiet word in this maniac’s ear & told him to keep it shut. Any major false flag event now would be way too obvious & with a reluctant President almost in his final year & the strong likelihood the best choice for Israel will be given the most votes & thus the Presidency in Nov 2016, I feel it’s unlikely anything untoward is going to happen before then. However, with Israel being a law unto itself & a lunatic like Netanyahu at the helm, who knows?


The Russians will know all this. They know they’ve properly snookered the Israelis. It’s not America – it’s the Zionists. If Americans had their way, none of this would be happening. Therefore my feeling is Putin knows they have to make hay while the sun shines. Sure they’ll be looking to eradicate ISIS altogether & by doing so they’ll be doing all of us a massive favor as well as putting egg on the face of traitors like Cameron who for no good reason made an enemy out of Russia.


Russian Spetsnaz has been ordered to Syria –



But they’ll want to do a lot more. World powers have always sought to exploit weaker countries. Stealing the resources of other countries is literally a human trait – if we can, we take, no matter what! However, I can’t think of a time where along with this goal came the direct strategy of laying entire countries to waste. This refugee problem was deliberately caused to create turmoil in every major European country, while the media used to turn the uninitiated against the poor unfortunates. As Putin so rightly said – 


The Russians & I’m sure the Chinese know they simply have to play a far more active role on the world stage. Above all there has to be balance. We cannot suffer this situation where wars can be conjured out of thin air due to media lies that are repeated over & over again. We need to have a independent UN – not one that acts on 2 UN resolutions born of Zionist lies as with Iraq, only to ignore the 66 wholly justifiable UN resolutions slapped against Israel. I sincerely hope Putin creates a situation where the West has no option but to take a serious look at itself & perhaps turn this awful chapter in our history.


  • The U.S. will not share intelligence with Russia on ISIS because: – Like I have said, and repeated several times right here;
    “ISIS is the creation of the U.S. (most likely the CIA) and the Western Alliances: fronted by the U.N. with London at the helm”..
    That is the secret reason why the U.S. does not attack ISIS. Russia must realize this by now, and that is the reason Putin has confronted the U.S. about the “sharing of intelligence”.on ISIS. Putin demands an explanation, which he will not get, so it is “Cat and Mouse” time between East and West with the Middle East being destroyed “as planned”.
    I suggest everyone should read ISIS UNVEILED followed by two volumes called “THE SECRET DOCTRINE written by Madame Blavatsky, a Russian woman who came to the U.S. in the early 1900s..
    I read these books back in the 1980s and they changed my outlook on Americas’ role in worldly affairs as the world’s leader gained by worldly WARS every cycle of 9 years starting in 1914.
    We are now facing WW3 with my prediction – back at the end of 2013 0f – “UKRAINE BEING SELECTED – BY THE WESTERN ALLIANCES FRONTED BY THE U.N. AS THE WW3 COLD WAR BETWEEN RUSSIA AND THE U.S” with the revolution starting in Ukraine within two months thereafter., and still going. .


    • You put me in a difficult situation Jack. You’re making a prediction. I do that all the time But why are you asking me if what you say will be mentioned? You should know however many times you’re right about predictions, very few people ever say GOD DID YOU CALL THAT RIGHT! However woe betide the one time you’re wrong people will queue up to tell you you blew it! This is human nature. Over 3 years ago I predicted exactly what would happen in the UK elections. I said it’s already been decided – Cameron will win the next election. The media would wrap Cameron in cotton wool. None of his gaffs would ever be highlighted while his opponents would be tripped up at every opportunity. I then listed 20 examples where the media could have buried Cameron. I said they would make out it was close all the way up to election day when it was anything but. Then in the last minute they would donate Cameron a majority – like as if I read it from a book. Not one person on FB said ‘wow. You called that right. It’s human nature. Also the more you try to ram things down people’s throats the more they try to impersonate a mule. I don’t worry about my readership. I write & if people want to read fine. If they don’t, fine also!

    • aj hollis

      WWIII started when WWII came to a close., if it ever really did. WWIII always was going to a world revolution but sadly the parasite caste have been attacking an enamy from so many fronts the few are even aware they are victims of this war. Armed Constitutional US militia are our best hope, if we don’t kick the whores off the throne in Washington humanity will be out matched by technology. As it is now Worldwide drone and more importantly anti drone technology needs to be developed at every level (organic,nano, virtual and mechanical) by the resistance. The new republic can bring down the house cards decimate the power of the money lenders, only then can we start to deal with the real problems created within human consciousenss

      • I agree AJ. And WWII started when WWI came to a close, all in accordance with Albert Pike’s plan for the Rothschilds to create an Illuminati/NWO in the mid 19th century. I think we need a modern-day equivalent of the French Revolution especially in America. All those who’ve stolen billions & trillions have to be rounded up & left to rot in jail until they give back every penny they’ve stolen. The money lenders have to be stripped of their wealth. The people will only be taking back what’s rightly their’s.

  • Susan Fowler

    Israel was created to gain control over the U.S. .It isn’t a homeland; it isn’t fulfilling prophecy by building “Greater Israel”, it isn’t a democratic ally in the Middle East. When Israel is ready it will pit the U.S. against Russia and the West will have its third fratricidal war. Guess who will sit it out and be ready to pick up the pieces? And who will make us believe that Jews were not the instigators, but the only victims of that war? It isn’t if, but when, so it appears that they are not quite ready.

    • I agree with you 100% Susan. Only when people really do their homework do they finally realise who is the cause for both world wars & all the trouble since. Their crimes are on a level unparalleled ^ being the gangsters they are they spit blood like dragons when anyone tries to expose them. I can handle the Zionists. What drives me nuts are the morons who can’t see the wood from the trees. I think however Israel is fast being found out.

  • Jon de Kerguelen

    I agree with you both. I wish I could only do more to expose these evil bastards. But it’s difficult to undo 50 plus years of brain washing. All I can do is work on one person at a time. Most people simply find it too hard to beleve that there exists such a blatantly evil group of people who have so much hate, etc. I thank-you both my friends, as well as my current hero Sir Putin.

    • You’re doing just fine Jon. One person at a time is the way. Never think I wish I could only do more. That way one tends to over-reach. Your job is to plant a seed. Get people thinking. Never get involved in arguments & waste energy with no-hopers. Sometimes having a simple map to show how much land the Israelis have stolen from the Palestinians is all one needs. Just in case you don’t know there are two videos which are both originally radio speeches – 1961 Benjamin Freedman & 1967 Myron Fagan. They explain everything & they’re both on my website.

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