While the West specialises in propping up evil dictatorships, assassinating good leaders has been common practice for America

Yesterday I put together a post entitled ‘Now Libya is seeking Russia’s help.’ Six months earlier similar rumblings were heard in Iraq. Then I got kind of sidetracked mainly because I couldn’t stop thinking about what these bastards have done to Libya. Putin’s words were ringing in my ears – ‘DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE DONE?’ And all the while I couldn’t get out of my head how that murderous bitch Hillary had the nerve to joke about Gaddafi’s death & consequent destruction of Libya by saying – ‘we came; we saw; he died!’ How can anyone be so delusional to promote their unbridled cruelty in full public gaze?
I believe this is as bad as it gets for what bigger crime is there than to destroy a prosperous country that’s attacked no one & committed no crime? But for the media to then laugh about this outrageous violation of national sovereignty & international law? Mere words cannot describe this travesty. I cannot forget too how I fell out with a Jewish lady I’d known for 45 years over Gaddafi. At one time I loved the girl. She knew I had what to her were controversial views but I’ll never forget how she blew her top when I told her Gaddafi was actually a good guy. She really thought I’d lost it! I haven’t spoken to her since & I’m pretty sure I never will.
My good friend Thomas Noll commented on the piece saying – ‘I also shared this article. This kind of information NEEDS to be shared.’ He’s right because I can’t think of another case where the media has been as successful & it’s just criminal how so few people are aware of his achievements. Just about everyone I’ve ever known believes Gaddafi was a nasty piece of work. Much as people are beginning to realise the media’s full of shit, most folk still have no idea he was a great leader who’d transformed his country & with the man-made river he was about to achieve what was considered impossible. So I responded to Thomas’s comment by saying –
‘It sure does Tom. I believe the very nature of politics, the fact we live in a world where money talks makes it nigh on impossible for truly honest folk to become leaders. You simply have to have it in you to unceremoniously crush anyone who gets in your way, right or wrong. This requires zero conscience & a total lack of empathy. This most especially applies in the world’s wealthiest & most powerful nations. Sure there’s the odd leader who wants to do their level best for their people like Uruguay’s 40th President Jose Mujica who incredibly took 1/10th of the wages he was entitled to. Ahmadinejad was another one who was happy to live a modest lifestyle. South America has had more than its fair share of great men who’ve been taken out by the CIA because they wouldn’t play ball. The sad truth is, when this is the case, the Zionist controlled media never tell us the truth. Revealing how decent & honest leaders wholeheartedly accept they’re mere public servants would well & truly show up Western leaders for the corrupt garbage they are. However, if I had to pick a leader who couldn’t have had more lies told about him, Gaddafi is the one for me who sticks out like a sore thumb. His achievement of so dramatically improving his people’s standard of living & crucially his vision should have been a shining example of how great leaders can propel their country forward. If only we knew just how much mankind is being held back.’




Finally on the day I hear our pathetic Zionist traitor of a Prime Minister Theresa May intends to pass laws outlawing criticism of the most evil nation on the planet – Israel, I thought I’d include a couple of pieces I wrote a while back. The temerity of her to continue to wage war against Syria while meeting up & cutting deals with the leaders of far more brutal regimes of Saudi Arabia & Bahrain is simply beyond the pale. Describing this treachery as mere double standards is inappropriate. We should be up in arms. Short of Stalin, Mao Zedong, Pol Pot or Mugabe, we couldn’t have worse leaders.
I wrote ‘Democracy is Good for Syria, but NOT for Bahrain‘ on Dec 15 2013 – 


& ‘Nearly Every Conflict in The World Since the End of WW II can in Some Way, Shape or Form be Traced Back to Washington DC on July 28 2014 –


While the West specialises in propping up evil dictatorships, the latter goes some way in showing how assassinating good leaders has been common practice for America. We really do live in a sick world.





  • Sam

    Hi Michael, Even more so than usual, I couldn’t be more in agreement with you, the mountains of shit and blatant propaganda that our media assail us with make my blood boil! On another note, PayPal have cancelled my monthly donation to you again but they won’t prevail, I’ll just do it manually if they can’t be trusted, fuck ’em!

    • Thanks Sam. You’re a true gent. I just sent you an email because I was wondering if Paypal w\as playing games again. As for the article, what astonishes me more than anything – so many people still don’t see what’s so patently obvious.

  • butch

    There is only the people to blame! They didnt pay attention to who was controlling the MEDIA–MILITARY–AND THE POLITICIANS, who are Zionists and thats the problems! ALL OF THE MEDIA ARE ZIONISTS, You have to make sure it is a FREE and impartial media! They ALL OF THEM HAVE DUAL CITIZENSHIP–GUESS WITH WHAT COUNTRY? Even half of the politicians!!

    • Butch – you are 100% correct & now that these villains have all the power, they want to make it illegal for us to criticise them. It’s like lambs being led to the slaughter. The very essence of democracy is to be able to question anything.

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