White House Humiliated!

I remember back in 1987, I read an article in Business Week where Joe Biden announced he would throw his hat in the ring for the 1988 Democratic presidential nomination. Over 4 years of reading this magazine week in & week out, I kept no more than 10 articles. It goes without saying, most especially among politicians, talk is cheap, yet so impressed was I with Biden’s words, I actually cut out the piece & have kept it to this day.


So all those years later, when I heard Obama had picked Biden as his running mate, I thought good choice – not that I wanted Obama. Ron Paul was my man but he was cheated out of the Presidency thanks to media skulduggery & Zionist vote rigging. However, when Obama made that superb ‘yes we can’ inaugural speech, I couldn’t help but feel this has got to be a step in the right direction. Considering how awful GW Bush was, I’m sure most of us were thinking along the same lines.


So almost 8 years ago if someone told me Obama & Biden would be occupying the White House up until the end of 2016, only to end up in the calamitous situation we are now, I’d have honestly thought that that person must be in cloud-cuckoo land! But then again, if the Zionists used Obama to effectively nullify what would have been 8 years of President Ron Paul, there was every reason to believe they’d already factored in the notion Obama could be got at.


Israel's lackey!


As much as I feel Obama’s inaugural speech was genuine, I should have known better thinking Obama could be the knight in shining armor, yet never in my wildest dreams did I imagine this is where we’d be after his two stints. Sure. We know of the untold pressure Zionists exert but a President still has to do they want. One should bear in mind too, before Obama entered the White House, US citizens had long since passed the point of being fed up with Zionist influence. Ron Paul’s incredible popularity was based on 3 key points –


1) Bringing a halt to the cycle of endless wars.

2) Abolishing the Zionist controlled Federal Reserve Board.

3) Placing the interests of America & it’s citizens first.


Obama literally capitulated to Israel’s demands. Only on Iran did he stand firm yet, typifying their spiteful, vindictive ways, this alone was enough to incur Zionist wrath. Obama knew he cheated Ron Paul. Therefore, as far as I’m concerned he’s getting everything he deserves. If he wanted to go down in history, he should have fallen on his sword. So thanks to Paul Stewart for this clip from News Politics, which I have to say, has quite a few interesting links.


Putin Releases Video of Obama – White House Humiliated!



Russia made it abundantly clear that they have no respect for Barack Obama on Friday morning when a video of the American president depicted as a murderous devil was projected on buildings in Moscow. The video was accompanied by a message that Obama needs to be tried in international court.


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