Who is pushing the narrative & why?

Thanks to Marcus Nicolas Flint for highlighting something I believe is crucial. He asks – ‘who is pushing the narrative & why?’ So I wrote -perhaps people need to ask – WHO IS ABLE TO PUSH THE NARRATIVE? Why is it many folk seem to think it’s ridiculous to even ask such a question? If let’s say the Armenians, Mongolians or anyone for that matter wanted to fool people en mass so as to get them to think a certain way, what would they have to control to ensure ‘their narrative’ is the only version of the story that hits the airwaves?


What does it take to realise the only people who could even consider the assassination of JFK or 9/11 are those who were in no doubt the media would steer clear from the truth & thus pave the way for a cover up which ultimately would guarantee the conspirators their goal? These events were a total success & it could have only happened because the real culprits control corporate media from top to bottom. Well, we know who they are & it doesn’t just stop at a few Zionists. It goes all the way to the top to the Rothschild banking dynasty.
Therefore, whatever the media says has to be viewed with the utmost scepticism. Moreover, such are the resources of these Zionists, this includes anything that isn’t seriously censored on the Internet. So a rule of thumb worth following – listen to those subjected to intolerable pressure ie those who are incarcerated, hounded out of their jobs & generally censored the most, for you can be sure all this is happening because these people tend to be speaking the truth! The question folk should be asking is what is the goal of the ruling elite? Then, when one works back from this, everything that’s occurring today, slowly but surely becomes patently obvious.


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