Who Made Coronavirus? Was It the U.S., Israel or China Itself? By Philip Giraldi

I know I’m going overkill on this but I think there’s good reason to, after all, this alleged virus could kill untold millions. Also I’ve got all the respect in the world for Philip Giraldi. Here’s his take on it at the Strategic Culture Foundation

If you happen to be a touch inquisitive, in other words being a member of another 1% club, a few questions should be springing to mind. Some answers are obvious, such as whether this so-called Corona outbreak was deliberately unleashed on an unsuspecting public?

Answer – an emphatic YES! If you don’t realise this then you really are living in cloud cuckoo land!

Another question – Why China? If this was deliberate & Wuhan was, after all, chosen to be China’s pilot city for 5G, then it’s certainly possible, like 9/11, this could have been an inside job. Certainly after watching Brenden O’Connell’s latest video it all but appears Bejing & Tel Aviv are in cahoots, though don’t expect anyone in the MSM to tell you that.

Another question – WHO DID THIS? I’ve already answered this in previous posts. Once again the answer couldn’t be more obvious. Once again failure to realise this means you must be somewhere in CC land….

Yet in many ways you can answer this question by asking another one – which country has the 2nd most infected people?


In all the towns in all the world? I’m sorry but if people don’t think this is somewhat of an eye-opener then it’s a case of ‘switch off the machine doctor. The brain’s gone!’ How can anyone not be suspicious? I do not believe in coincidences, not like this. An Iranian friend reliably informed me all sorts of shit is going on in Iran. What am I supposed to say? How convenient? Of course if the same thing was occurring in Israel then I’d be confused!


  • Ted Duggan

    Their screwing the last screw in the coffin lid, the reason all those FEMA camps were built is finally coming to fruit …., yet the sheeple are still asleep….,,, This is going to be too late when waking up the masses

  • Horseman

    It’s airborne HIV as the Indian scientist said it was

  • b rian

    Just as the Bio-Lytton labs made the AIDS virus as Henry Kissenger said to rid the world of the homosexual problem, so Bill gates owns the labs that made the Corona virus Bill Gates at the Bilderberg conference said he would build this virus, the Duke of Edinburgh said if he had to come back it would be in the form of a virus to kill off humanity.
    Most labs are owned by the Rockefella corp.
    Moshe Solomons said on radio the jews intend to kill 40% to 70% of the worlds population
    what is left will be their slaves

  • Eileen

    All part of the plan to reduce population, no doubt.

    • Well they’ve boasted enough about it Eileen. I mean what is so unbelievable about this god forsaken world is all the horrendous crimes that have been committed are so obviously down to our bent leaders being in the hands of power-mad, half-crazed Zionist banksters.

  • P

    Has anybody asked why its olny targeted certain gene’s and members of the same family are contracting it
    Or is this just another lie.
    Think who is needed and who isn’t
    Guess what we’re not

  • code_warrior

    Perhaps the NWO crowd doesn’t like America being great again so they unleashed a virus to cause mass hysteria fueled by the news media to kill the economy and blame the president for it going to hell.. (eye roll)

    • America is the most in debt country in the world. The dollar is technically worthless & the country itself is controlled by the Zionists just as the UK is. America will never re establish itself because the Zionist cancer has spread too far. The only chance we all have is if the American people rise up & seize back power, All the dual National Zionists as well as all the American traitors have to be locked up. The media & the judicial system has to be put right. Only then can some good come out of all this. If they have their way they will kill most of us through forced vaccinations.

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