Who REALLY wants to stay in the EU?

Most of my FB friends & followers are from the States. Time & again I’ve stated if Americans don’t somehow take their country back, then the chances are, us lot in Europe will follow suit. In principal, there’s little wrong with this view. To rid ourselves of the hidden tier of power that controls government I still believe America remains the key. However, thanks to this EU referendum, I’m now modifying my position. In fact I’m beginning to think they may concentrate on locking down Europe first. Why? Because there’s a huge difference between the US & Europe –


Moreover, all the major shootings in the U.S. in the past 4 years which many folk, myself included, believe were false flags events designed to create a climate where Americans would grudgingly accept the erosion of their 2nd Amendment rights, have seriously backfired. If anything this has merely served to strengthen the resolve of US citizens that their right to keep & bear arms, cannot be infringed. In short, sales of guns & ammunition have gone through the roof! Let’s analyze this –


We had a spate of shootings in the US. Each time the media went into Defcon 1 mode with the ‘oh so solemn look’ – “What are we going to do? Woe is us!” Zionist Diane Feinstein was at the forefront. While her family was being protected 24 hours a day by security personnel armed to the hilt, she was busy begging Americans to give up their arms. Now think about this – am I wrong in saying this evil bitch didn’t just crawl back into the woodwork? She vanished as if David Copperfield did a number on her! All of a sudden, it’s all gone quiet, as if the Zionist string-pullers-in-chief have realised –


On this side of the pond though we have no such luxury of a last line of defense. Therefore, could the attention now be focused on the EU? The US, after all, can be put on hold until a serious puppet is installed – a Hilary or a Cruz & perhaps plan B can then slowly but surely be put into motion. Quite how Americans will be disarmed is another story. Since it’s nigh on impossible imagining there can be a peaceful outcome, I get the feeling the decision has been made to concentrate on Europe first. Why do I feel this is so?
i – Look at what’s happened at Oregon? Did the authorities steam in like they did at Waco? No…… Initially this surprised me but then it all became clear. The timing of this standoff was out of sync. The authorities found themselves snookered. The last thing they wanted, especially while Obama was still around, was a confrontation that galvanized the support of US citizens. Why do I say this? Because only those in power know the true measure of public feeling & that’s something the media can ill-afford to reveal. If Americans en mass KNEW just how many of them were so utterly pissed off with their government & media, there’d be a revolution that would be like an avalanche.
ii – Since it could get messy in America the last thing the Zionist conspirators want is Europeans to see how the US government has declared war on its own people.  
Therefore I believe the emphasis is on liar extraordinaire David Cameron who’s literally been forced into declaring an EU referendum. Why? Well, remember – he promised this before the 2010 election. Now why did he do that?


What happened? Just to show you how unpopular Cameron has always been, after years of Labour governments, his Tory party was unable to secure a majority. So, I’m obliged to ask – just how many votes did he get by saying if we elect him he’ll give us an EU referendum? Remember – he formed a minority government….. BUT DID HE HONOR THE PLEDGE? DID WE GET OUR REFERENDUM? HELL NO…… & the media never said a Dickie! Not once was Cameron pressured by them or that sniveling little rat Miliband. This is just one example of how we’re easily manipulated.
But it gets worse. Adding insult to injury, in the lead up to the 2015 election, Cameron had the gall to say if we voted for him again, he’d offer the people of the UK a ref………….. CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS GUY? I MEAN IT’S ENOUGH TO MAKE YOU PUKE! Here’s the piece I wrote when I heard this –

David Cameron Is Offering a Referendum on Europe…. Again!’ 



“The truth is Cameron will say anything to help his cause. It’s just a question of buying time and votes. He has no intention of taking us out of Europe because his Zionist banker bosses don’t want that. Their aim is to continually weaken Europe through the policy of DIVIDE and CONQUER and this is precisely what’s occurred. What else did one expect? This was the integral reason the power-brokers set up the European Union as well as the reason why the US and EU are being coerced into this inexplicable confrontation with Russia. In any case, even if there is a referendum ……THEY WILL CHEAT! It’s as simple as that!” Jan 6 2015
Can’t you see how we’re all being played? I insisted Cameron had no interest in taking us out of Europe & I will bet every penny I have that there have been no negotiations whatsoever! IT’S ALL TOTAL BULLSHIT! This is merely for all the saps out there who believe everything they’re told. Did one journalist ever ask Cameron – PLEASE. TELL US WHAT YOU NEGOTIATED? I mean it’s on prime time news BUT IT’S ALL BULLSHIT! The only thing they’re doing is wining & dining on our dough!
The media is merely using the situation to make it seem Cameron is an EU skeptic when he’s nothing of the sort. This is the Zionist trademark & they’re playing us big time. Behind closed doors I promise you, Cameron is doing everything he can to make sure we stay in the EU while the media do their level best to make it appear that Cameron is fighting our corner. It’s what anyone with any brains would do to fool people & it’s being utilised for one purpose. Embed this into your head –


THE LAST THING THEY WANT IS THE EU TO BREAK UP! THIS WOULD BE DISASTROUS FOR THEM. So come what may – THEY WILL CHEAT. The EU vote will be rigged. They already know, however much they lie, however much they try to con the public into believing it will be a bad move to quit the EU, enough of us will vote NO regardless. Therefore, they must make it seem as if the vote is close so that when they declare – ‘the people of the UK have spoken – Brits vote to stay in the EU’, it will be an infinitely easier task to sell it to the public. I’m sorry to say, there’s virtually no chance of a Brexit…… unless we make ourselves seriously busy. This is where we can screw them.



I’m not going to say I’d be going off my head if it wasn’t for UK Column news but man oh man, it doesn’t half help when others see it just as you do. I’ll tell you now – not only are these guys smart but they’re true patriots, they’re as game as you like & they’re far more capable than I could ever be! 5 days a week, having their own news broadcast online on a shoe-string budget? I don’t know how they do it. I said the other day – these guys deserve the Victoria Cross. I bloody well meant it too.
People need to ask – why am I choosing to promote them more than I’ve promoted anyone else? I’ve had offers here, there & everywhere. I’ve turned down money to advertise on my website; I’ve had countless people wishing to use my site but I never even enter into negotiations. I’m only interested in the truth & UK Column News DELIVERS NOTHING BUT! Most significantly, I believe the true power-brokers are bang in trouble. As I explained, they may have total control of US institutions but Americans are waking up fast & they damn well know it! They’re in trouble there.
Now it’s up to us to give these traitors the biggest possible headache. I know they’re going to cheat. I’ve just explained to you why the Tories offered us a referendum – IT’S A VOTE WINNER! Then when the media neglect to criticise them for reneging on this pledge & then, they only serve to promote the YES vote? I guarantee you, behind the scenes they’re laughing at us. We’re like puppets on a string to them. Why do you think I’m censored left, right & center? Because I read them like a book & I bloody well know it! They don’t censor people who have lousy judgement. I’d bet any money, there are people out there thinking ‘THIS GUY HAS GOT IT SUSSED DOWN TO A TEE!’ Big-headed am I? Yeah great – think that if you’re a blithering idiot!
And the chaps on UK Column News know it too. Listen to these guys. Everything they say is relevant. This is the real news – far more than you’ll get from RT & even Press TV. Above all, I cannot begin to emphasize how crucial this EU referendum is. All their plans to usher in new laws that further erode our civil liberties, the horrific amalgamation of our armed forces into an EU collective where we’ll no longer have control of our military & worse still, the ratification of the heinous TTIP so that big business can run roughshod over us – the supply of water, electricity, gas – no longer a government concern – if you don’t or can’t pay – YOU DON’T GET! If you’re idiot enough to believe they won’t keep jacking up their prices….

SO, Who wants to stay in the EU? 


1) The Banksters. Above all, they want to create a NWO.
2) Big business where Banksters already hold an enormous stake.
3) The entire corporate media because they’re owned & controlled by by the very people whose goal is to create a NWO.
4) In fact, I can put my hand on my heart & say anyone who argues the case for staying in the EU is either a brainless, moronic twat or someone who’s been bribed – period! 


We’re being sold down the river & the media is their tool. There is zero argument for the NO case while we’re being told leaving the EU would leave us open to more terrorism. This is the kind of bullshit they’re feeding us. In a way it’s good because it shows just how desperate they are. All you have to do is ask – has the EU done us any good? I can’t think of one thing. Of course if you want to quote the media……..



UK Column 23 Feb




UK Column 25 feb

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