Who remembers journalist Serena Shim? Last year she was murdered in Turkey

She was beautiful, 29 & American. To say her death was suspicious is a chronic understatement yet did her colleagues in the US media kick up a fuss? Did the US state department demand answers from the Turkish government? NOT A WORD! You want to know why……..


She also revealed she feared for her life. On Oct 19th she was on a one-way 3 lane highway when a cement truck hit her head on! The Turkish government said this was an accident & that was it!


A little known fact – before 9/11 US intelligence agencies were asked if there existed any potential threat to the US from terrorist organisations. 16 out of 16 intelligence agencies reported back, each one concluding there was nothing to worry about.
A few years later a Neo-Con think tank the PNAC group, composed almost exclusively of Zionists published a report entitled ‘Rebuilding America’s Defences.’ It stated – 

“the process for transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalysing event – like a new Pearl Harbour.”

Within a year, that catastrophic, catalysing event occurred on 9/11. Within an hour of the attack Zionists were conveniently plotted up at every major news outlet, all set & ready to be interviewed by the Zionist controlled media. Each one sang the same tune –

This was the work of Muslim terrorist group Al Qaeda, run by Osama Bin Laden!

Mysteriously had this been the case, surely America would have to ask – why would they want to attack us? The answer could only be – because of America’s unconditional support for the rogue state of Israel. Yet though this is entirely logical, none of these Zionists who so readily accused Muslim terrorists, or any journalist or reporter ever make this obvious connection. If ever there were a case of having the cake & eating it, here was it. The classic tale – Israel can never be blamed – period!
Even more bizarre was the fact those who within an hour were busily pointing the finger, were never asked the most obvious question on God’s earth – HOW THE HELL DID THEY KNOW WHO WAS RESPONSIBLE? How could it possibly be? All those who should have known something claimed they knew nothing yet an hour after 9/11, the very same people KNEW EVERYTHING! America declared a war on terror. What it really was the realisation of a plan to get America to fight wars that only Israel wanted.
Fast forward to yesterday –
Now ever since 9/11 I have always believed we are not fighting terrorism but in fact trying to create it! That’s why I just explained the chain of events that occurred before & after 9/11. The proof is now well & truly in the pudding – 

Russia presented direct evidence of Turkey buying illegal oil from the black market supporting terrorists.

ISIS is almost finished. They are weak. If only America would stop supporting them we could defeat them in days! – Iraqi commander.

When I heard RT’s report I thought great. There’s no way Cameron can bomb Syria on the premise of fighting terrorism when it’s abundantly clear our Allies were actually funding them! Yesterday I wrote – surely one has to utilise all other options to avert war before one can ever declare war. To do so without having tried to extinguish this source of income is an act so outrageously criminal Cameron deserves a firing squad. It is unequivocal – WAR HAS TO BE THE LAST RESORT!


Once again, mainstream media’s role is nothing short of scandalous. In fact, one should be able to draw certain key conclusions from their very actions. Immediately, this earth-shattering news that the Russians had openly presented America with all the evidence, clearing showing oil tankers from ISIS controlled areas in Syria & Iraq en route to Turkey, should have had serious consequences had the media done their job. But this is the power Zionists have – if they don’t tell us the news, then it’s not news! Yet it’s patently obvious – if the Russians know this, then so does US intelligence! What does the media say about it?


Now you know why Serena Shim was killed!

In the meantime Cameron, who’s already made Tony Blair look like the epitome of truth, comes out with lie after lie. At least with Blair & the Iraq war, lies were set up as well as they could be. This guy Cameron though thinks he’s God. It’s almost as if he has a right to lie. The claim, out of thin air, that 70,000 ‘moderate’ rebels will serve as the ground forces in Syria. What kind of nonsense is this? Where’s his evidence? Like how UK security forces had foiled no less than 7 terrorist plots. Just total, utter baloney! We have a Prime Minister gagging to bomb a sovereign nation & the media simply allow him to reel off lie after lie.
But it’s a lot worse than this. You see, I am in no doubt whatsoever – the only reason Cameron won this vote is because there are that many MP’s in parliament who’ve been bought off by Zionist bribery & coercion. I guarantee, lie-detector tests would prove I’m right. Case in point – when Jeremy Corbyn told the house our ally Turkey was helping fund ISIS by buying their oil & so rightly stated declaring war without attempting to cut ISIS purse strings was a grave misjudgement, (in my opinion it’s tantamount to Treason), he was shouted down & jeered. Now I contend, these MP’s aren’t that stupid. They’re evil but they’re not dumb.
So what’s happening with Corbyn here, after all, he’s doing his job? His role as leader of the opposition is to present an alternative view. Isn’t that how democracy is supposed to work? In this case, on a matter of such gravity, where he happens to be 100% in the right, we see the kind of mob rule that one associates gangsterism with. He’s shouted down. A similar thing happened last year on BBC’s political talk show ‘Question time’. It was when Netanyahu was eagerly involved in his 3rd bout of mass-murdering innocent Palestinian civilians in Gaza.
A scumbag of the very highest proportions gave his ridiculous, pro Zionist view. The audience & panel allowed him to say his piece. Then it was George Galloway’s turn & almost immediately he was heckled by these repulsive wretches in the audience. Of course, the BBC made sure the audience did not represent how the public felt. These pro Zionists were hand-picked for a reason – to shout down Galloway so as to make the truth appear offensive. I grant you – this is a Zionist trait. They do not want the other side of the story to be presented…….. EVER! Democracy my arse!


Now you know why the Chilcot Inquiry was buried!

And this is why Israel’s role in all this is never mentioned. From the moment these terrorists were christened ISIS that day I wrote a piece on FB saying ‘they’re terrorists alright – ISRAELI ONES! And ever since everything that’s occurred has proved me right. I don’t need to blow my own trumpet. I say this because at the time I was inundated with messages accusing me of anti-Semitism & people saying you blame Israel for everything. I retorted I blame whoever I believe is guilty, end of story! The fact is the only countries ISIS operate in are ones that Israel is perfectly happy to see destroyed. I mean for crying out loud some of you people out there – surely the first place a crazy, well-funded Islamic terrorist group would attack is Israel? Here – the evidence is over-whelming……..
This is the 3rd WeAreChange video featured here & I’d like to say what a great job LUKE RUDKOWSKI does – Israel Joining ISIS

Back at the ranch – Obama accepted $1.3 million in gifts last year from a country who beheads more people than ISIS!

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  • Umrana

    Many thanks for bringing so many issues and information to our attention. Just want to say that I really appreciate your work. I get all my family together to read all your articles. Keep up the good work. God bless you.

  • We have a class in America who are not subject to our rule-of-law. This is bad. This is very bad.

    • I agree Marvin but lamentably I have to go further & say “We have a class in America who are not subject to our rule-of-law” & they just happen to be not only the greatest gangsters in history but the wealthiest ones! We are in very serious trouble. History has already proved – the greatest mass-murderers are those who rule over us – governments who themselves are controlled by these megalomaniacs.

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