Who says we’re America’s poodle. Well done Jeremy Corbyn!

I find it staggering activists haven’t been heaping praise on Jeremy Corbyn for sticking to his principles by refusing to attend a state dinner to honor US President Donald Trump. I don’t understand people’s way of thinking. Aren’t we supposed to be fed up with the power-brokers who’ve usurped our democracy, who forever yearn for conflict & war? Aren’t we sick of plummeting living standards, sanctions, the media’s incessant lies & the fact Zionists are the main cause of all the mayhem in the world? Well aren’t we?


JC said – “Theresa May should not be rolling out the red carpet for a state visit to honour a president who rips up vital international treaties, backs climate change denial and uses racist and misogynist rhetoric.”

Well, isn’t he right? So what’s the matter with people? The fact Trump allowed Israel to steal the Golan Heights means he has zero respect for international law. Wouldn’t the British people go ape-shit if Netanyahu was afforded the same honor? It drives me mad how so many of us who sit on the right side of the fence remain tactically clueless. I mean are we that spoiled for choice when it comes to a leader in the West who’s opposed to war? JC is the only one so why in the blazes are activists & truthers slagging him off? I even read a headline which claimed this snub was a national disgrace. Someone also mentioned the lack of respect? Unbelievable. If you’re on the side of good you don’t respect pure evil!

This puts a new meaning to shooting ourselves in the foot. The only people that will be at this state dinner are those who are royally screwing us. We got 14 million people living in poverty in the UK. What do we need all this pomp & ceremony for a guy like Trump, for all these liars & crooks? And don’t give me that special relationship bollocks? What’s special about doing everything we’re told regardless of ramifications? Which conveniently brings me to the fact America wants to push us into a conflict with Russia. We’ve already lost a fortune with these ridiculous sanctions. If I was the PM & the President wanted me to work against the best interests of my country, I’d tell him to shove the special relationship straight up his arse!

What people have to always bear in mind is in the media’s eye Jeremy Corbyn can do no good. They will always try to spin a story to make him look bad. Of course there are times when the media is unable to do this because how can they argue against someone who wants to save the NHS, re-nationalise the railways & water, close tax loopholes for the super rich, support the Palestinians, refuse to bow to that maniac Netanyahu & above all put diplomacy before war? Tell me. What can the media do to counter this?


In the meantime the media continues to regurgitate it’s pack of lies about anti-Semitism in the Labour Party & of course now they’ll make as much mileage as they can out of JC refusing to attend the state dinner by saying – what kind of a leader snubs the US President? I’d say



  • Ron Wright

    Personally have said publicly that…..

    “A principled man standing in opposition to all the bad things Donald Trump represents. Nothing to do with snubbing the Queen and everything to do with not celebrating with a climate change denying masogonist.”

    • I can’t believe the reaction of some of the people on FB especially for this & my last post Ron. You wouldn’t believe the bullshit I’ve had to suffer from none other than Jeremy Corbyn groups. Everyone of them are full of people trying to undermine JC. It’s making me crazy.

  • Trump has disappointed many people worldwide,after having been several years in power – instead of following the road that he initially set out on,to drain the deep-state swamp,the swamp has instead drained him,as it now clearly shows that he’s been bought out by the zinist clique in WDC !
    This therefore means that it’s hardly relevant as to whether or not he wins a second term in 2020 – if he does,the entire world are simply headed for another 4 years of the same !
    .Those in power within the zionist deep-state in WDC have already subverted Trump,so he’s their man – what else do they have to be worried about – even if he does not win in 2020,there will be some other demonrat candidate who will take his place & therefore it’s too late for Trump & the US in any event,as he’s already been bought over by the zionists & he will do however much of their bidding which is demanded of him !
    On our side of the pond,we have the existing elite in the form of the Tories,who sit in power & carry out the wishes of their zionist masters who they are in bed with !
    Corbyn could well possibly be the man who could change Britain around for the best,in all aspects of life.
    Unfortunately he came into office at the wrong time !
    The British public still have bitter memories of the last labour government under Blair & Brown & their mismanagement of the economy & of course their support for the Iraq/Afghanistan wars !
    That seems to have put the “fear of God” into the Brirish electorate – mention the word Labour & most people immediately show their distaste & of course the bad memories of Blair/Brown !
    Corbyn has unfortunately (somehow) not built up the best possible image of his leadership quality in the eyes of the general British public,due to his seming inability to control his party.
    That is definitely something which has soured the general British perception of Corbyn’s powers of leadership & consequently puts people off from deciding to effect change in this country,by voting Labour instead of Conservative.
    Until the day comes when he can regain his true leadership role & control of his party,nothing will change.
    The Tories have simply taken advantage of this perceived weakness & lack of party leadership,coupled with his previous (honest) associations with people/groups internationally,who the Tories detest (due to their current zionist leanings),have given them more ammunition to throw against Corbyn & of course to forever smear his name and character with such labels as marxist/terrorist sympathiser etc.
    The Tories themselves have changed politically over the decades.
    They are as a party,only Conservative in name,as they nowadays exist as a “mish-mash” of different liberal poiltical leanings,with certain entities within that party,not pursuing a united political goal,but instead follow the pursuit of their own self-serving agenda,and not that of a united ruling party.
    To use the word disgrace does not even cut it mildly !
    Had Corbyn been around in 1997,instead of Blair,things might well have been far different for Britain,possibly right up to this present point in time.
    Unfortunately,Corbyn was elected too late in British political time,to have produced much consequence to Labour as a true opposition party that could effectively challenge the Tories on all fronts & at every turn !

    • Another truly excellent comment Terence. I can’t recall if you were following my blog when JC first became labour’s leader but I specifically stated Corbyn had to go on the offensive. He had to take the bull by the horns to first & foremost make sure Labour friends of Israel didn’t usurp him & then lay into the media for their lies & bias. He chose the softly, softly approach in a den of vipers. Now people are so confused, mainly thanks to the treacherous media, they can’t see the wood from the trees. You’d have thought with the US trying to push us into a conflict with Russia of all people, everyone here would be so relieved we finally have a leader here that realises the special relationship is anything but special.

      • Unfortunately i’ve not followed your blog for long enough to have been able to view it when JC was first elected as party leader.
        Corbyn has made exactly that mistake that you’ve mentioned,of not immediately going on full offensive as soon as he had ben elected.
        His approach has allowed all of the disidents in his own party,who have their own agenda,to swing out of line & continually go into rebellion against his leadership.
        I sometimes wonder why,if there is so much angst/anger/hatred levelled against him by a considerable cross-section of his party,they ever decided to elect him as leader at all !
        Perhaps those who sit in continuous rebellion against him,thought that he would go down whichever path they chose to lead him,in pursuit of their own respective agendas & not that of his future leadership.
        He has indeed been way too soft & has allowed things to slide in a negative direction,which in turn has made his leadership (by now) seem all too weak for purpose.
        Unless he is able to attain some type of magic & turn his leadership around to the level of what it should be,there is (unfortunately) little hope of him ever exerting real influence on the British political scene.
        There is some leverage for him within the cross-party discussions on the Brexit issue,but even that seems to be now running out of steam.
        Perhaps our greatest problems have yet to arise out of Brexit.
        If there is eventually a successful Brexit,we will further fall prey to the whims of the US,in their drive to further isolate Russia & eventually descend into a state of hot war betwen Russia & NATO.
        There is a reasonablre amount of fear that with the withdrawal by Trump from various nuclear treaties,that the hot’headed neocons in WDC could possibly do a pre-emptive nuclear strike on Russia,in the belief that they can (somehow) win a nuclear conflict !
        The self-serving fools we have in Westminster might willingly go along with that idea – in fact Theresa May has already stated in parliament (when questioned) that she would be prepared to do so – she did not mention any specific nation to be targeted,but read between the lines & one can see that she was speaking about Russia.
        This is something which is presumably a part of the “special relationship” often spoken about,between the US & Britain !
        Such idiocy would obviously lead to the end of practically most life forms on Earth.
        The neocons in the west somehow seem to believe that it would be a one-sided engagement,with Russia not being able to fire back.
        We certainly now live in ever more dangerous & unpredictable times,with the nuclear clock having ticked over to one minute to midnight !

  • Fredi Hazeem

    100% on the money as usual sir.

    • Thanks Fredi. It’s not that bad being banned for 30 days is it? I find I can catch up on all the things I should have been doing.

      • Fredi Hazeem

        FB for me (us) has got to the point where our news feed is 1% or less of our contacts, our notifications are only given for 20% of friends posts & reactions/replies to our comments, and our exposure is barely a few points. Best thing about FB for me is messenger for friends, family & bz communications, my friend list, and a cloud for all my photos.,

        But I have tons of links and a few books to read. I am loving the fact that I have 10+ hours a day to do nothing but reading. Oh, and a warm beach, and nearby gym when I get tired of reading

        • That’s right though I believe if people had more common sense, they’d bookmark the pages or timelines of those who they wish to follow. That’s not difficult yet as per usual most people can’t be bothered. It’s also fair to say Fredi the system most folk live in is designed not to give us time or the will to think & so we trend not to ask questions. That’s the key.

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