Who’s to blame for the London Attack? OUR POLITICIANS!

One message needs to be rammed home & that’s understanding what blow-back is. Complaining about acts of terror when for years we’ve been bombing the hell out of nations who’ve done us no wrong is totally & utterly ridiculous! No one has the right to blame Muslim extremists. That responsibility has to be placed squarely at the feet of politicians. They’re the reason this attack in London occurred. 


The paradox –

On the one hand we have the London Mayor, politicians & media having no qualms declaring yesterday’s incident in London was a terrorist attack. This is rammed down our throats! Quite how these people can jump to this conclusion is somewhat of an eye-opener. Who’s to say what constitutes a terrorist act? Why is there an insatiable appetite to label an act of madness, an act of terror? This anomaly is never picked up. Instead we’re told ISIS claimed responsibility. Well that means it was a Mossad operation!

On the other hand we have the West’s Zionist-run foreign policy which has overseen the destruction of Arab & Muslim nations as if they’re skittles in a bowling alley, yet not one politician or media outlet bothers to make the connection that maybe our bombing campaigns are encouraging acts of extremism. It is beyond comprehension to ignore the distinct likelihood our actions are the cause. It can only mean one thing – THERE EXISTS A HIDDEN AGENDA TO MANUFACTURE FEAR. Now why do they want to do that? 

* In order to continue to have a reason to bomb all the Arab & Muslim nations Israel wants to see destroyed
* To justify the further extension of police powers as well as arming them to the teeth
* To increase surveillance to ungodly levels even though this seemingly never has any effect when it comes to curtailing these ‘acts of terror’
* To justify the erosion of our fundamental rights ie ushering in laws that are an affront to freedom of speech, such as making it a criminal offense to criticise Israel



THIS IS WHAT THEY WANT TO DO! Why? Because firstly it will give Israel total control of the Middle East, pretty much making it a super-power. Secondly it will allow them to crush & I’m certain eradicate any opposition in the Western nations where they already exert untold influence ie the US, Canada, the UK, France, Germany & Australia. Once that’s accomplished the Zionists will have effectively taken over North America & Europe & therefore will be well on their way to achieving world domination. It’s worth noting a chief goal of the Rothschild Zionists is to reduce the world’s population to under 500 million. I’m in no doubt – if they have their way, several billions will die!


Ignoring this paradox is tantamount to being blind. The problem is the ramifications as I’ve just explained, couldn’t be more serious. Our fundamental rights are at stake here. And make no mistake – this so-called war on terror is a total hoax. Even though the traitors we have leading us are doing their level best to create terrorism, today, nevertheless, one is still far more likely to be killed by a Policeman than a terrorist. In America one is 100 times more likely to die at the hands of a cop! Bee stings, peanut poisoning & lightening strikes kill more people than acts of terror. Just do the maths: In America alone 1.2 million die each year through heart disease & Cancer, that’s well in excess of a million times more than terrorism, yet do we see a comparative war on heart disease & Cancer? No. All we hear is terror, terror, terror!


It could not be more obvious the media is manufacturing fear but typically, look how the Zionists operate. While they cleverly incite Islamophobia, they engineer a situation where Jews actually believe they’re the ones being singled out! How often do we hear this bullshit notion of a spike in anti-Semitism. Of course what they never say is maybe that’s because increasing numbers of people are beginning to realise Israel was behind 9/11 & therefore the creation of this war on terror was their goal all along. 


Here is just one of the ways they fool people – while Arabs & Muslims are having the proverbial shit kicked out of them, we’re told anti-Semitism is on the rise. Now bear in mind it is important for Jews to believe this. Their opinions carry clout. Look at these articles. Note no Jews are ever killed. However, for months the police received alerts that bombs had been planted in Jewish centers & that 100’s of Jews were going to die. Needless to say the subsequent evacuations had the desired effect to instill panic & fear.



What’s crucial here is this is by no means an isolated case. Apparently, there have been more than 120 threats made against Jewish centers this year alone. What should we ascertain from this? Is it so far-fetched to conclude this is a deliberate ploy when deception is a Zionist hallmark? They’ve been using Jews for centuries. Two years ago there was the case of anti-Semitic graffiti being plastered all over a University campus only for the Police to discover this was the work of a crazed Zionist. 


However, while the media bombards us with the notion Jews feel threatened, few folk ever get to hear those behind these hoaxes are Zionists who are merely trying to vilify Muslims. None of these reports ever hit mainstream news. This kind of deceit is the norm for these people. They are the masters of false flags. We better wake up to all this because we simply cannot afford any more legislation which further erodes our basic rights. We’re on the edge here.


Israeli teen accused of making bomb threats to Jewish centers – 


Israelis hold teen over US bomb threats – 




  • ulrich sherry

    I see the game now. Use the words ” Terrorist attack ” and every random act by an individual becomes a Muslim extremist event. Let momentum do the hard work.

    • Except when white supremacist Anders Brevik mowed down 77 people on Norway. Not to mention Andreas Lubitz who murdered 149 people when he crashed Germanwings flight into the Alps. That wasn’t a terrorist act because Lubitz was Jewish! Had it been a Muslim or Arab pilot, you can bet your bottom dollar it would have been branded an act of terror.


    anti terrorist drill near vacinity of alleged terrorist attacks = state sponsered false flags …

  • Eva Nielsen

    westminsters jihadists come home

  • gabrielle attwood

    I agree utterly. It is like in 1984…the book…where there is a phoney war all the time with two sides permanently fighting each other for ever more

  • Peter St.Clair

    Who in the press and media will bring to the attention of the public the tens of thousands who have died in a relatively short period of time after their Disability Benefits were stopped!

    • Sadly the media couldn’t be more corrupt. The reason why no one in the media will ever report this is precisely because we have the very worst people in the world controlling the media. The media’s job is to protect Pedophiles & war criminals & BOY! Don’t they do a good job!

  • Tan Kok Tim

    “London terror attack fits increasingly familiar pattern” is clearly based on the concept of “Monkey see monkey do”, which is real in this WWW world.

    In the past without the WWW but only slow mail or Morse codes, images of mass and merciless killings by man against man, whether it was a massacre, and/or public-execution or murder of an individual openly at and airport, the vivid details did not have instant transmission by video clips to appear on one’s handphone, TV screen or big public TV screen that could sensationlise, provoke anguish, or create more hatred for copy-cat killing.

    This is the downside of using technology and innovation in this modern age in support of evilness.

    It includes the use of the mass media in print and in online version as some are not aware that they might have unwittingly become part of the cycle of evilness rather than goodness.

    Fast transmission of news, knowledge and information around the world is good but there must be a limit.

    Going over the limit in eagerness to promote sales, viewership or readership for the mass media could lead it to serving evilness rather than for the uplifting of man’s well being and pursuit of true happiness.

    Ours is a terrible age that is manipulated by the seemingly sincerity of many doing evilness.

    Many blindly do not see the goodness of living life as a true human should in seeking peace, unity, love, and harmony to fill this earth with only happy people.

    Humans must wake up that killing will not end killing.

    It will be an eye for an eye that will make the world go blind.

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