The last two UK Prime Ministers have received this from yours truly –

It is one’s god given right to question, investigate & thus scrutinise anything if & whenever one has an inkling something is seriously awry. 

Questioning is everything. Questioning is learning. Questioning is essential. Questioning is a cornerstone of democracy. Questioning is a fundamental right.


A while ago when Qatar suddenly, albeit rather mysteriously, became the focus of media wrath, I must admit initially I felt, serves you lot right! If the West had any real interest in promoting democracy, Qatar along with Saudi Arabia, Bahrain & Kuwait would have been at the top of the list. If ever people needed regime change, here it was. And that sums up the West’s foreign policy in a nutshell – human rights can go to blazes just so long as one is in bed with Zionist banksters. In fact the more one delves into this conundrum, the more one realises the very last thing the West wishes to see are Arab/Muslim nations yearning to democratise in order to push their people & their country forward.


This is why one should never jump to conclusions & most significantly, why one should always ask questions. Needless to say, this is precisely what the chief power-brokers deplore – inquisitive folk! Here it’s a relatively simple question – WHY ALL THE SUDDEN HEAT ON QATAR? My mistake was to stop searching as soon as I dismissed out of hand the suggestion some were making regarding Qatar’s share/ownership with Iran of the South Pars/North Dome natural gas field in the Persian Gulf, which happens to be one of the largest in the world. Sure the Zionists would love to get their grubby mitts on that too but taking it out on a nation which already is subservient to the West? How does that make any sense? 


Then I came across this video clip (1.53) & in no time, everything fell neatly into place. An integral reason Zionists have achieved all they have is because not only are they able to exert untold pressure on anyone who so much as looks boss-eyed at them but they’re able to apply these mafiosi ‘do as we say or else’ scare tactics, without most people having any idea this sort of thing goes on. I’ve quoted Gilad Atzmon several times –   




And it’s all down to their ownership of the entire mainstream media. Ask yourself – how come this incredible, desperately needed Qatari project never got so much as a whiff in the news? Sadly, it’s the same old story when it comes to anyone trying to help the hapless Palestinians. Of course we got to hear about the blatant murder of 9 pro-Palestinian Turkish activists when the IDF stormed the Mavi Marmara Gaza aid ship but apart from it being a public relations disaster for the Israelis, this heinous act was well & truly swept under the carpet by the pathetic international community. All the more reason for the Zionists to make sure there is a complete blackout of any underhand Israeli mafiosi, strong-arm tactics.


There are literally countless examples where most people would never imagine – the real reason something untoward occurred was because of someone’s support for the Palestinians yet it’s an ongoing affair – declare your allegiance to Israel & your career prospers. Declare any support for the Palestinians & the media will never let up. All the heat on Jeremy Corbyn for instance is largely down to him being anti war & pro Palestinian. It’s the same in America. Just over two years ago there was a classic example where FIFA, out of the blue, became the centre of attention. The media plastered how FIFA & its head, Sepp Blatter were bad news, something which anyone with half a brain was already quite aware of, yet the true reason for this sudden interest was firmly kept under wraps. This was the piece I wrote about this –


What Dreaded Line Did FIFA’s Bosses Cross to Make U.S. Attorney General Interested in Soccer?




  • Lynne

    Thanks Michael for your uptake and the priceless 1: 53 minute video.

  • Eva Nielsen

    When Norway’s socialdemocratic PM (in June 2011) said that they would stop bombing in Libya_ they got (july 2011) the massmurderer BREIVIK – bombing in Oslo (socialdemocratic government building) and killing nearly 80 young socialdempcratic people in an island near Oslo. r plande with over They young people PARTICIPATED in an event about helping GAZA… See the picture,

    Malaysian air in 2014 lost two passengerplane (over 400 people killed). Why MALAYSIA: In 2012 Malaysia held n internat. conference about SEPT. 11. In december 2012 BUSH and BLAIR was convicted WARCRIMINALS – and november 2013 ISRAEL WAS CONVICTED for GENOCIDE AGAINST PALESTINIAN PEOPLE. 4 months later the first Malaysian AIR passengerplane “dissappeared….- and in august 2011 another Malayssian Airplane was shut down in Ukraine. Zionist media imediately BLAMED PUTIN – but we all (many) know who is behind. – It. s Ukrainian zionist. . Here is the video where Bush and blair are convicted. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OAQ6niJpk-c

  • Eva Nielsen

    Correct date about the second Malaysian airplane shut down is August 2014- not 2011.

  • frances

    What a revelation in just 1.53m – and I had no idea about this Qatari project! Thanks very much for posting it and for all your previous thought-provoking and informative items over the weeks. I’m glad I subscribed, having followed a link to your website several months ago. Your hard work is much appreciated.

    • Yes. That’s exactly what I thought Frances. In under two minutes you learn something astonishing & of course it makes a complete mockery of the way the media goes about it’s business. I’ve always said the real news is what we’re not told.
      Thank you so much for your kind words.

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