Why are Cancer Doctors disappearing?

Years ago I was sent the video below. I believe it acted as a catalyst for me to become a fully fledged writer & activist on social media – 

Burzynski: Cancer Is Serious Business | Full Documentary



Burzynski documentary


After watching it I was horrified. For me at least, it more than seemed Cancer cures were being deliberately withheld. Now why would they do that? Well, Chemotherapy is, now get this, a $50 BILLION A YEAR INDUSTRY! So let’s put this into perspective – THAT’S A $BILLION PER WEEK AS LONG AS A CURE FOR CANCER IS NEVER FOUND!


let’s take it a step further. Imagine discovering an oil field or a diamond mine on land you own. Reasonably accurate estimations can be made as to a new discovery’s worth. Let’s for argument sake say you get 15% for doing sweet bugger all. All you have to do is hold your hand out & watch your bank balance go through the roof. However, I guarantee there will come a time when all those who have a piece of the action will say –


Well we all know there’s a certain amount of oil in a field & diamonds in a mine. Now think about this while you mull over Chemotherapy, which has been around now for 45 years! My mind’s made up! I already know every last person in the FDA, the medical business, politicians etc – all those who’ve played a role in suppressing the development of Cancer cures – not only must be thrown in jail. Oh no. It’s competition time – those guilty of this abomination would be tortured every day, with an award going to the torturer who manages to keep their prisoner alive the longest.


I’m not finished yet. All the money amassed from the suppression of Cancer cures has to stripped from every company, every family who’s gained. Every last bean. Death is too good for these vermin but before you think what a bastard I am (& make absolutely no mistake – if I had the power to do this, IT WOULD HAPPEN AT LIGHT SPEED), think of the 600,000 who die every year from Cancer; this is in America alone & think of all the pain & suffering victims have to endure, sometimes for many years. I know quite a bit about this because for 25 years I’ve given my blood & Platelets so that those who’ve had to suffer the rigors of Chemo at least have a fighting chance.


8-doctors- all dead!


In my opinion Chemotherapy will go down in history as one of daftest forms of modern medicine. However when one considers it has outlived so many forms of treatment, then those looking back have every right in saying ‘God. Humans must have been as dumb as two planks back then!’ And today, so desperate are they to keep the billion dollar a week industry going, Doctors, researchers, you name it, are dropping like 9 pins! This is the world we live in folks.


“In the summer of 2015, 15 natural health doctors died and/or “disappeared” under mysterious circumstances.

Was the groundbreaking research they were doing a factor? One independent investigation has uncovered some shocking theories…and—even more important—details on the cutting-edge cancer treatments they were working on.

It's everywhere


LISTEN TO THE CLIP ON THIS LINK. I don’t like videos like this & I found listening to this woman was as nauseating as it gets. However, I wrote about the untimely death of DR BRADSTREET when it happened last July. Cause of death, deemed to be suicide was such a joke I flat out said the Doctor was obviously murdered.


Dr Bradstreet

Today I’m in no doubt – this is what is happening. The bastards responsible for murdering these Doctors want their work to be kept under wraps. Anyone they know, family & friends, will get this treatment & be cured. However, they only want it for themselves. It is essential that you & I do not have this option, one that is cheap & one that has a far greater chance of success. They want you & me to die or preferably be forced into receiving Chemo & Radio Therapy. That’s what I think!





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