Why are we being desensitised & the scam of TV charities?

We are being desensitised & it’s entirely deliberate. What a way for an advanced species to propel itself forward? It’s incredible humans have managed to sink this low & believe you me, there’s a reason. The trouble is, it couldn’t be more sinister. What worries me most are the wide-ranging implications & the fact the ordinary, uninitiated layman in the street is the one being targeted. I’m afraid it all ties in with the Zionist plan to create a New World Order. When they’re ready to eliminate all the opposition – in other words basically anyone who’s aware or of no use to them, they’ll be banking on people to turn a blind eye. This is why I feel we’re being desensitised. 


In July last year I wrote the piece – Media programming: Israel saying it feels threatened by the Palestinians is tantamount to the Russians saying they fear Luxembourg!” I thought I’d resurrect it after recently talking to a friend about how the TV had suddenly become inundated with programs of murder & death. 20 odd years ago such programs were few & far between; now they’re all the rage – Piers Morgan & Trevor McDonald on death row, Crime Stories, FBI Files, Killer Couples, Children that Kill & a host of programs glorifying gangsters like the Krays & worst of all, serial killers like Fred & Rose West & Jeffrey Dahmer, the latter even having a film made about his odiously wicked crimes. It’s relentless. Why are we being fed this non-stop barrage about the most repulsive, morally reprehensible human behaviour?



And it has to be said, the exact reverse is true. Do we have countless shows publicising the deeds of good folk? They’re nowhere to be seen! It’s like we’re being led to believe bad is okay, while good isn’t worth a toss! What perhaps people need to comprehend is these decisions aren’t made by those controlling the airwaves with the idea in mind – ‘Right. We’re going to start desensitising people by bombarding them with shows highlighting death & murder. No. It’s all part of a slow, ongoing process, rather like evolution. This is how subliminal brainwashing works. No one must even catch an inkling that all that appears on TV, does so for a specific reason. It’s imperative we believe we’re being fed precisely what we want. 


Media programming: Israel saying it feels threatened by the Palestinians is tantamount to the Russians saying they fear Luxembourg!

Excerpt taken from the piece…

‘This programming is not only a constant ongoing process but it involves more facets of life then we can even imagine. You tell me if I’m wrong when I say on TV in a court of law there are 5 black judges to every white one? See for yourself & ask is this a fluke? Fraid not! All we see on TV, however inconsequential, is for a reason. In this particular case a presiding black judge creates the impression Hollywood is fair & just. This is the kind of world they want you to think they believe in – equal opportunities & all the rest of that shit. There’s no racism here & therefore whatever you see on the TV is the way things should be. Yeah. And the good guys always win. This is the impression we’re always given yet every last bit of it couldn’t be further from the truth.’


What better way to fool people further than to advertise so-called charities on TV. Look how the TV is SO concerned! No one ever bothers to ask how in the blazes can any genuine charity afford the prohibitive costs of TV adverts, yet it’s unequivocal – we have a plethora of charities advertising on TV. The thing is, when something doesn’t add up I can’t help myself. My mind goes into overdrive. I ask, what do we have here? Answer: a Zionist controlled media offering daily adverts to charities. Would they grant such favors to a charity run by Russians or Iranians? You’re having a laugh aren’t you? Would they perhaps cut a break for an Outer Mongolian or an Albanian run charity? No. Somehow, I just don’t think so. Oh but what if this charity was Zionist run & fraud was the first thing on the agenda?….





Okay, you may say this is mere speculation. I say no. Why in any case should I give any benefit of the doubt to the very people who are master specialists when it comes to fraud? This is precisely how they operate but what pours oil on the fire is the fact there have been several serious scream ups involving major BBC & ITV charities where those who were supposed to receive funds like Save the Children voiced grave misgivings. They basically said – WE KNOW YOU COLLECTED A SHITLOAD OF BREAD. WELL, WHERE THE HELL IS IT? At the time, I wrote, ‘the only children who benefited were in all likelihood Israeli!’


Another big giveaway, considering the British public were being well & truly fleeced, there was not one inquiry. I mean if ever one needed damning evidence here it is – major UK TV stations are involved in the worst kind of fraud. Moreover these stories literally died a death because the Zionist controlled media couldn’t wait to hush these allegations up. Then, adding insult to injury, yet another Zionist trait, those running Save the Children felt it appropriate to give war criminal Tony Blair a ‘Global Legacy Award.’ They positively love kicking their opponent when they’re down. 




Do folk ever wonder what happens to their £3 a month that’s supposed to go to helping all those poor suffering Donkeys or Elephants, Tigers, Snow Leopards, Dogs, even starving Africans? I may not know for sure but very little of the money ever gets to where it’s supposed to. Why should it? We know only too well one of our major failings – if & when an opportunity presents itself where one can steal with impunity, more often than not, we succumb. Add to the fact Zionists know if ever their fraudulent activity is discovered, the media will cover their back. Remember, it was Hamas’s fault the IDF aimed their rifles at unarmed protesters. If they cover for that then tell me something the Israelis can do which would incur the wrath of the media?



It goes without saying – genuine charities would never in a million years squander a king’s ransom on advertising. They have no option but to strictly rely on word of mouth as well as voluntary workers in order that virtually all the money raised goes to where it’s intended. The harsh reality is these TV charities are anything but scams to suck us dry. In fact if the world really wanted it, our most glorious creatures would have no such problems battling extinction. If we lived in a fair & just world & most importantly had a media that reported the truth, no one would be starving! As per usual, we are being conned blind.


Here’s another piece regarding this….

Charities that advertise regularly on TV are Zionist scams!


  • Don't pay the licence fee

    Very informative, thank you Michael.

    A dishonourable mention should go to the Southern Poverty Law Centre (SPLC)

    Spreading their fear here there and everywhere. They are truly vile and prey on poor people to sucker donations with a claimed goal of stopping hate and racism and blah blah.

    To hear tell of it they have over $300 million stashed away in offshore accounts.

    They spread hatred, not prevent it.

  • Venner

    Yes gratuitous violence has increased exponentially on TV and there has been much written about the possible effects off it on society but no one ever asks why and no one ever asks who is ultimately responsible for creating it, filming it, funding it’s production and why they would do it when it clearly is detrimental to society.
    When you add that to everything else, the mass immigration from countries with a completely contradictory set of values, culture and ideaology.
    The privatization and the resulting impoverization of the working classes.
    The monopolization of the world’s news media and the constant lies and deceit from them and government.
    The mass surveillance and real time location tracking of every citizen that has a phone and in America especially, the culture of imprisonment of the working classes.
    For people outside the US do not realize. When you are an employee in a retail store, supermarket, restaurant, fast food joint in America you will find almost all of your work colleagues have a felony record. Anyone who does not is considered unusual to the extent that they might expect to get accused of being a nark.

    I think only a fool would not realize there is an agenda at some level to corrupt and cause the self destruction of society as we know it.

    • Absolutely. DIVIDE & CONQUER in overdrive yet most people remain oblivious. What perhaps people fail to distinguish is what’s deliberate as opposed to a mere trend. Here it’s obvious we’re being programmed & the connection you make with Immigration & Privatisation is so damn significant yet most people fail to connect these crucial dots. The only thing I’ll say is I so wish you were right that only fools don’t realise it. Sadly, I’ve come across way too many relatively intelligent folk who literally have NO IDEA! This for me is the major problem

      • adamson

        Hey Michael, i too was wondering why all the murder , killing, and horror programming on TV. Im not sure i agree with your answer, but there is definately some agenda behind it, personally i would attach the devil to it. devil worship/ halloween, the base human animalised being. They want to destroy humanity family./ society norms of good and bad, and make everything bad, ‘good’., they want to corner knowledge and dumb down the rest of the world into a matrix of their making As for immigration i dont agree with you one bit. Its a long story basically its connected with the above agenda amd 911 and the launching of a war on Muslims to grab power and resources for Israel. Some time ago i saw a TV show where a rich elite guy said he went to china to adopt a baby, so he could bring it up in the west and then send it back to infiltrate/ takeover chinese business and politics. Here we have israel out to destroy the common thing amongst the Muslims, that of the potential resistance to them inbuilt inside Islam. So they made demonsing false flags, invaded Iraq, and Libya, etc and now have control over them too, whereas before they had some independent power. Next thing is to get Islamic religion away from them and give them a dose of western zionised culture so they can be used to pollute the rest of Muslims over there, thereby gaining more markets to sell their filth, money and power. I have to mention the robots, they have specialised university cells making each aspect required, soon they will integrate them and then connect them with googles world knowledge engine, then they will have no need for humans, except as worker bees., whilst they themselves corner knowledge and enslave the dumbed down mankind.

  • Venner

    Michael, I know you’ll forgive me for this, it has nothing to do with your piece but something occurred to me today and you are going to laugh your ass off at how ludicrously obvious this has been the entire time.

    If we have two videos. One where the accused perpetrator of a crime claims responsibility for it, the other where he claims he is innocent.
    One has to be fake but how do we know which one?

    If the one where he claims responsibility is real, it means both the accuser and the accused agree he did it therefore neither side has cause to make a second, fake video saying something different.

    Therefore the very fact that there were two contradictory videos, means the one purporting to be Osama Bin Laden claiming he did it has GOT to be the fake one!!

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