Why is Saudi Arabia suddenly showing out?

I wanted to say something about the horrific execution of 47 people yesterday in Saudi Arabia. Apart from the fact I’ve always believed Royal families are the biggest parasites on earth, these good for nothing so-in-so’s in Saudi Arabia have been lavishing themselves while their own people are oppressed. There’s easily enough money to go round. They could have done wonders for their own people yet they chose to be mean, despotic rulers. As far as I’m concerned, they are the dregs of mankind.


But equally annoying is the fact that with all the influence & power that fell on their lap simply because Saudi Arabia sat on a vast reservoir of petroleum, yet they never once lifted a finger to help the Palestinians. Right now the Saudis are in bed with the Zionists but I know one thing for sure – one day these two bob Saudi rulers will look up & see one massive great big turd courtesy of Tel Aviv falling right on top of their heads. This is the one time I’ll be with the Zionists thinking good bloody job too!   


But what gets me is WHY ARE THEY DOING THIS? THIS WASN’T A SUDDEN KNEE-JERK REACTION. IT WAS INTENTIONAL. THIS WAS PLANNED & all day long I’ve been trying to work out why they did this. I mean they’ve got few friends as it is but who goes out of their way to make enemies everywhere in one fell swoop? This is a no-win scenario for them. Wouldn’t it have been far less problematic just leaving these people in jail?


The more I think about it – SOMEONE HAS PUT THE SAUDIS UP TO THIS! There has to be a definitive reason other than merely dishing out punishment. No way do they execute 47 people in one day, especially those who simply were opposed to the autocratic rule they were forced to live under. 

I just received this link from my good friend Ted Duggan.

Saudi Arabia Breaks Off Diplomatic Relations With Iran



The thing about this is the Iranians aren’t fools that can get sucked into doing something stupid. Okay, they’ve reacted to this & why not. Frankly every decent country should have broken off diplomatic relations with the Saudis ages ago. Obviously Saudi money has done plenty of talking. Goodness knows how many officials & newspapers have filled their own boots with Saudi bribe money! 


Something’s going on & believe you me – this isn’t just a case of the Saudis wanting to flex muscle. The timing of this tells me something is up & it looks like I’m in for a few sleepless night trying to figure this one out!




  • Rani Sharma

    You are right to think that something triggered this – after all, some of those executed had waited 10 years. So perhaps it is for the purpose of distraction, or trying to get Iran dragged in, or a clamp-down on Shias everywhere. Big demonstrations in Pakistan. I think the Saudi regime (oddly enough called “regime” in the UK press recently) is about to fall, or these are frantic efforts (warnings) to prevent a serious “reshuffle” within SA. The recent mega deficit could not have helped. Any further thoughts, I’d be interested.

  • Raminder Johar

    It’s for sure that these dumb headed Saudis have been whispered something into their ears by the US-Israeli duo.They have caused the Saudis to Panic.It’s a game of Chess being played here and Saudis are going to be Check-Mated.Destabilised Saudi Arabia is also on the American agenda.The difference is that Saudis haven’t been told about it yet.Their turn will come.Russia will not come to theit rescue as they have made themselves too dependent upon the US.They will repent.The whole world will love these barbarians go.

    • Yes indeed Raminder. I agree. The Saudis have been pushed into this & I smell the Z factor. Obama is clueless when it comes to strategy whereas the Israelis have been playing this game for years. I get the feeling the Saudis are being set up. They should take a look at Oded Yinon’s plan to create Greater Israel. They will see a third of Saudi Arabia is what they’ve got their eyes on.

  • tim iacono

    The Saudis have used their wealth and the worlds need for oil to wield far more influence on the world stage than they otherwise would have in almost every other imaginable political scenario. The House of Saud did and perhaps still do harbour thoughts of being the Middles Easts premier super power and chose to join the Israel/US block to achieve their aims. However, as we have witnessed recently in Syria, Russias intervention curtailed the attempted removal of Assad and almost overnight the whole picture changed. While Russian planes destroyed countless groups who had been warring against Assads government forces, the Syrian military forces started fighting back and winning. Almost every day bring new signifiicant victories and a recapture of previously lost terrotory. In the back ground Iran, China and others have made this writer supremely confident that the widely known plan to take out Assad on route to a similar victory over Iran is doomed to failure.

    Faced with this worse case scenario for the Saudis, I am neither surprised nor confused by their actions. I believe they are acting like spoilt brats. Used to getting their way whenever they flash their diamond encrusted cheque books, they are looking down the barrel of a very large Russian gun. They are clearly not fazed or worried by the negative publicity generated by their massacre of a far weaker Yemeni neighbour, and I think the execution of these 47 poor souls is a demonstration of them ‘throwing their toys out of the pram’. It’s as if they’re saying, ‘F*** you. We will do whatever we want’.

    I’d like to think they are soon to reap what they’ve sowed in the world. Their involvment in 9/11. Their sponsorship of militant Wahabi Islam throughout the world. Their strongly suspected involvment with many violent non government militia. Their use of oil money to buy political influence in numerous foreign governments. All these dirty deeds have made the Saudi regime one of the worlds most despised. Yet most telling of all is the hatred felt towards them by their OWN PEOPLE. They are no doubt sick and tired of their nation being run by a family of despotic, spoilt humans. They live in the most opulent style while the citizens who generate their wealth are treated no better than slaves.

    So keep lashing out if you dare House of Saud. I’ve got an inkling that payback for your sins is just around the corner.

  • Eva Nielsen

    When king Faisal in the 1970´s did good for Palestine he was murdered in 1975 by CIA….. . After this “event” the royal Saudi family know what´s in store for them if they don´t obey USA/ISRAEL

    Furthermore I have read that USA should have threatened them with bombing all their oil wells, if they oppose US/Zionist.

  • tim iacono

    Tim Iacono Another indication of the Saudis behaving in a way I would call childishly is the path they are pursuing with OPEC, the organisation comprised of most of the worlds major oil producers. Due to over production in the market, oil prices are at an 11 year low. The Saudis appear to be directly responsible for maintaining the markets over supply and inevitable price crash. It’s widely believed they’re doing this to put financial pressure on both Iran and Russia, both of whom are in effect on opposite sides to the Saudis in the Syrian conflict. But to many it is Saudi Arabia who are suffering most from this situation. Their economy is almost entirely reliant on oil and they will this year have a trade deficit of $87 billion. On the other hand, Russia and Iran also suffer from the low oil price but their economies are more diverse and much better able to sustain a status quo in pricing. So clearly the Saudi’s are hurting their enemies by HURTING THEMSELVES MORE. Blind rage seems a most appropriate way to describe their behaviour. A final thought. They might feel they will be supported to the hilt by their Israeli/US ‘friends’. But they need not look further than near neighbors Iraq and its former leader Saddam Hussein to be reminded just how fragile a relationship with another nation can often be. I’d call that another type of blind. BLIND FAITH.

    Eva Nielsen, I’ve always assumed that Saudi don’t often need much persuasion to do whatever USA/Israel want them to do. In return the Saudis have enjoyed top table direct access to USA’s most senior politicians, notably the Bush’s, Clinton and the bowing, hand kissing Obama recently. This close relationship was evident at 9/11 when, despite most of the alleged hi-jackers and falsely accused Osama BL being of Saudi Arabian nationality, not a single American bomb or bullet was fired their way. And rather than destroying all their oil wells, it would be more in line with recent USA/Israeli tactics to destabilise then remove the current regime and usher in their carefully selected replacement.

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