Why isn’t the media highlighting the most obvious fact – the war on terror is making things infinitely worse!

Unless I possess a fair understanding of a particular topic or event I rarely get involved. What went on in Nice has certainly raised more questions than answers. I should have known better for how often have I said getting too involved in the detail can prove to be counter-productive. Stick to the basics; don’t get side-tracked from the crucial issue(s). What are they you may ask? In this instance, two factors over-ride all else……

1) What we’ve got to do is come together & say –


Why isn’t the media highlighting this fact which is glaringly obvious? The answer to this question is revealed when one tackles the 2nd & most crucial issue.


Sure enough, we’ve had 15 years of the Zio-West’s response to 9/11. Before 9/11, Donald Rumsfeld actually bemoaned – ‘there was no discernible terrorist threat anywhere in the world.’ There can be no question – 9/11 was the CATALYZING event. So I ask everyone – have our politicians excelled? Have they made us safer? Have they nullified the terrorists? Do not delude yourselves – the war on terror has been nothing short of a cataclysmic failure….yet seemingly, two things prevail – the Zionist controlled media never mentions this undeniable truth & as a result our treacherous puppet politicians are never coerced into rethinking this god-awful strategy. As I said the other day – there is never any talk of a Plan B!
Now, I know why. There is no Plan B. I’ve said all along – PLAN A IS EXACTLY WHAT THE ZIONISTS WANT – TOTAL & UTTER CARNAGE! This is why infrastructure is deliberately being targeted. However, what is simply unacceptable is for us not to question why the media is not doing its job. We cannot permit the mainstream media & politicians to simply ignore that bombing other countries on fake evidence is bound to bring about a backlash. It is inconceivable not to question a strategy that has made things infinitely worse; it is beyond the boundaries of sanity to continue with zest identical policies that have created this chaos. How can there never be any talk of ceasing to meddle in the affairs of other countries? This is what we have to change.


2) 9/11 was the catalyst for the war on terror. However, since the official account is riddled with glaring discrepancies, quite how we can so readily attach blame on ‘terrorists’ without ever naming the true conspirators behind 9/11 is sheer lunacy. It is no surprise to me therefore we are heading for disaster.

Since too it is a cast-iron guarantee everyone would dramatically alter their view if they knew Zionists were the terrorists behind 9/11, it is presumptuous to say the very least to so readily attach blame for every event that’s occurred as a result of 9/11 to those who’ve been falsely blamed for the outrage. 

Here’s a clip of my old buddy Mark Dankof, one of my favorite political commentators, saying exactly how it is……



So back to the Nice attack, initially I thought this was an act carried out by a man who’d blown a fuse. Then I mentioned how strange it was the entire windscreen wasn’t riddled with holes, completely oblivious to what was staring me in the face – there was literally no blood on the lorry but then this morning I came across another clip thanks to Daniel S. Thompson that clearly shows this lunatic ploughing into people. Also unlike other clips, one gets a better perspective of the speed the lorry was travelling.



Talk about mixed signals. Very little blood yet this looks as real & as terrifying as can be. No surprise the government & media is saying ISIS claimed responsibility. Once again all this extra security, all this extra spying on phone calls & emails does nothing to stop the attacks, which incidentally are occurring at ever-increasing frequency. Note – no one is ever held to account. Maybe it’s because when it comes to attaching blame, this inexplicably occurs at grease lightening, almost as if investigators are the equivalent of a Sherlock Holmes on steroids!
Sadly the public’s perception is what ultimately counts & I feel until people are aware of who actually initiated this war on terror & why, then the perpetrators can rely on false flag after false flag, as well as the odd genuine attack by a lone madman. There have always been enough of them about. With the current climate the media has an easy task labeling all of them terrorist attacks, so long as there aren’t too many Andreas Lubitz’s about!
What’s for sure is, the State of Emergency was but a few hours away from being rescinded. Yesterday I used the phrase – the coincidence of convenience. The aim of the true power-brokers is DIVIDE & CONQUER! We know who are the specialists behind this – Zionists. Therefore, since France is an occupied territory, the authorities once again had motive. I don’t believe in coincidences when gargantuan crimes are committed but I don’t just blame the authorities. I look for evidence that suggests they could be involved –
There is no doubt certain media insiders were conveniently plotted up. The video yesterday named photographer Eric Gaillard as the man behind this photo apparently was also conveniently plotted up at the Paris & Brussels attacks. When I mentioned public perception – well every picture tells a story & it sure seems like this guy knew how to get a front row seat. A photo of a doll lying beside a victim serves a purpose – get people mad with rage. This hinders any chance of constructive thought ie the two crucial, over-riding issues. 

Eric Gaillard

As I said, this event is being used to the max to further the hidden agenda yet for the world it seems Lahouaiej Bouhlel had nothing whatsoever to do with ISIS. Apparently he was not a devout Muslim. Again the only way one can make head or tail of this is if he simply snapped rather like Andreas Lubitz or he had fallen foul of some bizarre mind control drug or technique the secret services could well have under their belt. This would explain much, especially why so many prominent scientists have recently, mysteriously met premature deaths. I personally don’t buy this because suicide bombers can be hired two-a-penny. There’s a lot that doesn’t make sense. What I do know is each time one of these ‘surprise’ attacks occur, our treacherous politicians & media are rubbing their hands with glee.


  • Tracey

    That’s because it is real. As real as real can be. What’s the value of a few hundred people to what’s at stake? We are as much a commodity as anything else considered disposable or surplus to requirements. A never ending supply of oil and the right to own it. Nothing stands in the way of the totalitarian ideology of control by deciding who lives and who dies and by what means. In the grand scheme of things, the lives of men women and children are necessary casualties of a private war for monetary supremacy. It has nothing to do with religion or colour; the powers that be would have you believe precisely that. Wolves in sheeps clothing? I hope to Goodness in my lifetime we see the sheep turn into wolves because if and when that day comes, they’ll be a war like no other ever seen. Let’s just hope for once it’s aimed where it truly belongs.

  • I have not as yet met any speculations that the van could have been under remote control?

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