Why the UK Election Results are the Worst in History.

Q – Since when were politicians allowed to secretly pursue policies without ever consulting us?

A – I’m not exactly sure but what I can guarantee – THEY ARE NOW!


Friend of the Pedos!

Friend of the Pedos!


Now the bad news……………….

On 30 August 2013 Cameron suffered a humiliating defeat on his call for war in Syria. (Why do you think ISIS suddenly appeared out of nowhere). Only once before had a sitting PM been defeated on an issue of such importance – 1883 when WE Gladstone saw his budget get given the elbow. Cameron’s defeat became the 2nd such humiliation. What was the Zionist controlled media going to make out of this? Egg on their war-mongering faces or what? What would Cameron say to all the reporters & journalists when they’d ask their favorite question – Err, excuse me Mr Prime Minister but isn’t your position now untenable? I wasn’t expecting Cameron to resign. It was a possibility but how would this treacherous weasel get out of this one?

The next day……..NOTHING! No pressure. No nothing. Not a word. It was as if business as usual. We see this report for the BBC, where Cameron has the air of a man who’s won a landslide victory. Cool, calm, confident, one on one. The ‘reporter’ didn’t mention this outrageous vote of no confidence. Instead of taking this wretch to task, adding insult to injury Cameron was simply given an unchallenged platform to continue to promote the very thing he was defeated on saying ASSAD MUST GO! The public won this vote. We told our MP’s – WE DID NOT WANT THIS! So when I was ranting & raving about this on FB I ended by saying this on August 2013 – my very words –


“Because I am the kind of person who likes to say I told you so, this is what will happen. It’s already been decided. Cameron will win the next election because the Zionists want him back, come what may. The media will neglect to highlight all the shenanigans while tripping up all of Cameron’s opponents at every opportunity. They will say the economy is improving simply by reporting some meaningless data by some obscure institute that Britain’s economy is on the mend & blah, blah, blah & only the Tories can fix the economy so that by the time we get to the election, the media will declare it is close, when in reality it is anything but that! The bad news – avoided like the plague; the good news – conjured out of thin air!


They will continue to say how close it is. You see the way to fool people is not simply by telling one massive porkie. No. You say it, and then you repeat the lie over & over again. Now, Mr Dumbo, who can’t wait to put his feet up & watch ‘his’ team play in the Premier league, take-away pepperoni pizza at the ready, 6 pack in hand to wash it all down, all of a sudden, he believes 100% that the election is too close to call. He has no idea he’s been programmed. Fact is few people realise that Cameron is an agent for the Zionists. He cares more for Israel than the people he’s supposed to represent. GOAL! One nil, one nil, one nil, one nil. You’re not singing anymore….


All the way to election day, the media will never allow any talk of the fact Cameron once again buried the Paedophile inquiry. There will be no mention of foreign policy. NOT A WORD. Moreover, there will be no talk of the fact not one manifesto pledge made at the last election was honored & most significantly, no one but no one will highlight the most disturbing aspect of Cameron’s tenure – everything that Cameron has effected into law was never declared as a manifesto pledge! Right up to election day the media will continue to make out there’s more interest than ever; it’s too close to call so that few people as possible will realise that this is nothing further from the truth!


The harsh reality is more people than ever are totally & utterly fed up with the three main parties but when squeaky clean Fiona Bruce looks at the camera with that lovely, pleasant smile across her boat announcing ‘this one really is too close to call, I can see it now – the Zionists will be rubbing their hands with glee because if you look at the real facts, this is seemingly an impossible feat. This is the power of the media. In the meantime they will have done their homework & know which seats to rig. They’re party to information the public never sees. The polls we’re given are baloney, They know which seats are close – a few 1000 votes here, a few 1000 there & all of a sudden Cameron will win by a majority. Mark my words. Go & have a bet now that Cameron will win with a majority.


Why do I say this? Because they’ve already experienced a shit-load of grief with this coalition government. Being defeated on an issue of war in Parliament; once is bad enough. They want the luxury of not having to worry about all this. The less they have to make Cameron look good, the better. There will be loads of talk on the Internet of election fraud. The police might say ‘we’re looking into this’ which effectively will mean they’ll do bugger all. Cameron will be declared the winner but he won’t be making out how surprised he is even though every media report said it would be a hung parliament. This detail will be dropped like a stone in water & the media will declare THE PEOPLE OF BRITAIN HAVE SPOKEN!”



GMM August 2013 – Like I said – I told you so!



Thanks to Danie Weir for the video.


Some 6 months before the election I wrote this highlighting all the things the media didn’t highlight!………….

As well as being a liar & a traitor, here’s what DAVID CAMERON is all about – while he has the gall to say peaceful activists are as dangerous as Isis terrorists & his intention is to use everything in his power to “ERADICATE” those who dare to seek the truth about 9/11, our Prime Minister perverts the course of justice for known Paedophiles. Child molesters deserve protection! How can we possibly have a worse leader than this?

In the last election the Tories received but 36% of the vote. You may think, damn. They took power by capturing just over a 3rd of the vote? WRONG! It’s a lot less than that! This is simply another example of the way the media deliberately keep the uninitiated, as well as the not so dumb, ignorant. They tell you the turnout is 65% but that’s as far as they go. The way to get a clearer view of the percentage vote is by looking upon no-voters as a party, thus rendering the turnout 100%. Now we can get the true picture. Believe it or not, our 35% only makes us THE BIGGEST PARTY BY A MILE!

The number of Tory votes has changed none but percentage-wise, the harsh reality is – less than 1 in 4 eligible voters voted for this mob. That’s a soppy 23%! Do you get the feeling you’ve been misled just a touch? So, what better time than to remind you of what David Cameron has done –

1) He’s done nothing about the Paedophiles in Westminster
2) He put Blair’s despised foreign policy into overdrive.
3) The Chilcott inquiry into the illegal Iraq war – buried.
4) He lied in order to go to war in Syria – TREASON!
5) He lied about Bankers bonuses.
6) He opened more loopholes for the super wealthy.
7) He continued to support the rogue state of Israel.
8) He allowed our emails & phone calls to become the property of the NSA ie Israel without even consulting us – TREASON!
9) While there’s always more money for war, he’s told us we must tighten our belts.
10) Yet Cameron, along with his chancellor buddy, against all expert advice, deliberately under-priced the shares of Royal Mail. As a result the public was robbed of a cool £1.3 billion – the loot divided up among friends & the stinking rich!
11) He lied about giving us a referendum on Europe.
12) He lied about the NHS.
13) He accused the Russian leader of bringing down flight MH17 without any evidence whatsoever – TREASON!
14) Consequently, the UK is now imposing sanctions on Russia even though it’s against our best interests – TREASON!
15) As a result the UK now has a new enemy – Russia. A super-power that can destroy us 1000 times over – TREASON!
16) The Black Boxes of flight MH 17 inexplicably were sent to London. 4 months has passed & the data is yet to be released. Therefore Cameron is complicit in the death of 298 people.
17) The Tories are borrowing more money than labor ever did. Cameron therefore is consistently lying about our so-called improving economy.
18) ISIS may be a terrorist band of mercenaries but Cameron knows full well it receives it’s orders from Tel Aviv – TREASON!
19) In the UN Cameron said he felt 9/11 Truthers were every bit as dangerous as ISIS terrorists. He went on to say “I will do everything in my power to eradicate them!” – TREASON!
20) Last but not least – Cameron is gagging to take away our most fundamental rights by making criticism of the government & Israel illegal – TREASON!


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